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    extra $80 per year from me to apple

    As it says in the title - I have to buy a new adapter about once a year. I used PC laptops (from ACER) until 2008 - and NEVER had to replace the power adapter. I must admit I am not very gentle with the adapter, but for $80 they could provide something more robust. And yes, as someone else pointed out - it's not the adapter itself -it's the chord that connects adapter to my laptop.

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    Waste of Money

    After 10 months my charger broke! The chargers are very overpriced. Fix this issue APPLE!!!!

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    MagSafe Got Burned

    I had issues with this adapter. The first one got burned / short circuit or whatever term you may call it. I brought it to an accredited Apple Service Center. I asked the technician how come it happened because this is the first time that i experienced it. I didn't had this issue before with my windows laptops (Thinkpad & Toshiba Satellite) before I got converted to use Macs. The tech guy told me to use an AVR, and (since it's not covered by the warranty) I have to buy a new adapter which I did. (That's around 2010)

    So this time I started using an AVR.

    Yesterday as I was solving issues with regards to the iOS5 update I did with my iPhone and iPad, again the adapter got toasted. I really felt bad because I've been given an inferior product. I came into this conclusion because the adapter got toasted the same way as it did before. I think there are some flaws with this power adapter. What bothers me now the most is that I have to buy another MagSafe adapter again just to be able to use my Macbook Pro. When will this cycle end?

    I just hope someone from Apple can help me with this issue.

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    4 1/2 years of daily abuse....

    I've used mine daily for the past 4 1/2 years and it finally went out.... Not sure if they're suppose to last forever but I'd say not bad compared to some of the other posts I've read. Out to buy another one, heres to another 4 1/2 years!

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    Apple has "spoiled the child"

    I left the world of PC last September. Since then if you name the apple device I have it. My macbook pro power adapter has never failed. I have never had a problem with it. It is strong and durable. On the opposite side of coin I am very careful with my devices and I pay particular attention to make sure that they last a long time. I have never witnessed as much complaining about anything and everything in my life until I witnessing Apple reviews. I would recommend all apple products, even if you have an issue with something that isn't your fault more than likely Apple customer service will do what they can to quickly remedy the problem. The reviews that I have read are quite unwarranted ... but then again we live in the biggest throw away society on the planet.

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    3 chargers, 3 different problems

    This is my 3rd MBP charger, 1st one over heated to the point where it burnt my skin, my second one stopped working within a month, and now charger #3 (no longer under warranty of my laptop) had the magnet rip off a couple weeks ago, and i had to hold it in place for a charge. Now it just doesn't work at all.
    Apple: PLEASE get a warranty for chargers or something.

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    Far Too Fragile

    I am about to buy my 3rd adaptor; this is absolutely unacceptable. Mac is the business, it is world beating, knocking Windows into a cocked hat. But I have had to use a borrowed Laptop on my latest trip because my 2nd charger has given up. Apple must get this sorted.

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    apple still doesn't know how to design good chargers

    It works well for a few weeks but if you travel you're going to have to buy one of these often, almost $80. Let alone dealing with a broken charger and a dead laptop in a country where there is no such thing as an apple store. The magnet helps but not quite there yet with the design of this accessory

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    Terrible charger..... poor quality

    Scratches easy, only after about a year my power adapter looks like it came from a blender. the wire connected to the adapter came unravled ( my friend said not to wind it up around the latches, even though thats what they are ment for....) magnet can be too strong and it slaps the power slot on my mbp making small scratches around the area. Wish apple would fix these problems or use better stuff to make the wire out of so it doesn't unravel.

    (ways i would fix it is to coat the adapter in the rubber material as the wire, weaken the magnet, and make the wire that attaches the adapter better with more rubber or find a way to streangthen it.)

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    How can something so simple be so bad?

    I give my equipment TLC. I never pull at the cable, I always detach the cord with great care, and this power supply still died after 8 months. It's not like it's a new technology -- it's a simple power supply. It feels like I'm being gouged for being a Mac lover.

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    Terrible - less than 2 weeks old - unresponsive

    I'll be heading to a MAC store to see they'll replace it. Honestly 2 weeks old. I thought it was something I did... from the reviews obviously not. What a PIA for a great product. For the $$ I spent on this thing, you think it might last more than 2 weeks.

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    Not up to Apple Quality

    Just like everyone else at the 12 month mark the thing just came unraveled, poor quality for Apple.

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    Good For You

    My power adapter started acting up recently. For those of you who have no problems, good for you. But just because your product is working perfectly doesn't discount the reviews of those having trouble.

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    I have to say I was shocked when I came here & read so many negative comments concerning this power source. I figured I just had bad luck. Apparently I was wrong. Bought my 17inch MBP less than 2 years ago & I've been fidgeting with this power cord for the last 6 months. It finally died for good tonight in the middle of some important editing. Totally not cool. I'm a total fan of Apple products so I'm not done with the company, just disappointed they don't take the time to improve such an obviously flawed product. :/

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    Poor quality

    On my 4th power adapter in 5 years, this one only lasted 8 months. Once again, the outside appears perfect, no puncture, no tears, rips etc. but for some reason it has become temperamental like all the others. you have to move the cord around like an old FM radio trig to get reception. If you can't figure out the right angle no charging for you! Blows. If they were $20 each I wouldn't complain.

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    Have had nothing but problems with my 'Magsafe' power adapters. 1st one died under warranty and was replaced after 13 months. 2nd one lasted about 2 weeks before giving up, 3rd one is now powering my mac but 'not charging'. Really not happy about the build quality of Mac's. Compared to my old Acer PC Laptop which lasted years with no problems this computer is just too fragile to use anywhere but in a padded cell.

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    No Problems Here.

    I own two MacBooks Pros and have not had a problem with either Power Adapter. I have lugged the poor Macbook across the country for debate tournaments and the power adapter has become pretty banged/scratched up in the process--still no problems.

    Not sure why there are so many people rating this thing horribly. Maybe its a bunch of PC users writing phony reviews just to hate on Apple Products??

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    smart design, not smart people

    I don't know why people are giving this power supply such a bad review. I've had the power supply for 3 years now from a MBP that I bought and it still looks brand new. Now, I know what you are thinking, "he probably doesn't take it anywhere". False.

    It. Goes. Everywhere. With. Me.

    I personally believe the so called "problem" with the cord fraying is user error, plain and simple. Of course the cord is going to fray if you wrap it up like a monkey would. But if you actually take a sec and coil the cord and actually take care of your product, then by far the power supply will last you for YEARS.

    In fact I love it so much I've bought 3 more; one for my desk, one for travel, and one for my home. All are performing admirably.

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    I have one at my office for a backup, barely used. It did what so many others have described - worked intermittently, required a lot of jiggling, then quit working entirely. For $80 you'd think it would be higher quality.

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    Great concept poorly executed

    I am about to move to my third cable in as many years - problems arise from stress on cable at point of connection resulting in damage to insulation and/or cable underneath over time. I can only echo other appeals for a replaceable cable that connects to the transformer block. Would still be frustrating to have to replace but far more economical. Really not what I have come to expect from Apple, and the body of reviews demonstrates that these adaptors are a weak (but vital) link in the product chain.

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