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    Apple needs to replace this product

    I can't believe the number of people with online complaints about this adaptor. This is happening to mine as well, and I hope I am still under warranty, but do i really have to buy the same product again?!

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    My charger broke off 2 and a half years. They need to recall this product. We all need to tell Apple so maybe they can fix this problem.

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    Very Poor Quality

    Terrible, cheap. Wire broke after a few weeks. Would have given it zero stars but not an option.

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    This is the second time I have to buy a replacement charger cable for my laptop that it's not even 3 years old. I am very careful with my equipment so it is definitely not negligence on my end. It is just poor construction. Of course the people at the Apple store said it wasn't cover under warranty so I have to spend another $79.99. I love Apple products, but this is ridiculous!!!

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    I am a Tech specialist for a small school district. We issued Macbook Airs to students in August of 2012. As of April, 2013, I have approximately 45-50 that have failed. This represents better than a 20 percent failure rate. The cables on the adapters fail, usually the failure is internal and not detectable with the eyes. Apple includes winding hooks with the adapter that seem to exaggerate the problem, the tight wind encouraged by these hooks causes a sharp bend at the base of the cable. For the price of the Macbooks, and the price of the replacement adapters, I would certainly expect better.

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    Great idea, nice while it works.

    Way too expensive to buy a replacement from Apple. I have ordered one on eBay from China. AU$22.00 including postage v $89 from Apple - 1/4 the cost. Supposedly with a 3 year guarantee, although I'm not sure how you might claim that. We'll see how it goes. I bought a replacement power supply for my Airport (another Apple PS fail) from China over 12 months ago - it's going fine.

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    I am now on my second charger which has broken, and I'm having to purchase another expensive charger which I can barely afford. Apple really needs to sort of the design of this charger since I'm not satisfied at all and I'm completely appalled with the service provide even though I've spent a lot of money getting a mac and I shouldn't be dealing with a fault like this.

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    3 chargers in less than 18 months

    I just ordered my third charger. I thought maybe I was too rough with the first one and took the blame for its failure; however, although I was super careful with the second one, it has stopping working as well. PLEASE Apple, re-design this item. I love Apple and other issues that the MacBook Air have had over the years have been improved. PLEASE?????

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    Was good while it worked

    I say it was good while it worked but it constantly overheated on occasions becoming so hot you couldn't even touch it! Now it just doesn't work anymore after a period of 2 months of it intermittently working. The extortionate price of a replacement means I will not get another one but I am also concerned about spending money on cheap replacements!

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    3d in 3 years

    they need to change them veery very very poor quality!!!!or at least if they cant do something about the design and quality they have to lower the price !!!!very disappointed apple

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    MacBook Air Power Adaptor

    I guess I am not alone. My adaptor started charging intermittently—then stopped all together. It is a year and a half old and has been taken care of. I’ll pay to get a new one but will most likely move from Mac to a cheaper notebook platform when it is time to upgrade. It seems that Apple has the exact same issues as other vendors but charges far more for aftermarket/replacement items. It is a shame too, I like the notebooks and OS – but I like Linux too, and it can run on cheaper hardware.

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    the most expensive piece of garbage

    i had two failed within a year. since i had heard they were easy to break, i've been really careful when using those adaptors. i kept one at home and never have the cable bent anywhere nor pull it hard. now they still look like new but I have to throw them away. I feel i bought the most expensive pieces of garbage and you do not have choices but keep buying those. I would have given it zero star if I could

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    My Only Disapointment

    I am a fairly recent Apple convert. I've owned a lot of different non-Apple laptops, and of those, although the computer(s) itself doesn't compare in quality, the power adaptor sure does. I am fairly certain that this is the worse power adapter I've owned. I like the design of the magnetic power connector, but that doesn't make up for the fact that whatever material is being used in the cord itself disintegrates over time. I had to start using electrical tape on certain parts of the power cord after normal use. I am lucky the power adapter still works, with all the patching I've had to do. It is very strange and almost seems intentional. I love my MacBook, but I really wish Apple would address this problem or significantly lower the cost of replacement power adapters. Just look at the other reviews, they are all experiencing the same problem. I know certain things wear and tear, but they should either really last or be cheap to replace.

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    Died after 18 months

    Died after 18 months :-(

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    Failed on two macbook airs

    with in a month, one was a little over a year and barely used one only 8 months old. This needs to be recalled. $80 for a new one that is like just as bad. horrible product very disappointed considering how great the Air is.

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    This Charger Is Garbage

    First one failed within weeks of owning it and now a little after a year this one is garbage as well. Not paying $79 for another one. Going with the aftermarket for $20 and take my chances. Can't be any worse than going with the $79 Apple product knowing it will fail. Seems everyone is unhappy with their chargers. With $176B in total assets you would think they could get this right and do good by their customers.

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    Designed to fail?

    My power adapter recently became intermittent, sometimes charging, sometimes not. Because I need a reliable way to charge my 2011 MacBook Air while traveling I went out and bought a new one for $79. About the time I was going to throw out yet another power adapter I took a final look at the faulty one. While the adapter was plugged into my computer I wiggled the wires everywhere, watching the charge indicator. Nothing. Lastly, I checked where the two exposed pins in the block insert into the plug (or the extension cord). By swapping out the plug with another one and jiggling it I was able to get the power flowing again, but not reliably where I would trust it on a business trip. With my $5 hand lens I could see noticeably less metal contact surface inside the plastic plug on the faulty power adapter. Too much slop = no contact.

    There is obviously a reliability problem with this power adapter, not to mention other power adapters that have failed prematurely in my 28 years of using Apple products. It's irresponsible of Apple to continue ignoring the problem. Fix it.

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    Yet another adapter

    I love Apple products. They are excellent and elegant ... so why doesn't the adapter for my MacAir work? This is the third one in as many years. The lap itself is WONDERFUL but this really causes me to rethink Apple. I just bought a $250 Chromebook as a backup for the lapses in power. Guess how many of these I could have purchased for the price of the lap and 3 adapters???

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    Expensive computer with a 50 cent power adapter

    The power adapters are absolute junk. They fail on an almost monthly basis. Cannot understand why Apple will sell you a laptop that cost three time more than the competition but includes a power adapter that is absolute trash.

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    2 Cables Broken within 26 Months

    These cables are horrible. I have had to replace them twice within 26 months.

    The first one frayed right by the magsafe piece after 15 months, and soon stopped delivering power. I treated my second one very carefully around the magsafe piece. I never bent it or touched it. But the cable frayed right by the bulky transformer piece after 11 months. There is no winning.

    Long lasting cables are the norm. These absurdly expensive Apple cables amount to a scam. Mine broke under perfectly normal use. But they are white, and they are necessary for using the MacBook Air, so we pay the price. And my loyalty to Apple disappears.

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