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    Design Defect?

    This adapter has an unfortunate design flaw. The skinny cord is prone to fraying or developing shorts near the MagSafe connector. Because this connector is permanently affixed to the transformer brick, you must replace the entire unit when the cord fails. I understand that these cords do fail—this is probably an unavoidable consequence of winding and unwinding. But it seems incredibly wasteful that you have to junk the entire adapter when the cord does fail. And they're so expensive to replace.

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    Works well - but DO NO WRAP CORD

    I have had the old version of this for 3 1/2 years and had no problems - and I take the power supply home virtually every day in my bag. Also have a new MBP with the new design and have no problems. The new adapter charges the late 2007 MBP no problems (seems like they may have fixed the problem reported by so many others).

    The problem seems to be when people wrap the cord around the end of the adapter (as it seems designed to do). I have never wrapped this around - because it seems obvious it will weaken the cord. Love the standard figure 8 end, have plenty of cables to plug it in to.

    So I say great product - just never ever ever wrap the skinny bit around the casing. Just put it in your bag as-is.

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    I have had a MacBook Pro for 3 years, and my fourth charger just broke. This charger is horrible. Two of the chargers just stopped working without any warning, and the other two frayed before they stopped working (and electrical tape did not help). It is incredibly ridiculous that a charger that costs $79 breaks so easily. I treat my chargers better than I treat my freaking phone, yet they just stop working whenever they feel like it. Apple really needs to step up its game here.

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    Horrible Product!

    I bought this as a back-up for my computer to my straight line. Constantly popping out and only worked some of the time. My dog recently chewed up my old cord with the white tip that went straight in. I pulled out my "new" one and it won't work no matter how hard I try. I was able to repair the dog chewed one to work perfectly! Why did they "fix" something that was not broken??? This is a horrible product.

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    When will they get this right? The replacements are so expensive. Surely they can come up with something that will not fail within months of use.

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    Bad Power Adapters

    Much like the rest of the folks on here I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the Mac power adapters. The one that originally came with my mac book pro ( straight connector, not at the 45 degree angle) lasted about a year and the $80 dollar replacement only lasted two months. My cable didn't travel, so it was not abused. The original cable will power the laptop but won't charge the battery. The second cable began connecting and disconnecting based on where the cable was positioned, then the entire magnetic adapter end came off. Apple please, please, please rethink the design of the power adapters to bring them up to the high quality standards of all your other products.

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    I agree...

    Very fragile and the same thing happened to me, although I was able to keep it functioning for longer in comparison with the other users who posted their reviews here...and I do believe I was a bit luckier only because I read the reviews about all the accessories and the computer itself before purchasing them...so I tried to be extra careful. Nevertheless my cord lasted only 10 months and I am about to purchase a new one on-line...I really cannot get it...Very disappointing apple...thumbs down for you...I hope something will be done regarding this matter so we will not have to purchase a third, fourth, fifth...replacements.

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    60 pound any 3 month

    I have bought item 3 moths ago , ( I didnt keep receipt , so warranty gone. ) . After 3 months , Power Adaptor doesnt work .
    60 pound any 3 months :( .

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    This is a review of the magnet end only. I got no issues with the rest.
    Because the magnet leaves the computer and 90 degree turns there is more leverage applied from the cord and it pops off very well and often. I think the previous straight out plug design works better at staying attached. The new one is I must say more elegant and streamlined but less functional.

    Lucky for me I still got one.

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    junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk, ...

    I have to buy one of these every three months--once just died today, have to run to the Apple Store to pick one up, 43 minutes left on the battery--last one in December. I suppose it would be perfectly fine if the MacBook were sitting on a table and not moved, but that would make it an iMac. Apple should sell them in four-packs (just enough to last a year). Shameful stuff.

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    Power adapter is thumbs down!

    Apple, I have had my laptop less than a year and I am now needing a 3rd power adapter. Really, can't you do better than this???? I am a student and depend on my computer, that's why I trashed my Dell and bought an Apple. My mac pro is a quality piece of equipment; so why can't the power adapter reflect the same quality?

