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    Rip OFF!

    I love Apple/Mac I will never go to a PC again. However, I am sick and tired of getting completely ripped off with the power cord situation. Why can they not get this right? I have owned at least 4 lap tops and have had to replace at least 3 or 4 cords for every single one! With what I have paid for in replacement cords, I could have bought myself a brand new laptop! This is getting ridiculous! One of my power cords actually began to spark when it frayed at the end. At one point they put a plastic reinforcement piece it seems to 'protect' this from happening, however they don't seem to understand with the power cord coming out one side of your computer, if your power source to plug in is on the other side, the cord is constantly being bent and within the year, ultimately splits open. If they would put the power cord in the back, it might help a little and make a thicker cord protecting the split from happening. Well, I'm off to the apple store to replace yet another cord today....

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    Bought a macbook back in 2008 and the charger is still going strong. Upgraded to a macbook pro in 2010 and my charger has already bit the dust! I haven't even had my computer for a year. I must say that I am very disappointed in Apple for producing such a piece of @*&$ to accompany an awesome computer! (Wow, can't even use the c word!) HEY APPLE....CAN YOU PLEASE COME OUT WITH SOMETHING THAT'S RELIABLE TO CHARGE OUR COMPUTERS????

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    Piece of junk

    We've gone through 2 of these now... The ends always break off because they're not very durable. Apple, we love our laptop, but we're getting tired of paying $80 a year for a new cord! Surely someone over there can think up a design that will last! Unfortunately you can't get cords from anyone but Apple so whether we want to or not, we'll have to get another one....

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    Mid 2010 MBP

    I purchased a a MBP mid 2010, and I have to jiggle the power cord for it to work.. it's the most annoying thing ever! I wish they would make a more durable power cord! The magnet is cool, but the durability is really lacking!

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    Power cord

    Too bad...great laptop, less than durable power cord.

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    Can someone say recall?

    I have to wiggle and twist the cable going into the magnetic end of the cord for it to work. I don't even take the dern laptop out of the house or roll the cord up. It just 'broke' on it's own. My MBP cost $2,000 up front with an $80 recurring service fee. I'm going back to Windows. Some fanboi will buy this POS.

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    Poor Quality

    Bought a MacBook Pro four years ago and have never had a problem with the adapter. Eventually the old adapter broke, which is understandable after 4 years. Had to purchase one of these new designs and am now on my third one in 6 months. That's $240 I have had to spend in sixth months just for a power adapter. I LOVE Apple, but these just don't seem up to the same standards as other Apple products.

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    Could be better!

    I've had my Unibody 17" Macbook pro for just on 1 year now, and already the power supply has died. If I partially created some resistance to the magnets, I could get a charge, but leaving it to snap in was unable to charge. Thankfully though I took out Apple Care extended warranty when I purchased my Macbook pro, and my local Apple store replaced the power supply at no charge.

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    Power cord = fail

    Love the computer.... hate the power cord. The reason for the magnetic connection is so that if someone pulls on the cord the laptop doesn't go flying with it. So you would think that the cord would be constructed with that in mind, never-mind the face that laptops are intended to be portable and that the cord should be built to stand up to that portability.

    Nope--I have never had as much trouble with wires fraying in a cord as I have with this. I am on my 3rd charger now, so that's over $230 now?

    Apple, you should know better--it's a power cord for a laptop, it needs to be just as portable as the laptop (and I don't mean "easy to take with"). The computer is nice, it's accessories should match that standard of quality.

    Power cord = </3

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    terrible fitting

    its a terrible fitting, the original one lasted me 3 years, the new design max 6 months,

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    Faulty after 12 months!

    Very dissapointed to find that a charger for a MacBook only lasts just over 12 months! I wonder how many "additional" chargers Apple sell... Due to faulty items which are not covered under guarantee! :( Time to shed out another £60!

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    With my last 20% of battery life left i rushed to get on Amazon to order a new charger after having my MacBook Pro for under a year! Now I'm going out of my way to write this review to help you understand how disappointed i am with Apple right now. i would right more but i need to save the last little bit of battery life i have left…..to wrap it all up im thinking about going out and buying my first PC.

