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    Adapter has worked well for me.

    I've had my Macbook Air computer with its 45W MagSafe 2 power adapter for about 4-5 years and the adapter has always worked well. I've been in the habit of winding the cord around the body of the adapter and storing it when I'm not using it. And there is a small (1 mm in diameter) opening in the plastic cord covering several mm up from the cord's collar at the adapter. This opening is at the place in the cord where it makes a sharp almost 180 degree angle as it comes out of the adapter and starts to wind around the body of the adapter. I"ve since started winding the cord around the flip-up hooks that the body of the adapter has for cord winding. However it still works OK.

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    On My Third Adapter

    These things are of the poorest quality. I don't bend the cord and keep the adapter on my desk where the cord is always straight. Yet, every single one frays at the base where the cord connects to the power supply. I've never had power cords on any product come apart like this. Apple ought to be ashamed for not addressing this problem, which has been evident every since they went to the MagSafe design. Then, to add insult to injury you have to pay $85 (with tax) to get a replacement. I'm on my third one and when it comes time to upgrade my laptop I'm going to strongly consider the competition.

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    Absolutely horrendous low quality product

    My MBA stands still on the desk...I don't move, therefore I do NOT plug it in or out...Nor do I touch it the Mag Safe adapter, but the cable only needed a few month...read less than 3 - before it started to break. Brought it from the Apple store (original) , went back and complained. They couldn't do anything...I was plugging it in and out to much. I stressed it was only the third time...oh but you look strong:-( Maybe I had a room with mold..yes, that he said to me...My humidity level is 40-60%..only the Apple cables do this...contacted the EU consumer protection board, quote "The drown in complains regards Apple cables"..

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    cord fraying

    as like the iphone chargers for years gone by there is a solution for this all you have to do is get a good sized spring out of a pen take and thread it onto the wire carefully so as not to puncture the cable you will find that it usualy lasts twice as long

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    Poor quality for its price

    I got my macbook air 11' at 2012 as the travel laptop to replace the heavy Mac Pro. The Air still works perfectly without any problem. Love it! However, my third adapter is totally dead today, and I need to buy the forth one! The second one is free from apple, since the first one is dead after only half-year using. After that I need to pay these poor quality adapter by myself.

    I really believe this adapter has some design issue. It is not make sense that the adapter has much shorter life than the laptop itself.

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    Garbage---and way too expensive to replace.

    These adapters are poorly designed and will commonly fail after a few years. While frustrating, I might be willing to purchase a replacement from Apple if they were reasonably priced at $25. Instead I'll be turning to Amazon, in hopes that I can find something that will actually work, as $80 is just plain insulting. Shame on you Apple.

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    Worse than 1 star

    I have had a Macbook Air since mid-2011, and every year I have had to replace this power supply (five so far, and tomorrow I will go into the store and get a sixth). Working out of the office (as you would expect on a laptop), the laptop and supply goes in and out of my bag daily, but I am VERY careful with these, more so that any other electrical device I have ever owned, but still it frays where the cord enters the power supply. I now consider this the yearly GBP5 monthly fee I need to pay for using my Macbook (which it works out to cost me).

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    Usual Fraying - is it an in-joke?

    Frayed cable on mine means it now gets hot and fails. These are virtually a consumable. How can a company that prides itself on excellence not read the reviews of this product and do something about it? It has to be some kind of industry in-joke?

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    Apple, how could a cord be so poorly designed?

    My second MacBook Air power adapter is fraying, I am very angry that Apple does not replace the pitiful power cords for free and redesign the cords. What a waste of money, I am not sure I will buy another Apple product!

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    A Waste

    Such a trap, I would recommend not even buying a Macbook at this point. After my first two chargers from Apple crapped out, I bought a couple knockoffs from eBay (costed $13). They each worked fine for about 6 months, until they drained my computer battery and I had to pay Apple $150 to fix it. And now I'm stuck wasting more money on an $80 charger that probably won't even last me a year. Ridiculous that they charge so much for a charger that won't last. If I had the money, I would definitely go out and buy a non-Apple laptop right now.

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    Broken and frayed after less than two years.

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    Piece of Trash

    Don't buy this it's not worth it!!!! Apple needs a new design and a cheaper price!!!

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    My charger has worked fine from 2011 until now (2016)

    I am very happy with the quality of the cord. It is only now just showing the exposed wires. I bought a new one off Ebay because these here are so expensive, but it didn't last even a month. Now I'm going to have to buy this $80 cord. I'm hoping it's the same quality as the one I got back in 2011.

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    Shame on you Apple

    I would like to meet the person who designed and approved this cord and beat them with it. My MacBook Air (13 inch - Mid 2011) is now on it's 4th cord. The computer lives on my desk and is taken to the office once per week. The rubber on the cord just falls apart and then becomes a serious safety hazard. Another product designed to fail so the customer is continually spending. Absolute joke.

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    say something, I'm giving up on you...

    Apple, I have loved you since the 80's. You've gone through your growing pains and we've lived with warts and pimples before but I feel like the passion for quality is being lost. Magsafe was a great idea but the implementation on the air is just terrible. It's so frustrating that this power connector falls off so easily. While other Magsafe connectors work well (i.e. my 17" Macbook Pro with barrel style connector) this one is poorly designed and falls off constantly. This is the first negative review I've ever given of an Apple product but It's just the beginning of many recent frustrations with Apple products.

    As the song says, "say something, I'm giving up on you."

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    Appalling, disgraceful poor quality........ I have a cheap 20 year old computer with a better quality power pack......... truly disgraceful and an embarrassment to apple......... This one has last me around 6 months....

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    This is my 3rd time purchasing the charger! I have to buy one every year and it is so costly. The charger always breaks at the base and I do not know why Apple though it was a good idea to make it so small and thin. This time, the charger is lasting about 7 months and I am seriously looking to purchase non-Apple products in the future.

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    Hopeless cable

    Off to get my third cable - even putting tape round the cable to hold it together as soon as the various splits appear (which is soon after purchase) only extends the life by a few months - And I guess what we are paying all the money for is a new adapter (£65) when it is just the (50p?) cable that splits and breaks.

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    bad quality

    Bad quality product. The coord broke at the base. I really wonder how Apple could design the charger in such a stupid way. And then they want 80$ for a replacement?! Ridiculous!

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    Bad product. Wish Apple would own up to its flawed design ...

    ... and replace it for free. I own a lot of Apple products, and this power adapter is the ONLY Apple product that has broken down on me in the past 6-7 years. The coord broke at the base (wear and tear), and having to spend $80,- to replace it is ridiculous. Any power adapter of this (lousy) caliber should cost less than $20. I guess we can all be glad that Apple has stopped shipping newer models of the Macbook Air with the Magsafe 1...

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