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    Cable frays

    After one year of CAREFUL use the cable has frayed where it connects to the power box. Apple should follow Toshiba's design where you connect a cheap cable to both ends of the power supply. The power supply is fine, it is simply the cables that constantly break.

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    Poor quality considering the premier product

    As hundreds of others have found, my MacBook Pro cable has severed, at the connection to the adapter. If so many people have this problem - why have apple not fixed this instead of bringing out rubbish small iPads?
    £65 is ridiculous for a product that probably won't last me a year. Disappointed.

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    I absolutely love all my Mac products (Macbook Pro, Macbok Air, and my iPhone 5) however, the charger for my Macbook Pro is absolutely HORRIBLE. I've had to replace my charger every year, meaning I've gone through 5 chargers. They are very unsafe, as they overheat to the point that the rubber burns off and the wires are exposed. This could easily CAUSE A FIRE! They never give a refund, meaning I have to pay $80-$90 every year on a new one. Something needs to be done to fix the problem!

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    Waste of money

    Second charger I've been through. I have to keep wiggling it around to try and get power. I now need to go and buy another $79 cable because Apple are a money hungry, marketing company that build products that only last a certain amount of time so we have to purchase new ones!

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    My brother, sister, and myself have been using Macbooks since 2007, and this is the eighth charger that we have bought. The design is, obviously, terrible. Either create a new product, or extend the warranty. Thank you.

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    Are They not worried about another lawsuit? - 0 stars

    As someone who own multiple apple computers I have realistic expectations when it comes to my equipment but this product meets none of them. I am about to buy my third one after having my computer just over a year. There is a dangerous flaw in the design of this product and not addressing it is downright negligent. I'm seeking off brand alternatives because it is genuinely frustrating to invest in expensive material to have it not only stop working after three months but have it pose a danger to myself and others. My first cord literally fell apart after shooting sparks out of it's side and my second cord showed a split two days ago and in the space of a day disintegrated to the point where even taping it to the side of my laptop to keep it stationary can't stop it from getting worse. I am disappointed, I am upset, and I am not going to keep paying for faulty equipment.

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    I give it 2 stars because when it works, it's great. I go through 2 cords per year on my Macbook Pro. This time I have been very careful with it, and it still frayed. I agree with another person who posted. Why not make that part detachable so we don't have to put out 79.00 for these cords?? Would make a lot of sense and make laptop users very happy.

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    Bad product but disgraceful price

    Have had this product for a little over a year and it has broken. Looking at other reviews this seems to be a common fault, where the cable attaches to the charger comes lose. The price of £65 to purchase a new one is simply disgraceful. Of course like most people purchasing a charger I am not buying because I think it might be a nice extra, but because you can't use the mac without it, which is why the high price tag seems so unreasonable.

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    They seem to last about a year...

    My second magsafe has now expired due to cable fraying - potentially dangerous and very poor quality at an astronomical price...

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    The wires on both of the 85W MagSafe adapters that I use on my mid 2010 15" MacBook Pro began to fray (disintegrate) within a week of each other. At $79 each for replacement I now understand Apples growth, this is engineered obsolescence. Apple, you need to fix this!

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    These things should be free. I paid $2500 for my mac and I still have to replace the charger at least once a year and pay another $80? Apple get it together......

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    2 chargers and counting

    I've had to buy 2 replacement chargers over 5 years of having my macbook pro because it keeps fraying, and I take very good care of my things. Disappointed that apple makes great computers but very poorly made chargers that are way overpriced.

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    Horrible Design - C'mon Apple, Get it Right!

    I am about to make my FOURTH purchase of the 85W MagSafe Power Adapter. The design of the pin-side cable connection is meek.

    If Apple designers would extend the cord collar on this end another 3 inches, reinforcing the connection from cable to pin-head, they would improve the integrity of the design and increase the life of the cable.

    Is it too much to ask?

    While I am a die-hard Apple fan...I really don't appreciate being nickled & dimed each year to replace support items that should have the same life expectancy as the main product. Why would you create a superior product, yet mediocre peripherals?

    C'mon Apple, get it right!!

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    Defective Design of the MagSafe---or rather the MagDangerous Power Adapter

    I cannot believe that Apple is selling this design still. The adapter WILL fail (I'm on my 3rd one) at the strain relief connection on the body of the adapter...after normal use in about 12 to 15 months.

    Also the retractable socket prongs fail about that time too, because it is much too weak. It causes a dangerous situation where metal prongs get loose and get stuck in the wall socket, and you need an insulated plier to pull it out, lest you get electrocuted. So don't use those retractable socket prongs; go straight to the chorded prongs or you will regret it.

    I like my Macbook Pro (2 years now; previous Macbook is 5 years and still works great!), but the whole system fails at the weakest link: the Mag"Dangerous" Power Adapter, and owners have no choice but to get it again and again and again....

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    Poor quality product - doesnt last long. The price is just obscene

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    My first MagSafe broke about a year after I purchased my MacBook Pro; something was wrong internally, and it wouldn't charge, but since I was under AppleCare, it was replaced.

    My replacement hasn't even lasted a year, and I've had the worst fraying I've ever seen! The external tubing is literally falling off in chunks (it looks dry). My two-year old MacBook is in pristine condition and I take good care of things, but these chargers are terrible!

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    Pure garbage

    This will be the third Magsafe adapter for my Macbook. All have failed due to poor design and manufacturing (broken spring pins, frayed chord). Apple makes a great computer that lasts for years, but then screws you on their cheaply made, overpriced power adapters. Now I'm walking bowlegged, thanks Apple.

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    Disintegrated Charger!

    This goes beyond what I can believe for such a "high quality "product.
    Dont get me wrong I love Mac and i have been a Mac user for over a decade.
    The quality on the products seem to be diminishing.

    I had My mac book pro for a lil over a year with my cover to protect keyboard, hard case for the laptop etc... I roll carefully the cord every time I finish charging and back to my back pack in the special bag!
    The charger cable it is simply DISINTEGRATING...!
    I have half of the cable wrapped in electrical tape and the areas without tape are starting to fall apart!

    What to do???? I dont want to buy another Flawed product! what it is mac doing about this?????

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    Not good Apple, not good at all.

    I got my Macbook Pro 15" Late 2011 last christmas and just now my MagSafe charger has just broken. Every time I plug it in I can smell burning. (not sure what it smells like but it's not good at all.) I've treated this charger incredibly well, and yet it breaks. I used to be a big Apple fan, but things like these are diminishing that. I've also had the unibody Macbook for several years before I had this one and I also had to replace at least 2-3 chargers. I usually don't complain about Apple's price but, having these chargers break repetitively over a short amount of time and having to buy an $80 charger each time is a little over the line. I'm sure most people would agree.

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    Plug is too large and cumbersome

    This basically takes up the whole outlet if you plug it into the wall. If you plug it into the bottom there is room above it for a simple two prong plug but not a three prong plug.

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