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    Very unsatisfied

    I paid top dollar for a 17 inch Macbook Pro and you would think the adapter would be of high quality, after about 1 1/2 years, the cable frayed at the magsafe end. Not cool to charge $79.00 for a new adapter less than two years later, for such an expensive laptop.

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    Apple 85W Magsafe Power Adapter for 17 inch MacBook Pro.

    I agree that you should be able to buy the adapter without the cord and save money. What a waste of resources and money. I have had my laptop for 2 years now and it just wouldn't charge. I had to buy the whole package and now it is working. Very dissapointed to learn other users have had the same problem and have had to buy several times. Apple needs to address this issue.

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    This thing gets so hot it would actually burn me if I held it for 10 seconds. Not sure what to do about it. Love the connectivity (magnet), not sure what to do. Afraid to charge my computer if I am not in the room! FIRE???

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    AWFUL Design

    Honestly, I'm ridiculously careful with my power adapter, but I'm on my second one in 3 years. The casing for the wiring is starting to shred, and the wiring is super sensitive to position. I've had this power supply for a grand total of like 18 months. It's kind of ridiculous that something that costs 80 dollars doesn't last for more than a year and a half. This is ridiculous.

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    Fraying just happens on the other end.

    I used to use the old square chargers when I first bought my MacBook Pro in 2008, but the problem was, that after about a year the insulation on the wire where it fit into the computer would split and the wires on the inside would fray and kill the charger. Then this charger came out. It's better, they said. The wires don't fray anymore they said. Nope! The fraying at the insertion point stopped, but that's only because the site of the damage changed. Now the wire is weakest at the bottom of the wire. The ONLY reason I buy this charger is because there is no other choice in the matter.

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    MacBook Pro 15-inch charger

    They don't last. I am on my fifth adapter in six years.

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    MacBook Pro 15 inch less than 18 mos old. For last several months the magnetic connector that interfaces with the laptop has become extremely sensitive to position. I'm very careful with cord so no fraying or breakage problems but I now have to spend a lot of money to replace a poorly designed connector that should of lasted a lot longer..

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    Awful Design

    I am a high school digital arts teacher, and I need to hook up my computer to the projector everyday. Hence, I also need to provide a power source for my laptop. I am on my second Macbook, and for both computers the adapter has stopped working. The design is terrible for someone who has a wind up the cord several times daily for transport, as the wires inside come loose. I don't know why this design isn't made sturdier. A thicker cord would likely suffice, and I could have saved the money I paid in having to replace chargers twice. Unfortunately, this charger hasn't changed much from the second generation Macbook to today's Macbook Pros, as I've experienced this problem for each computer. I love Apple products, but this one has failed to make the mark.

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    Poor quality

    I'm needing a 3rd cable in 4yrs after the connections at the "L" shaped magsafe connector have inadequate strain relief.

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    Apple should be ashamed of itself

    Seeing 900 or more reviews of 2 stars or less, Apple should be ashamed. Perhaps another "maps apology" is in order -- and new chargers. I'm less than a year from replacing my first power charger due to fraying, and I just noticed it's started again. I am careful with how I use it, practically babying it. I'm so not impressed, Apple. At least lower the price to about US$ 20 from the current $79.

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    The Rumors are True

    The rumors of the adapter breaking are true. Although, in some cases, it takes longer than others. Mine lasted me 4.5 years, and now it's on it's last leg. I agree that you should be able to buy the cord separately, but in the meantime, you can always buy a cheaper off-brand model from a different website. However, I just did that, and the cheap-o model lasted roughly 4 days.

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    Apple power cords are worst ever

    I used pc laptops for 13 years and never had a problem with power cords. They were always going strong when I replaced the computer. I switched to mac, and the power cords are basically disposable. My wife and I take good care of them, but something inside them breaks the connection. Apple replaced one, but for the rest they said the warranty did not cover them. My understanding is that they only did that because of a class action lawsuit. I would understand one bad cord or if just one of us had a problem, but they ALL stop working. What's apple's problem with this product!

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    yep. horrible. frayed.

    I have to go out and purchase another. the first one lastest about 3 years but this second one didn't last eight months. because the first one frayed, I was much more careful with this one, too.

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    To all the people who call us whiners, you don't know what you are talking about. I've had my macbook pro for 2.5 years, and I've gone through 6-7 adapters, I've begun to lose count. I'm never harsh with them, I don't let my pets near them, and they all break in the same way, fraying near the box. All I ever do is plug them in, charge them, and let the box sit on the floor. So far the longest one has lasted is six months, usually it's only two or three, one even broke within three weeks. This is an awful product, and from the looks of it, enough people have mentioned it that apple should know. Shame on them for not doing anything about it. I don't want to spend $80 over and over to deal with their shoddy work.

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    Power cord is Prone to fraying.

    I have only had my computer for less than two years. And while I enjoy the computer I have had to ante-up and pay to get a new cord during the first year. The plastic near the top of the magnet began fraying and exposed the wire. Which I figured no problem it came free with the computer maybe that's just how it is. So I got a new cord and within a week of my getting it the part near the power supply popped out. I was not too concerned because at least it was still charging my computer. However in the last couple days it's not even doing that anymore. The most it can do is prevent my computer from loosing more power. So now I have to pay up yet again for another power cord. For how expensive things are you think you'd make a good product that wouldn't fray so easily.

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    Horrible product

    £65 for a charger unit which only works intermittently and needs a lot of fiddling and setting in the exact right position is extortion. The magsafe end of the unit should be replaceable since that is the bit that goes wrong. If there was a 3rd party unit available, I'd buy it instead.

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    One of the many reasons I shan't be buying another Mac

    I'm a bit of a cheapskate, hence I *only* payed £1500 for my laptop. I really resent paying £65 for a power cable that doesn't last through (or is valid under) my warranty.

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    Pins stuck again

    This is my second charger and once again the pins are sticking so I can't get a good connection to charge. Apple replaced my first one for free no questions asked, and I'm hoping they will do the same one more time. The magnetic charger is a great idea, but these sticking pins are extremely annoying. There is also extreme heat generated with both chargers. I have had my Macbook Pro 15 for about three years and the charger is still better than the other laptops despite the pins sticking, but this is frustrating. I would gladly pay the $80 if I had any faith I won't have the same problems starting again in 6 months.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I have a love/hate relationship with Apple, Inc. This adapter falls on the hate side. You will get one year usage at the maximum which, is absolutely ridiculous considering its price! The cords tear quite easily. Do yourself a favor and purchase elsewhere for half the price. After all, what's the purpose of owning a Macbook Pro if you can't keep it charged! I gave it a 1 star rating for the number of years I've been able to use my power adapter.

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    Poor quality - Apple needs to recall

    I have been using Apple products since 1988 and am a genuine Mac addict. My original 2007 MacBook Pro adapter lasted nearly 4 years, but due to wear and tear, I had to replace it. 18 months after that £65 replacement, the cord has frayed and will no longer work - rendering my laptop unless I fork out another £65.

    Apple used to have concern about the quality of it's products. A 2/5 rating for any product would simply not be good enough... and it isn't - the Magsafe 85 adapter is simply not fit for purpose. It needs to be recalled and redesigned - or is Apple more concerned about the bottom line rather than customer satisfaction?

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