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    Room for improvement

    The strain relief is certainly much better than the T-shaped MagSafe but on my L-shaped I was quite surprised to find the connector just plain fell off! I can't see any mechanical support on the cable whatsoever lengthways just a metal crimp near the end and then the shredded wires. Perhaps there should've been zero mechanical load on these wires but something was loose or absent in mine to prevent this occurring? Unfortunately hard to tell by inspection.

    On the plus side I'm reassured that my MacBook Pro, power supply and wall socket are safe in such incidents but as others have suggested wish there was a cheaper remedy than a full replacement, i.e. just allow us to switch out the cord from the laptop end of the power supply.

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    3rd one so far.

    This is the 3rd charger I've had to buy for my Macbook Pro that I've had since 2007. I've been very careful with each one of them, however they still end up failing. If you have a Macbook, plan on buying a new charger every year or until Apple finally addresses this problem. They could at least make this POS a little cheaper!

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    They don't last

    I'm currently having to shop for my fourth one if these for my 2008 uni-body. I do like the magnetic feature but these things don't last, and at $90 a pop I'd expect better. Don't have much choice, though.

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    The best charger out there

    Finally! MagSafe is genius and it's been around for years already!! The magnet is the perfect strength so that it works for what it was made for. The other companies will never catch up!

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    problems with power

    Now up to my fourth charger for Macbook Pro 15 inch.

    A number of posters have suggested using the mag clip at both ends of the cable so this can clip on and off the adaptor. Simple fix, small price bump. Given I've now spent $250 on these useless pieces of junk I'd happily take a $5 price rise for something that worked as long as the laptop.

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    Nice Looking, but Poor Material!

    I have to play around w the cable to get it to engage. I'm going to try and have it replaced under warranty next week. If they don't replace it...it will be my last apple product I ever buy; at least my Toshiba has been free of hardware issues for 3 yrs now and counting...can't say that bout Windoze, but I replaced that with Unbuntu.

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    Bad Design, Poor Production

    All mobile device chargers I have ever had from Apple have disintegrated in one way or another. Not from excessive use, but through overheating of materials and eventual breakage.
    My previous laptop charger (without the L shaped connector) seemed to melt its own outer casing, and disconnect the magsafe head entirely.
    My Iphone charger’s head is hanging by a string.
    My current laptop charger (with L connector) has overheated and melted its coating causing the outer casing to flay and tear. With a long line of successful design innovations, I would have hoped that Apple could see that the new L magsafe head is nowhere near as nice to use as the older straight connector.

    I have always made each charger perform its duties until it is completely unusable, even when exposed wires are hazardous. I go this far because I cannot afford to keep replacing such a vital piece of equipment and I refuse to play into Apples greedy hands. I have put up with the continual outdating and depreciation of Apple products and continue to purchase the new ones.

    I hope that Apple can find a material that is not so prone to destruction and also reduce the amount of heating of charger heads, charger transformers, and laptops! Even if it is more expensive, it will not matter if one only need purchase it once!

    It would reinstate brand loyalty in any consumer if there was an inkling that Apple gave a proverbial.


    Same story, different cord, more money spent!

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    Faulty wiring will keep you short of power

    I have had 3 MacBook Pros, two for work and my personal one. On all three, the power adapter appeared to have defective wiring, so depending on the angle in which the cable hangs, the charge light goes out, indicating that the flow of power has stopped. Since the benefits of a MAC far outweigh this piece of hardware, which is terrible, just be willing to dish out $90 here and there to keep the MAC in biz.

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    I own a macbook pro 15' and i have had 4 of these chargers. They break so easy. i am not satisfied at all. The cord connection just does not last.

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    Bought a new adapter 2 months ago because the cable split on the old one. The new one just died today after unplugging it from my laptop. Great!

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    Failed in one month

    I just got this MacBook Pro a month ago and the power supply failed. Since Apple won't address the problem, I'm going to look into replacing the computer on warranty issues. What a waste. Designers should be users.

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    What can I say about my hatred for Apple cords? This is our 3rd cord and we've had this specific one for 6 months and it's already frayed. As amazing as Apple electronics are, you'd think they could develop a cord that was worth the $80 that it costs to replace it.

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    Worst design ever!!!

    Just tried to replay my fourth MagSafe plug after head broke off again. I cannot for the life of me think why apple has not corrected this long standing design issue. So incredibly frustrating and staff at apple store were no help at all in trying to replace the defective plug

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    Failed after 13 months of use

    I've spent the last two weeks struggling to keep my 13 mo. old MacBook Pro charged. I've reset the SMC (several times), fiddled with the MagSafe Power Adapter in any and all conceivable ways, followed every instruction for "fixing" the problem I could find on Apple's web site, and finally (while watching the last of this partial charge dwindling away) realize that yet another piece of $%$# Apple charger has to be replaced. I've experienced charge failures with 2 other models. One actually burned me when I frantically tried to pull it from the computer as it sparked and smoked! Apple refused my request for a free replacement that time, so my expectations are minimal today. I'm a long time Apple fan (still have an SE in its bag somewhere), but this power supply issue is a huge drag!!!!!

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    Power adapter

    The design of wrapping the wire around the L shaped prongs for storage causes the wire to twist/bend in the same spot over and over. Eventually the plastic wrap over the wire breaks exposing the wire causing the unit to fail and short out.

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    A step backwards

    Not as good as the older style magsafe adapters. L shaped connector protrudes out of the back of the laptop when attached one way, and covers up ports when attached the other. Cable is of low quality and the connector itself does not seat easily into magsafe female port on laptop. All in all, a leap backwards by Apple. If you can find an older style power adapter, I highly recommend that you buy that instead.

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    Back to the site to buy another one. Original just died. Mac a bit over a year old

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    no power again

    Two power adapter dead in 14 months. Oh, the joy. I saw the second one just die before my very own eyes. One second it was working, the next, it was dead.

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    Broken LV cord

    So after only 13 month the isolation on the low voltage cord broke. This defiantly should last way longer, and a new replacement are a stunning DKK 600,-.

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    Why is the design still the same after all the reviews?

    Seriously bad design. But you have no choice it comes with the MacBook Pro. So just be gentle. The wire is similar to coax cable. There is a mesh wire around an insulated core wire. It will twist off at the little "brick" and short with regular use. You know, like when you unplug it and wind the cord up — even loosely. Keep in mind the 80 bucks to replace it. Hello Apple: strain relief, not a new concept.

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