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    One of the many reasons I shan't be buying another Mac

    I'm a bit of a cheapskate, hence I *only* payed £1500 for my laptop. I really resent paying £65 for a power cable that doesn't last through (or is valid under) my warranty.

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    Pins stuck again

    This is my second charger and once again the pins are sticking so I can't get a good connection to charge. Apple replaced my first one for free no questions asked, and I'm hoping they will do the same one more time. The magnetic charger is a great idea, but these sticking pins are extremely annoying. There is also extreme heat generated with both chargers. I have had my Macbook Pro 15 for about three years and the charger is still better than the other laptops despite the pins sticking, but this is frustrating. I would gladly pay the $80 if I had any faith I won't have the same problems starting again in 6 months.

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    I have a love/hate relationship with Apple, Inc. This adapter falls on the hate side. You will get one year usage at the maximum which, is absolutely ridiculous considering its price! The cords tear quite easily. Do yourself a favor and purchase elsewhere for half the price. After all, what's the purpose of owning a Macbook Pro if you can't keep it charged! I gave it a 1 star rating for the number of years I've been able to use my power adapter.

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    Poor quality - Apple needs to recall

    I have been using Apple products since 1988 and am a genuine Mac addict. My original 2007 MacBook Pro adapter lasted nearly 4 years, but due to wear and tear, I had to replace it. 18 months after that £65 replacement, the cord has frayed and will no longer work - rendering my laptop unless I fork out another £65.

    Apple used to have concern about the quality of it's products. A 2/5 rating for any product would simply not be good enough... and it isn't - the Magsafe 85 adapter is simply not fit for purpose. It needs to be recalled and redesigned - or is Apple more concerned about the bottom line rather than customer satisfaction?

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    Smelled burning

    i need to get this replaced already. Have had my Macbook Pro for 10 months. power cord split with tiny wires exposed, started to smell burning while my kids were on Macbook, I had Just noticed the slight split in cord last night.
    It should be made more durable. Need a recall on this. :(

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    These chargers cables are garbage

    It's time for my annual condemnation of the apple chargers - that's because once a year, regardless of how careful I am with my charger, the cable frays and then ceases to work. Apple won't replace them - so that's another $79 out my pocket. I hate these chargers.

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    Wow my first Apple complaint

    This is my first Apple laptop purchase. I owned my MacBook Pro 15 for little over a year. I think the cord is poorly designed just as the first generation.

    I think the cord should have been thicker to begin with.

    This should be recalled just as the previos generation. Hopefully a better redesigned.

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    Power cable not fit for purpose

    I have been an Apple customer since 1986 and most of the products have been great. However the power cables are not fit for purpose. My MacBook pro has had two in 18 months. If Apple cared about its customers still it would have done something about this by now. It is not good enough.

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    It does the job but...

    I've had my Macbook Pro for a little over a year and made the mistake of sitting the computer on its edge and crimping the cord. Shortly after it did start to fray and the shielding started to show but the computer still charged. The only disturbing side effect was now on occasion if I was plugged in I could feel a build up of static electricity and would get the occasional jolt.

    I really feel that there is a design flaw in that you must replace the whole power supply for a cord that seems to fail often.

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    Poor Quality

    I really like apple products but this cord is very poorly engineered. I really like that it is magnetic and can plug in either way. I do not feel that I abused this product but from normal wear after a little over a year I had to wiggle the cord to get it to charge. Then it stopped working all together. I agree that they should make the actual cord replaceable! This charger is not worth the $79!!! You can buy the cheaper ones but they are the same design so I would think that this would also happen to them. They should really make a better quality one for what this costs!

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    I've finally had it.

    I took very good care of my 85W power adapter. It was never abused in any way, and shows no outward signs of problems. And yet it doesn't work, 13 months after purchase. And now Apple wants me to pay $80 for a new one, for a part that can't possibly cost more than $3 to manufacture, when its their OWN SHODDY QUALITY CONTROL that is at fault?

    Used to be a mac fan. No more.

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    No problems if used properly.

    After using mine for a number of years, it is still very much in service and working perfectly. All it takes is a little care, since unfortunately these are quite sensitive to user error. It's not difficult though, all you need is common sense!
    It does exactly what it's meant to, there are no problems and although expensive it's no more than power supplies from other laptop manufactures.

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    It has frayed and the wires have split. I've only had it for a little over a year. It is way over priced. This will be my 2nd time buying a new one, and spending $160 in order to charge my computer is ridiculous.

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    Excellent Charger

    I have an early 2008 MacBook Pro 15 inch, and have had the SAME charger for FIVE years, and just today have had to order a new one because somebody stepped on the end and cracked the plastic, which allowed the magnetic piece to fall out. These charger are very high quality, and I am very impressed as to how long they last...

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    worked fine for over 2 years

    Sooner or later any adapter will have to be replaced, so stop whining, people. You can go to Ebay and get a brand new one (even genuine) for under $20. Of course if you've only ever replaced them from a source other than the Apple Store, you can't complain that they're wearing out quickly. That's just dumb.

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    3rd charger in 2 years

    i love mac.. but they really need to do something about the power adapter

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    Piece of junk.

    I figured for the premium I paid, I would receive a better quality producte. This charger is easily the lowest-quality cord I own, and cost 5x more than the next most expensive. 80 bucks for 4 months of use before it broke. RIDICULOUS.

    After a few months the cord stopped charging unless I wiggled it a bit. Soon after that I had to physically hold it in place to keep a charge. Now it's just dead. I have 13 minutes (so my comp says, sure it's more like 3) before my laptop battery dies and I wanted to make sure I used them to tell Apple how terrible their cable is.

    I have NEVER replaced a charging cable on any laptop I have ever owned, and the others I purchased before this MBP were cheaper and had lower spec'd hardware.

    What the **** Apple? All I can say is I'm never buying from you again.

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    Not even a year with the adapter and it has been torn. I ripped it off completely afterwards. Only because it stopped working completely. The durability is low...

    and by all the other comments I can already tell what's going to happen.

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    Very poor

    For such an expensive laptop ( mine cost over £2000), you would expect better power connector than this. It really is a rip off at £65:00. Get real Apple!

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    The Macbook Pro power adapter is of the WORST QUALITY and is totally UNRELIABLE! I paid dearly to own a Macbook, but if I am UNABLE to RECHARGE the BATTERY it is USELESS to me! For the third time I am forced to purchase a replacement power adapter for my computer. The second one stopped working reliably after only 6 months, and then I had to position the cord and fuss with the magnetic end to get it "Just Right" so it would charge at all! YOU SHOULD BE PROVIDING YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH AN EXCELLENT POWER ADAPTER THAT MATCHES THE QUALITY OF YOUR COMPUTERS AND PROVIDES RELIABLE, LONG LASTING SERVICE!
    Grade: F minus (for your substandard power adapter)

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