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    wore out in less than a year

    There is no denying that Apple makes well-designed and manufactured products. This is why an obvious design flaw is so frustrating. I've had several products, including MacBooks and my current MacBook Air. Comparing other power adapters to that of this MacBook Air you can clearly see that there is something wrong with the materials used for the thinner wire. It is extremely susceptible to fatigue. My wire frayed at the point it comes out of the power box. When I went to the Apple Store to get it replaced, I was told the warranty did not cover the power adapter. This was odd. Although they did replace it without having to pay exorbitantly high fee for this product, I was made to feel that it was my fault. I explained that, given the amount of complaints on this site about, it was obvious that there was something wrong. The response: well Apple sells such high quantity of products there are bound to be complaints.

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    Terrible Cord Quality, Ripped, Torn and not safe

    This is the second MagSafe adapter to fail on me. The first one wore away at the base of the mag connector. The cord on this one frayed at the base of power pack itself and even began to smoke. Fire hazard? Probably. Looking through the reviews this seems to be a common problem. I'm surprised there hasn't been a recall or a class action suit. Fix this Apple. You're gonna burn someone's home down.

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    Get the Pro charger instead

    This is my 3rd macbook air 45w power adapter. After using my sisters 60w I have realized that it doesnt fail like the 45w and actually powers your Air faster, it wont have any affect on it what so ever.

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    Not Happy with this cable

    The cable failed right after the reinforcement at the end that connects to the computer. This is where every cable I've gotten from Apple has failed at.

    I don't see the point of spending another 80 dollars for something that's going to break again in the same spot.

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    Watch out for the rip!

    The adapter has a major flaw and that happens to be the bit of the wire directly after the actual MagSafe plug. I have had two adapters already and both have ripped from there. One of the worst designs ever!

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    Very disappointed.

    I have been a Mac fanatic for years, even before the Intel move. I/my family own a Mac Pro (2008), 24" iMac (2010), MBA 13" (2011), 2 iPhones (3, & 4), iPad 2, iPod touch, 4 iPod Nanos and even an Apple TV. I have had very FEW problems over the years and have always received exceptional service from Apple.
    However, this power cord is terribly designed. According to the service department, I have apparently abused my connector through "repeatedly rough" handling and "pivoting the connector" while removing the connector from the computer
    - B.S. I baby my Air. I think it's total bull that I now have to shell out $85 just to cover a poor design on such a vital accessory.

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    Unsurprisingly, the 45W version is just as reliable as the others. Flimsy would be a generous adjective for this charger. It's actually quite dangerous how easily this breaks and had I been a bit less careless, I could've had a nasty shock. I will not be giving Apple the satisfaction of getting an extortionate replacement from them when there are far cheaper alternatives.

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    Burnt Out My Macbook Air

    I bought a Macbook Air just yesterday and it came with this charger. I had it plugged in the Macbook Air first and then plugged it into the wall and it just shut down and would not turn on.

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    Designed to fail?

    Like pretty much everyone else, just over 12 months old and my charger cable is broken at base of mag plug. Are Apple designing these to fail; it would seem like it after seeing all these reviews.

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    Bad quality, too expensive

    On average, I have to get a new charger every year. These die way too quickly. Like many of these reviews, the wires become exposed and it's becoming so hot it'll be a fire hazard. About to go to the Apple store and get a new one, but first wanted to write a review. WAY too expensive for the quality. Treat your loyal customers a little better, we know you have the money!

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    First thing to go

    i've been a Mac user for 9 years now and I won't debate their quality when it comes to the design of their MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. but I will say I've had to replace my chargers on all of those products before the life of the machine ran out.
    My MacBookPro is only a year old and the charger crapped out and a had to replace it.

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    Overpriced and poor quality charger

    I have had my macbook for 2 years. The connection in my charger is failing. I have to twist it and fiddle with in to get it to charge. I want to buy a new charger, however, the reviews scare me. I dont want to spend $89 on a charger that will stop working a few months later. I just wish Apple would respond to the very clear feedback they are recieving and improve their product. I am seriously considering buying one from ebay as it seems I will get the same quality for much MUCH cheaper!!!!!

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    Tip finally twisted off.

    After two years of amazing use, no problems at all, the tip of the cable began to short circuit and I would move it around until it started to charge. Then it stopped working completely. I noticed that I could spin the entire top around and I could hear crunching, then tugged on it and the whole top pulled off. This is the only problem I had with it.

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    MackBook Air power cord

    I love my MacBook Air, but the power cord seems to have a short in it. If the cord or computer is moved or wiggled, the power in interrupted. This computer will be a year old in September, and I am still paying on it. So I should not be having to deal with this kind of issue especially since Apple is supposed to be the Rolls Royce of computers

    Is the power cord under the 1 year warranty, I really should NOT have to spend $79.00 for a new one. I will not be a happy customer at all if I have to do that!

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    literally falls apart. Not even a year old.

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    Needs frequent reset

    Ten months old and it stops charging. Booked in to Genius Bar to be told it needs to be reset, leave out of power for an hour. This is now happening a couple of times a week. There's got to be a better solution!

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    Intermittent after 6 months

    Love my MacBook Air but the power adapter is already intermittent after only 6 months use.


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    Overpriced and defective

    I am now on to my 5th power cable. I don't travel that much with it, but the things are so flimsy. They fail in the same place every time: the end of the cable that inserts into the computer or the start of the cable connected to the block (often both). The price really needs to be lowered: maximum of $50 in my view.

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    I love the design of the charger and it continued to work (I'm almost at one year with it) but it just started splitting at the seams and unraveling especially at groove where you tuck in the free end of the cord. I tried to tape it with electrical tape but it just got absolutely disgusting.
    Granted, it still works but I don't like exposed wires. For something that retails for 80 dollars, the cable jacket shouldn't spontaneously split. I went to get another one and hopefully it will not unwrap.

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    Blow dryer fix works

    After 8 months, like many on here, my Macbook air power adapter stopped working.
    Someone below suggested heating it up for a couple of minutes with a blow dryer so I gave it a go and it started charging again - very odd.
    So before forking out $80 to replace the power cord try giving the blow dryer a go.