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    Magnetic Connection Doesn't Release As Promised.

    On the description, Apple says that the product features a "magnetic DC connector that ensures your power cable will disconnect if it experiences undue strain".
    While walking past my computer in the night, I forgot the cord was plugged into my laptop. The magnet did not release against the pull of my leg, and ended up pulling my entire laptop off the counter and caused $400 worth of damage.
    I went into my local Apple store and they said it releases perfectly fine, if the force pulls the cord straight out of the computer. But since I was walking and pulled it at angle, it was my problem it didn't release.
    So grumpy about this - what's the point of a safety release feature if it only works at an angle nobody accidentally pulls it from?

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    Reinforce Ahead of Time

    I advise everyone to reinforce the tip of the power adapter with electrical tape, even right out of the box!!!

    In the 3.5 years I've owned my Macbook Pro, I've been through 4 different power adapters. The first 2 were the T-shaped which (wish I saved mine) are being replaced by Apple due to a lawsuit. On both of the 2 L-shaped adapters, the tip has fallen off in the exact same way. I don't take it out of the house, or damage it in any way. Its poor design causes it to bend which makes the rubber cable separate from the tip, exposing the wires. Have spent over $300 on these in 3 years, wish I knew it was covered for 1 year.

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    Junked in 4 Months

    I have had my MBP for 4 months, and this charger has already broken. There is a short in the cable which will cause the adapter to charge intermittently, with as much as a slight nudge to the wire I can lose my charge. I can't believe I have to spend 80$ to buy another one of these.

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    Awful, Died in less than 6 months.

    Apple has no shame charging a fortune for this junk. They make great computers but junk power adapters. Lower the price please as these units need to be replaced at least twice a year!

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    Great Idea, but still junk.

    I gave it an extra star for the creative design, but the durability on these are horrible. I've gone through two this year alone! And there is no way I'm going to pay 70 dollars for these. That is outrageous! I have never had a problem with any other powercord, so I don't understand what is going on here.

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    Very disappointed.

    Bottom line: an $80 power cord should last longer than two years. I am very careful with my computer equipment because I can't afford to buy replacements every other year. There is no visible damage or sign of strain anywhere on the adapter, but it has simply stopped working.
    If so many people are having the same problem, then clearly there is some flaw in the design/manufacturing. It's time for Apple to address this.

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    Poor quality product

    No matter how careful you are, if you take your Macbook with you wherever you go and bring the charger also it is, in my experience, highly likely to stop working within a year. I expect better from a company like Apple.

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    I hate this charger but I have no choice.

    This is the fourth charger I've had to buy for my Macbook Pro since the summer of 2010 and I've gone through three in the past 4 months. I absolutely hate these chargers and I wish Apple would either replace them or come up with a new type. I can't afford to continue buying a new charger every other month but I really have no choice. I also do everything correctly when it comes to using and storing my charger, but it makes no difference.

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    Joining the Chorus of Negativity

    I've never written a review before and love Apple, love their products and their intuitive ease of use, etc. However, when it comes to the subject of power cords, I'm pretty fed up at the number of ways these cords can become useless. I've thrown away multiple cords and am about to throw away another one. This one was a defective one, and its demise had nothing to do with me. This is the third time this has happened to me.

    I don't want to buy any more power cords, mess with customer service people, and take up time I don't have chasing down warranties. Apple, can't you just get this right?

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    third one in 15 months

    Such a shame because i love my computer but this recurrent replacement of a shockingly expensive power cord just makes me angry.

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    2 down in 18months how many more!

    Need to get a 3rd one of these in 18months, after the 1st one gave up the ghost for no reason and the 2nd one seems to be having the “strain relief” damage, now if I was on the move constantly I wouldn’t be fussed, but is sat in a static location, after paying £1000+ for a Macbook, and £60 per power supply I expected something better! Very poor design, and very disappointing, instead of being stylish make something that works!