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    For a first-time Mac user...not a good first impression.

    I've had my mac and the charger that it came with for less than a year now, and not only am I not impressed with Macs themselves, but the charger is already dead. For a few weeks now, I've had to treat it as if it were a set of headphones that would stop working if the cord wasn't positioned a certain way. Recently, in order for this thing to work, I've had to shove the cord up into the piece that plugs into the computer. I assume it has something to do with the wiring inside. I have a PC laptop with a power cord that's lasted me 3 years and counting. Now why can't you give that to me? These are hardly worth the $80, but thanks to school, I have to buy this stuff.

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    Great products, lousy power cords

    I seem to recall a magical time when Apple power cords could survive being run over by a truck, set on fire, and then thrown into a river. I had a clamshell Macbook, circa 2000, that I never once replaced the cord on after years of service. Yet somehow, in the three short years that I have since upgraded to Macbook Pros, I have gone through more power cords than I count. The plug in style found on the 2007-2008 models frayed at every possible point and the insulation was extremely vulnerable to cracks. The square magnetic ones were terribly weak and fell out at the slightest breath of wind, and were not terribly stable power-wise. The newest ones offer few improvements. It looks cooler anyway. I have had a one of these futuristic sleek cords for ten months now, and have replaced my power cord three times because it simply stopped functioning. No fraying, it just plain gave up the ghost. It's not some kind of power surge in my house, because my husband's HP power cords could last through the apocalypse. I get that making a cheap power cord means you make more money because we're hardcore apple freaks who will keep buying new ones anyway, but that's a pretty lousy way to treat your loyal customers who are responsible for your world-wide success. Send out the standard ones with computers and then sell a $100 un-killable version. Trust me, we'd be happy to buy it. Or more happy than having spend $80 every six months.

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    Come On APPLE

    You make a superior computer by far - but why can't you seem to figure out the power cord situation? It doesn't fray at the computer end - it frays at the POWER END right where it comes out of the power box! And it does it within a year of use. I've NEVER had one fray at the other end. I KNOW you can get this right but until you do, you should provide FREE replacements for these substandard power cords. I wouldn't mind paying shipping cost but 79.99 plus tax for something that should last as long as the computer? Come on!

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    Design Defect?

    This adapter has an unfortunate design flaw. The skinny cord is prone to fraying or developing shorts near the MagSafe connector. Because this connector is permanently affixed to the transformer brick, you must replace the entire unit when the cord fails. I understand that these cords do fail—this is probably an unavoidable consequence of winding and unwinding. But it seems incredibly wasteful that you have to junk the entire adapter when the cord does fail. And they're so expensive to replace.

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    Works well - but DO NO WRAP CORD

    I have had the old version of this for 3 1/2 years and had no problems - and I take the power supply home virtually every day in my bag. Also have a new MBP with the new design and have no problems. The new adapter charges the late 2007 MBP no problems (seems like they may have fixed the problem reported by so many others).

    The problem seems to be when people wrap the cord around the end of the adapter (as it seems designed to do). I have never wrapped this around - because it seems obvious it will weaken the cord. Love the standard figure 8 end, have plenty of cables to plug it in to.

    So I say great product - just never ever ever wrap the skinny bit around the casing. Just put it in your bag as-is.

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    I have had a MacBook Pro for 3 years, and my fourth charger just broke. This charger is horrible. Two of the chargers just stopped working without any warning, and the other two frayed before they stopped working (and electrical tape did not help). It is incredibly ridiculous that a charger that costs $79 breaks so easily. I treat my chargers better than I treat my freaking phone, yet they just stop working whenever they feel like it. Apple really needs to step up its game here.

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    Horrible Product!

    I bought this as a back-up for my computer to my straight line. Constantly popping out and only worked some of the time. My dog recently chewed up my old cord with the white tip that went straight in. I pulled out my "new" one and it won't work no matter how hard I try. I was able to repair the dog chewed one to work perfectly! Why did they "fix" something that was not broken??? This is a horrible product.

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    When will they get this right? The replacements are so expensive. Surely they can come up with something that will not fail within months of use.

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