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    Great design!

    Not sure what is wrong with the peeps that are complaining about this plug. We have 3 macbooks in our family, all with these cords, all in use since 2008 or 09 and never replaced one, never had any issues.

    IMO, this is just another one of Apple's excellent designs!

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    Overpriced unreliable rubbish

    I have had this current MBP Unibody for about 5 days short of three years and I need to buy a THIRD charger.

    First one died - would provide power but not charge the battery.

    The second one's cable began to fray and eventually went open circuit. Not much before nearly catching on fire!

    Third one costs me another $89.

    I could go on about other products costing less and lasting/wearing better but what's the point?

    Would just be nice if Apple's price tags were upheld by equipment reliability.

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    Very Disappointed!

    I am a professional photographer and switched over to Mac about a year ago. While I love Mac and love my laptop, I am very dissappointed that the power cable has frayed and has become completely unusable within a year. I am trying to get caught up on editing photos and can not do anything until I recieve a replacement in the mail because I live 2 hours away from the nearest Apple store. My clients are waiting on their products! I am not happy that I have to make them wait and spend $80 on a new cord!

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    Looks good, feels good to handle. But I have gone through two of these in the life of my macbook, and when other charges for other companies cost $30-70 to replace, $119.99 NZD is a bit steep when I have to replace them so often.

    Overall, 1 star as I can't justify the price or the durability which is what I look for in a charger.

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    Needs more work

    This is not my 2nd power cord in less than 1.5 years. Same issue of the wires fraying. The cord was treated with extra care - no animals chewed on it and I didn't roll over it with a chair- all reasons the power cord would fray according to Apple Customer Service. How about the product is below par?

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    Does apple read these reviews?
    My adapter is broken and I now realize how much it is going to cost to replace it. After reading these reviews I might just have to buy a PC from another company... cheaper than buying new adapters every year. Thanks for all the reviews!

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    Not Bad!

    I've had mine for a year already, and It does not have as much as a scratch on it. I think if you want to fix the breaking issue, just be more careful with it. (i move mine all the time.)

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    Whats that smell? My chargers burning!!

    Great product, terrible design. I hope you guys can fix the fraying issues, my 3 charger at this point.

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    1. Power pack over heats and fails
    2. Blue sparks fire with a bang between the pins on the plug when plugging it in
    3. The cable breaks
    4. It costs £65 to replace and we're going through one a year.

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    Frayed cable after 1&1/2 years.

    Like everyone else here our cable frayed at the at the DC box on the computer side. $80.00 to replace it. Bad design (should have cables plug into DC box rather than built-in). Poor cable covering (thin and cheap). With this many complaints Apple needs to do something to correct the problem.

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    Biggest piece of feces ever

    3rd one in a year just gave way. Same problem as everyone else. Seriously Apple, don't you make enough money already that you don't hose your customers by making them buy a new charger every couple of months. You make me sick for doing this to people!

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    Piece of Expensive Junk

    Im now having to buy my third charger for my macbook! Like everyone else mine have all broken on the skinny cheap line running into the charger body. So that is a couple of hundred euro in total on chargers which is probably the reason why apple dont improve the product!

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    Almost caught fire

    Started sparking and burnt out. Started to fray within first year.

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    2nd Charger in less than 2 years


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    Bad charger design...

    After 2 years of low use my 2010 MacBook Pro charger died. The reason of why my charger went bad is in the cable that goes out of the DC box to the computer. It seems that the cable inside got loose so as a result I am getting in-and-out charging from the computer which is not good on the battery and need to readjust the cable in order to have a steady charge. Worst yet is that Apple charges $79 USD for this charger and the lifespan of it is too short and there's no generic replacement. Apple needs to make these chargers more rugged even if they have to sacrifice on aesthetics.

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    The worse the quality, the more we have to buy.

    I am a loyal apple customer and usually love their products. It is very rare that I write product reviews but for this I made an exception. I am about to buy my third charger because the last two died. They get really hot and can fray and spark. The price of 80 dollars for a 17 inch MacBook charger is outrageous for such terrible quality, yet I am forced to buy another or suffer as a graphic designer with no computer. Expect to replace this every year. I will gladly post a more positive review if the price was significantly lowered or the quality greatly raised.

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    Designed obsolesence

    Have had this for about 18 months. Casing began to crack within weeks. Now have to string it along the table in some mystical configuration of loops to keep the circuit working. But at least I get to spend money on something I don't want so that's alright.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    The MagSafe Adapter Pins are the worst design that Apple has created ever..

    The Spring loaded contact pins loose their strength after some time and they don't make the contact to the female connector, and hence rendering the adaptor useless. Firstly, the product is not well designed, and secondly Apple is not thinking about the planet and the Environment. Its asking us to buy another connector, and to dump a perfectly working adaptor except for the contact pins. Apple, please show your responsibility to the environment, by designing eco-friendly products. Being eco-friendly doesn't end with putting a "GREEN" sticker on the computer...

    I am already down with the 2nd adaptor, and waiting for the third in a span of 2.5 years. This is the first and only device that I have ever owned which shows such poor design and high failure rate...

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    Frayed after careful use

    My first power adaptor that came with my MacBook Pro lasted about a year and half. Being my first laptop, I was extremely careful with bending and straining the cord. Then within a week or two the part that connects to the laptop went from perfectly fine to terribly frayed. I went to the nearest Apple store, two hours away, and complained enough to get a new one. They kept telling me that it looked like a cat chewed on it. I do not own a cat, nor did anything chew on the cable. Now, about 6 months after the new power adaptor, it's fraying again. Still no cats, and I've been even more careful to not strain it in any way than I was with the first one.

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    Not impressed!

    We're becoming a disposable society. Forget about quality, build it cheap, make money and you have captive customers. Just went on-line to order my third charge after the first two frayed. Terrible design and I'm surprised that this product still has not been redesigned. Very disappointing.

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