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    Another Broken Power Adapter

    I find myself writing a review for the second 85W MagSafe Power Adapter that has broken in nearly as many years. In each case they broke just days after the one year warranty, with no obvious structural damage (housing, connectors, and wiring are all superficially fine), but when I attach the magnetized connector to the power port the green light does not come on and the computer battery does not indicate it is charging. I am told nothing can be done, except that I purchase a 3rd power adapter. This is incredibly disappointing. I expected a lot more from Apple products.

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    Make it or Break it

    I have had to replace two of these cords already and now I need order another. If the cord is not enhanced it WILL keep me from buying a Mac again and I will tell everyone I know about it. This is ridiculous!!

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    Cord still frays

    Had our adaptor about a year with frequent use by a family of five before the cord started fraying near the magnetic connector. Was able to make it another six months before the cord wouldn't work. Fiddling with the cord to get a connection became hit or miss and the battery would run out before we could get another connection. The magnetic connection is handy, but still easy to bend the cord. It's a waste of money that we have to by both parts, the power adapter and the extension, when only the power adapter needs replacing. What was Apple thinking!

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    3rd Charger

    Already my third charger from Apple. My only problems with my Macbook pro have been this charger.
    The first time it just wouldn't charger because I think it overheated at some point.
    This second time the magnet piece of the charger got stuck inside my computer.

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    Worst Apple Product Ever.

    I love Apple... I love my Pro, but this is one area where functionality has greatly suffered in favor of aesthetic design.

    The power cord (as well as the iphone cord) is so flimsy. This is a laptop. It isn't meant to be stationary. It's meant to move. But when you're a frequent traveler, or tote your laptop around with you often, the cord inevitably pulls in random directions when you plug, unplug, untangle, etc., particularly just below the part that you plug in to the computer. So, it doesn't take a lot to wear down the wire jacket. And, of course, the more it wears down, the easier it is for the wires to snap. It isn't worth $79. It isn't even worth $20. It's like those products that you buy and then realize that 70% of the cost was solely for the packaging. I've had my laptop for about 2.5 years and I'm going on my FOURTH power cord. I'm on my eighth iphone cord.

    I really wish they'd spend some time on making something functional. I'll happily take a little ugly if it meant I didn't have to keep buying the same parts over and over...

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    Very Poor Craftsmanship

    I used the power cord that came with my MBP for 2.5 years before the cord stopped working. I bought a new one last summer and it's dead after less than a year. The protective covering around the thinner cord cracked and peeled away around the base. I never wound the cord tightly or abused it in any way - most of the time it stayed plugged in on the floor. For $80 I expect a lot more. Very crummy worksmanship. I guess apple doesn't really care since they don't have much competition and everyone who owns a mac needs a power cord.

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    I have had my MacBook Pro 15 inch for almost exactly 2 years now and I have already have TWO of these chargers stop working for no apparent reason. It's not my computer, because other chargers have worked, so it must be this product. They are NOT designed to last. I'm about to buy my THIRD $80 computer charger and am not happy about it.

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    magsafe adapter

    Sorry to have to agree with all of the bad reviews out here on the adapter, but as an Apple shareholder, I am appalled at the poor engineering of the 'new' Magsafe adapter! I received the current one as a replacement for the original one that deteriorated on my very 1st computer, a Macbook that I am so proud of... Sadly, whoever designs these adapters apparently doesn't share my pride in the product, and the result is that this 'new' adapter began to fray after only 6 months. I tried to return it for a replacement, but was told that the damage was not 'covered' under its warranty! Huh? It's obviously under-engineered with obsolescence in mind... I even tried the electrical tape 'solution' I was offered! Shame on you, Apple! Now, I have no choice but to spend $79 on another piece of junk!

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    Amazing CHARGER, people are the problem!

    Well I think the problem isn't chargers, I personally own Macbook Pro 15 at work with 85Wat, Macbook 65Wat, and Macbook Air for work when moving, and none of my chargers ever broke. I've been using Macs for over 7 years now and each of them lasted at least 2 years. So If a charger lasts 2 years that is a great number trust me! I just never use the clips for cable. I just put it loose in my bag that way it's not stretching to much. Do not pull the cable hard etc. Be gentle.

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