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    Such a shame.

    I gladly fork out over £2k to get the best specked laptop on the market, and I get let down by what should be the simplest thing to get right. Being forced to pay £60 for what I know now to be a poorly designed fragile piece of equipment makes me want to go back to a PC.

    You can do much better than this Apple!

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    Terrible design and so expensive it hurts

    Please ignore rating as I wouldn't even give one star. This is more a warning than a review.

    The cord that connects to the adapter that fits to the Mac will fray and come away with ease thus leaving you powerless and your shiny expensive machine useless. Mine lasted less than 3 months and had no choice but chucking £60 at a massively over-priced and under-designed accessory. Best bet is to immediately gaffer tape the weak end to stop any twisting, and believe me it will twist without any human interaction.

    Such a shame something so beautifully designed as the Macbook has to be treated to inadequate and unreliable accessories.

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    Awful! Expected better from Apple

    I have had to replace the power adapter three time so far... 3 replacements in under a year!!!! This power adapter is only lasting about 4 or 5 months. This is completely unacceptable! I spent so much money to purchase my MacBook Pro and take excellent care of it. I rely on my Mac for school and my home business. A power adapter should be reliable and last more than 4 or 5 months! I've been a long time Apple/Mac supporter but the problems with the power adapter are extremely disappointing.

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    This adapter is junk not worth even one star rating

    Lasted about 8 months of very careful use recharging while sitting on the desk only, no backpacks, no traveling. Apple read the reviews and fix this!!

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    I would give it zero stars if I could.

    This design is awful.

    I have a cover on my MacBook Pro.

    If I attach this with the cord facing out, it doesn't sit flush because of the cover. If I turn it so the cord faces in, then TWO ports are covered up. One being the ethernet port. I can't always count on having a wireless connection. I teach. At my school the wireless is slow and unreliable. I have to use the ethernet cable to stay online. Which I CAN'T because the hole is covered up by this power adaptor. The battery won't last for a full school day. My laptop is attached to a doc cam and LCD projector. I have to have ethernet AND power at the same time.

    I cannot do that with this poorly designed "improvement". (What improvement? It's actually worse. The cord can be much more easily detached from the laptop.)

    Bad design!

    What am I supposed to do Apple geniuses?

    Whoever designed this should be FIRED. Watch Apple go back to the old design the next gen. And in the mean time I'm stuck with this piece of offal because I need an adaptor NOW.

    I hate it.

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    Apple - please improve the design!

    The connection of the small cable to the power supply is not able to prevent stress on the wire - thus leading to failure just downstream of the strain relief. This desperately needs to be addressed by the Apple design department. Since this is a power supply for a laptop, the supply is often moved - I suppose this cable problem would not happen if you never move it, but we do - and carefully - not wrapped tightly around the supply or jammed into a bag with lots of other things. This is our third power supply in as many years. First one failed (the supply itself overheated or something and stopped working - don't know why), the second one the cable was chewed by a pet (our fault) and this third one the small cable has developed a weak spot that if I hold it "just right" will let the power through... Mac's are great until they stop working...

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    Is this a Record?

    Took Delivery of my new MBP on 28th March 2011, Adapter died on 23rd April 2011!

    Admittedly I have been using it here in India but the Adapter on my old MBP last 6 months here no problem. Unfortunaley I left it in the UK and now have to fork out for a new Adapter unless the Apple Service Provider here can get me one on my warranty pronto.

    PS> The is my third Mac (1 PB, 2 MBP) and so far it has been 2 adapters per lifetime of Mac. But on the other occassions the adapter didn't actually die but the cable frayed down to bared wire making them unsafe to use.

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    Why only 2/5 stars?!

    I had to buy a replacement for my MacBook Pro recently; not because it split, frayed, or melted but because it was plugged in and submersed in water for 15 minutes due to a basement flooding. I had that charger from August 2009-April 2011 and it worked perfectly during it's lifetime. (it may still work, I've got it drying out in a bed of silica beads :P)

    The new style chargers are wonderful and have an overall good quality build and pleasing aesthetic with the charging tip being silver, thinner, and with the cord going vertical instead of out horizontally. The only way this charging tip can be a nuisance is if you're a goon and flip the tip around to where it blocks the ethernet ports and the like.

    I highly recommend this charger.

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    On my 4th!!! REPLACEMENT????

    4 times at the cost of 80 bucks equalls a quarter of what I paid for the entire MBP! I am going to raise heck until I get a free replacement! I am NOT paying 80 bucks for something that lasts 6 months on average. I have had my MacBook Pro for exactly 2 years and I am on my 4th adapter. Every time for the same thing...the connection at the computer has loose connection inside the casing and for a few weeks at the end of its life wiggling and what not will get it to charge only about half the time. I am so upset at this issue and I want to start a boycott about this product! Come on APPLE! STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND HELP SOLVE THIS ISSUE!!!!!! VERY CHEAP PRODUCT!!

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    Weak Cable

    I had my macbook for a little over a year and my cable is already tearing apart. I'm already a broke college student and now I have to pay $79 for another power cord!

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    mac charger

    good product easy use ...

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    Very poor quality

    Same as the rest of the reviews, a $1700 laptop is a brick because of this poorly designed adaptor. I have gotten less than a year out of it. Clearly, a bad design or low quality parts in a good design. Was this designed to cycle additional revenue yearly?

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    Bad Charger

    after one year started to give me problems (macbook pro 2009), bad design and too much money for a stupid charger.
    The magsafe adapter stopped working, (and from all laptops I had I never had problems with chargers), then I had to use pieces of paper to get it working..now not even that works. I guess I'm supposed to get a new adapter for almost 100€, this is a crime. Shame on you apple. I'm a student and 80€ is way too much money for something that lasts not even 2 years..Shame, shame on you.

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    Lousy Quality

    As I write this I am having to continually reconnect the charger in hopes of getting a solid connection. The charger is only 8 months old, and the wires inside the cable are loose/broken. When using the MBP on my lap I can feel a current flow from an apparent bad grounding connection. It has now deteriorated to where I can only recharge after fiddling with the cable until the broken wires make a connection. $80 for that?!?!?

    Another review made a good suggestion. If the cable from the power adapter to the laptop is so fragile, at least make a connection at the adapter so that only the cable itself needs replacement. That ought to knock the replacement cost down to what, $60?

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    hard to unplug

    which defeats its magnetic connection. i tripped on it a few times..the older generation adaptor was better

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    Still under warranty?

    This thing lasted just under 10 months. This was under normal use, I'm very disappointed.

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    85W MagSafe Power adapter a dud

    I purchased my replacement adapter and it lasted about 7 months. I am a loyal Apple patron, but this adapter does not last. I have no choice but to purchase another one so that I can enjoy my 17" MacBook Pro. Take good care of yours if use it often as it will have a very short life. For $79 this is too much money for the usage you get. Apple needs a redesign bad!

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    2 chargers in 11 months? seriously i will throw a bloody fit before i drop 80 dollars on a new charger.

    absolutly garbage

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I love my MBP, but I have had to replace this adapter twice since purchasing the MBP. So, this is the 3rd adapter I've had (including the original adapter we purchased with the MBP). I've owned my MBP for only 17 months. Apple needs to retool this product.

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    This adpt is horrible. Had my MBP for less than a year and had to replace the white plug one because it would no longer charge. They gave me this one and now it has been less than 8 months and it stopped working today. Use to have a lot of faith in Apple until the last few years. Seems to be going down hill super quick. I only gave this one star because it made me

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