• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    You could cook an egg on this thing!!

    These power adapter have never been the best. The 3 I have owned have all burnt out, the most recent shorting out my entire house (30mins ago.) They get that hot that I resorted to resting them on a small tile or cool surface to help with the heat.

    Please, Apple revisit these adapters they need a lot of work.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    The one thing I dislike about my Mac

    This power adapter is horribly designed. You cannot wrap the cord on the adapter without eventually fraying it and rendering it inoperable. The geniuses will tell you that you need to create a big loop where the cord attaches to the adapter, but that does not really solve the problem over time.

    Why should customers have to pay to replace something that has been panned by countless people?

    I've had to get two in the last three years or so. Fortunately, the warranty covered the original, but not the second one.

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    Not built to last

    I have had my power adapter for just about a year and it's going bad. Just looking at all the reviews it appears that this product was not designed to last, which is quite a let down coming from apple.

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    This is a great charger

    I just have to say that I am very satisfied with every component that came with my Mac. I have had my MacBook Pro for over 2 years now and the only reason why I bought a second charger is so that I can have one for traveling. I am constantly putting my charger through vigorous use and it has not failed me. I am not sure why others are having so many problems but I am very satisfied.

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    MagUNsafe Power adapter

    A truly shocking (literally, I get a buzz from the body of my macbook when i have this thing plugged in!) piece of design. Frays at the charger end. I have had no trouble with the connector that plugs into the laptop, just the other end which has frayed due to the plastic coating being far too thin to be safe for an AC charger. I still wont buy a replacement as £65 is daylight robbery for what is essentially an over-designed plug. I'd rather take my chances with a dodgy Chinese fake one!
    If Jonathan Ive had anything to do with designing this, he should give his knighthood back until it gets a redesign. For some reason they have recently redesigned the magnetic connector for the new line of macbooks, this was the only thing that was good about it!
    Poor show Apple.

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    Worst charger ever!

    This is the WORST product everrrrrr!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my macbook, but how is it that you spend over $2,000 for the computer and the charger that comes with it lasts a whole 2 months?!! What the heck?! This is my 5th charger in less than 2 years!!! I really hope apple will redesign this. All the PC chargers are fit to bend and move around but not these! You would think that with as much $$$ as apple makes, they would put some of that money into fixing this problem. Shows how much they care about their customers....

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    Apple Get Real!

    Ive had this Stu-pid piece of machinery for only a year now and as much I love my computer I call it stupid because I've had to have it serviced several times and this will be my 5th charger in a year!!!!! They are worthless! When I spend over $2000 for a product or $80 on a charger it better with stand a trip to heL-L and back! Come on Apple! Get real!

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    Mac's Chargers are a Bad Design

    Apple Laptop chargers are a very bad design. Our company has purchased about 15 laptops from Mac Book's, Mac book airs to Mack book Pro's. All of them have charger problems. We have replaced all the chargers at least once and some going on three times. Apple needs to do something about this design. Reinforce the ends, improve on the wiring or something!!! Frustrated User!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Magnet is great, but cord frays once a year.

    I will inevitably be back to the apple store to buy my 3rd charging cord. The magnet is great for any undue pulling the cord receives, but the part of the cord that sticks out from the box has frayed on each charging cord about once a year since I've owned my computer. I've had to save up just to use my machine again, or borrow another Mac users cord. Thank goodness I'm at college and have plenty of Mac using students around.

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    Still garbage

    I've had my Macbook Pro for a year and a half and am currently in need of a 3RD charger. These things are poorly made and they are stupid expensive to have to keep replacing. It's really deterred me from ever buying a Mac laptop in the future. I was hoping that they'd fix the flaws but the cord is the same. It frays, I'm having difficult keeping a charge. Just an all around poor design. I'd rather be computer-less or invest in another brand than have to keep purchasing a power cord every 6-12 months at 79$ a pop.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple needs to manufacture a new and better charger for the Macbook Pro!!!!

    Worst charger ever. Changed my 85w Magsafe charger two times in 2 years. Horrible!

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    I have bought 4 NEW 85W MacSafe for last 3years

    The WORST durability I've ever seen on any product. My suggestion is, " to Let us buy from 3rd Party Manufacturers" I'm definitely sure 3rd party manufacturer will make a way durable product.

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    3 Months Later...

    Over the summer, my original power cable for my 2009 MacBook Pro started spliting on the end closer to the wall plug. I began baby-ing it in hopes that maybe the tear wouldn't grow any more than it already had. Then unexpectedly I was taking my "brick" out of my laptop bag only to find the cord completely broken. This wasn't even the end I was worrying about. I took it to the Apple Store and the customer service was great, but the product was faulty. I got a completely new power cable. That was the end of August. I decided that this time I would try a new approach and wrap the cable around the "brick arms" like prescribed in the owners manual. Here it is Mid-November and tonight I find my cable fraying coming out of the "brick" in the same spot as when it broke last time. Are you kidding me?!? I'm seeing some of you complaining because you've made it 1 - 1.5 years. While that isn't great, I'd take that over my 3 month problem.

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    Breaks easily

    I'm already on my 3rd adapter in 4 years. It's quite frustrating that it keeps breaking. Some internal cables get frayed or something. Despite pleading my case with the genius bar, I have to keep getting a new one every 1.5-2 years. I barely take my MacBook around. Be careful with this one, it's fragile...

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    Slightly more than two years after purchasing, frayed cord

    Apple needs to start thinking about function over form, especially when it comes to something as trivial as a power adapter. By removing the standard load bearing plastic connections at the base of every cable with their fancy "sleeve" design, they are encouraging early returns and defective products.

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    Poor power adaptor

    My 15"MacBook Pro is only 5 months old. Power adaptor dead no warranty. Why? Thought Apple would build something better.

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    no fraying no damage just stops working at times

    I purchased a Macbook pro in March of 2012. In October the adapter just stopped working one day. I was going to take it back then tried to plug it back in and it worked. just today in November the same thing happened. The cord has no damage of any kind and I fear that after my warranty is up it will just stop working. I switched to apple products for less problems and while the functionality is better the hardware seems to fail for no reason.

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    85W charger

    Replacing my charger that I have had for less than one year. Same complaint as others I have seen here, the cord is splitting right near the "brick". The cord gets twisted, poor design. Some one please fix this issue. These are very expensive and after the price of the Mac itself and then needing to replace this I am hoping this is not something I have to replace every year.

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    Apple is supposed to have high quality, not here

    rubber coating of the cord fell apart at a dozen places which I then had to patch with electrical tape and now it finally died. It's exactly 2 years old. Color me disappointed.

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    Shorts out fast

    So I have already gone through two of these and both of them shorted at the same place right next to the brick. $80 for a product that lasts about a year, then the flimsy wires rub through and short.

    There needs to be some more engineering thought put into these.

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