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    Not happy at all.....

    this is my first macbook n i bought it 4 months back n my power cable has gone off.its magnetic plug keeps on unplugging so frequently n magsafe adapter has stopped working now.I need to shell out more now in justa span of 4 months.
    Apple really need to think about this and sort it out......
    As said earlier not worth for a single star.

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    Not worth a 1 star rating, it only lasted 31 days!!

    I have had my Mac for a little less than 2 years and I am now going to be on my THIRD power cord. REALLY APPLE where is the quality? The last cord lasted 31 days and for $79.00 this is become more and more expensive. Apple should be doing a better job.

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    There are no moving parts!!!

    I agree with most of the people on this posting. This is a lousy part. Why should this part fail? It has no moving parts. Instead I am being forced to pay $80 for a new power cord because of a poor design. One day the LED did not turn on and my laptop stopped charging. This is not reasonable and is just one of the reasons why I will likely not buy any more Mac products.

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    Such a shame.

    I gladly fork out over £2k to get the best specked laptop on the market, and I get let down by what should be the simplest thing to get right. Being forced to pay £60 for what I know now to be a poorly designed fragile piece of equipment makes me want to go back to a PC.

    You can do much better than this Apple!

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    Terrible design and so expensive it hurts

    Please ignore rating as I wouldn't even give one star. This is more a warning than a review.

    The cord that connects to the adapter that fits to the Mac will fray and come away with ease thus leaving you powerless and your shiny expensive machine useless. Mine lasted less than 3 months and had no choice but chucking £60 at a massively over-priced and under-designed accessory. Best bet is to immediately gaffer tape the weak end to stop any twisting, and believe me it will twist without any human interaction.

    Such a shame something so beautifully designed as the Macbook has to be treated to inadequate and unreliable accessories.

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    Awful! Expected better from Apple

    I have had to replace the power adapter three time so far... 3 replacements in under a year!!!! This power adapter is only lasting about 4 or 5 months. This is completely unacceptable! I spent so much money to purchase my MacBook Pro and take excellent care of it. I rely on my Mac for school and my home business. A power adapter should be reliable and last more than 4 or 5 months! I've been a long time Apple/Mac supporter but the problems with the power adapter are extremely disappointing.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This adapter is junk not worth even one star rating

    Lasted about 8 months of very careful use recharging while sitting on the desk only, no backpacks, no traveling. Apple read the reviews and fix this!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I would give it zero stars if I could.

    This design is awful.

    I have a cover on my MacBook Pro.

    If I attach this with the cord facing out, it doesn't sit flush because of the cover. If I turn it so the cord faces in, then TWO ports are covered up. One being the ethernet port. I can't always count on having a wireless connection. I teach. At my school the wireless is slow and unreliable. I have to use the ethernet cable to stay online. Which I CAN'T because the hole is covered up by this power adaptor. The battery won't last for a full school day. My laptop is attached to a doc cam and LCD projector. I have to have ethernet AND power at the same time.

    I cannot do that with this poorly designed "improvement". (What improvement? It's actually worse. The cord can be much more easily detached from the laptop.)

    Bad design!

    What am I supposed to do Apple geniuses?

    Whoever designed this should be FIRED. Watch Apple go back to the old design the next gen. And in the mean time I'm stuck with this piece of offal because I need an adaptor NOW.

    I hate it.

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    Apple - please improve the design!

    The connection of the small cable to the power supply is not able to prevent stress on the wire - thus leading to failure just downstream of the strain relief. This desperately needs to be addressed by the Apple design department. Since this is a power supply for a laptop, the supply is often moved - I suppose this cable problem would not happen if you never move it, but we do - and carefully - not wrapped tightly around the supply or jammed into a bag with lots of other things. This is our third power supply in as many years. First one failed (the supply itself overheated or something and stopped working - don't know why), the second one the cable was chewed by a pet (our fault) and this third one the small cable has developed a weak spot that if I hold it "just right" will let the power through... Mac's are great until they stop working...

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