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    Great little adaptor!

    Great for using an old adaptor as a spare. enables me to have two adaptors, one at work and one at home - without having to buy a whole new adaptor. sweet

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    Becomes faulty

    Worked fine initially but started to lose connection and has now become totally unreliable. The light stays green indicating a full charge,when it's not, and it won't charge. I can only assume the little pins aren't making contact. I've tried to clean it but it's made no difference.

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    Works well, needs periodic cleaning

    This converter has never let me down, and after more than a year, I have found the secret to making sure that it reliably carries the power: clean the contact points at both ends (and especially the recessed end). If you do ts, it will work very reliably.

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    Overheats, falls apart and is unreliable

    I am using the converter to connect a "Retina" MBP to my Cinema display. For one, the converter often fails to reliably connect the MBP to the power source provided by the display. This may have to do with the fact that dirt likes to collect within the converter's connecting pins. I also think it is a general engineering issue, which has to do with the fact that an additional plug in between generally likes to cause connectivity issues. Often (but not always), the problem can be resolved by moving and tilting the converter until the MBP properly connects.

    Worse than that, after two years of sporadic use, the converter started falling apart. As a result of that it also started to overheat to a point that I couldn't touch it without pain. This is when I stopped using it as I was concerned that it may cause damage to the MBP or even start a fire on my desk.

    tl;dr: dangerous garbage!

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    Great little adaptor...

    Superb. Does exactly what it needs to. I'm using it on a power cable from a mid-2012 MBP to a 2014 rMBP. No issues with overheating or slow charging as reported in other posts.

    The magnet gives a strong, reassuring fit without losing its purpose. The only reason I'm not giving 5-star is that I feel Apple could have engineering a 'clip' so you can attach it to the cable as not to misplace it when not in use. I'm quite handy so I think I can cobble one together myself.

    All-in-all if you have a spare older power cord and a newer Macbook it's a no brainer.

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    Saved a issue.

    I have recently moved house and couldn't find my new charger for the MacBook Air that work allows me to use so I brought this but it does come off extremely easily.

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    After around 1 year of usage...

    After around 1 year of usage (plugging and unplugging each day), it now takes me a couple times of attaching and detaching the converter (on both ends) to obtain proper charging (i.e. for the charge status light to turn on). I have two of these (one in office and one at home) and it's happening to both.

    Not sure if this is the result of wear & tear or some inherent design flaw but I would have expected a longer life expectancy (or reliability) on Apple products.

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    Works half the time

    This is a great idea except for two problems.
    1) It seldom works, so you gotta do a ridiculous amount of fiddling before it starts charging.
    2) The first problem is exacerbated by the fact that the light seldom comes on, so you never know if it works unless you switch on your laptop.

    The time needed to get your laptop charging is ridiculous.

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    Falls off!

    It does what it is supposed to do. But it doesn't keep being attached that easily as you might would have expect. If you lift your mac, turns it a little on the table, or anything else.. it just pops right off. It's not the magnet that there is anything wrong with.. it just isn't designed to be that handy. But it works though..

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    MacSafe 2 connector a step backwards

    Even without the adapter the MacSafe 2 connector gets easily detached and looses connection during work. The MacSafe 1 plug was smaller, could be used to charge the MacBook Air even within the cover. All impossible with the big MacSafe 2 plug. Due to the permanent detaching problem I returned to use my old MacBook Air. 12h of battery life is useless if you start work with an uncharged system.

    Please please provide a MacSafe 1 plug for the new MacBook Air!

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    Very positional, doesn't always work.

    I often find I need to wiggle this when in use to ensure the power is flowing through it and the lights come on to indicate charging. Very annoying to plug the computer in and have the charging lights come up, then discover later on that it hasn't charged much as all because I've moved the laptop some small degree and the charging adapter has stopped transferring the energy. Only rarely do I attach the MagSafe charger & converter to my Macbook Pro Retina and have the lights immediately come on, they almost always need a wiggle even when I've carefully aligned them on each other! :(

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    Loose connection

    Have 2 of them - both looses connection and they get extremely hot. The connectors on my Macbook Pro are miscoloured, and look burned. Would expect something this simple to work better.

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    Planned obsolescence

    Here's the answer to a question, no one asked.

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