• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Good but delicate

    I've had my laptop and charger for almost two years. My charger is still in good shape-no tears, cracks or frays in the rubbery coating-even at the points where the cord connects to the end pieces. I really baby it though. Every single time I transport my computer it goes in a padded case and I re-coil the charger cord (making sure not to kink it) and clip the magnetic end to the cord. It then goes in its own side pocket of my laptop bag. I make sure never to bend it (again, particularly at the weaker connection areas). I love the magnetic method of attachment. Mine works well and only falls out if I really yank the cord by mistake. It's definitely saved me from breaking the port or yanking my laptop on the floor countless times!

    I don't give it a 5 only because it seems so delicate. The cord is very thin and flexible, and I don't think it would take much to permanently kink it (damaging the wires inside) or break it where the cord connects to the end pieces. It does sometimes get very hot during charging. I only wish they would make the cord covering a big more substantial, so it would better protect the wires against accidental bending.

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    Suprised by all the negative reviews...

    I have just had to replace the charger on my 2012 retina macbook so 4 odd years service from it. This is very similar to all the PC laptops Ive owned.

    All I can think is that i just pitch my cable into my bag when i move it rather than neatly wrapping it up so maybe I'm applying less pressure to the joints?

    4 years in my old Dell was dying on all fronts, this is the only part of my mac (other than one foot) to break in any way. Frankly im impressed..

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    Died each 10 months

    10months,the first one stopped working; swapped a refurbished one by warranty, after another 10months, it is now dead as well. now they could charge for the one I'm going to buy.

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    a dangerously horrible charger

    I love Apple, always have, always will because you do so much right but dear Lord you guys need to get on your game with your chargers. While working on my computer today I smell something burning, after some investigation I discover it to be the charger to my laptop. Thankfully I caught it before it shorted out my computer or worse caught on fire! Please fix the quality of your chargers or at the very least provide an affordable replacement so people are not having to shell out hundreds of dollars a year simply to charge their devices.

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    My daughter and I both own a mac book pro with retina display and they are both a little over a year old and both chargers are done for! mine is on its legs leg and has tape everywhere from the constant unplugging, I can even breath around this charger because it unplugs! my daughters, won't even charge her laptop anymore and she use the laptop in one spot. I really hope Apple fixes this design because its horrible!

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    My power adapter has been trying to fail since it was brand new -- and finally has. Magnet is garbage, wires are weak, and plastic coating breaks no matter how careful the user is. I've been a faithful Apple computer and phone person for over 25 years, but quality has plummeted, as has my desire to stick with this company.

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    The worst thing  make

    Apple and their cables. It's an age-old tale. They've always been absolutely awful. These are no exception. I'm a careful cable user and mine has basically shredded with bits of the inside strengthening metal poking out along the length of the business end and the dye used on the inner sheathing has leaked through making most of the cable a nice green colour.

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    Horrible Charger.

    This charger has been the bane of my existence! It breaks quickly and easily and its frustrating that apple hasn't released a better alternative.

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    awful adapter

    I had bought my Mac Book Pro with Retina Display about 9 months ago and the adapter burned after 5 months which was very disappointing. and I should say that I didn't keep it very nice :). the wire just bend many time, I don't know how much it might be related.

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    Terrible Quality

    I'm surprised how cheap and fragile the Macbook pro charger is. Brand new computer and after 6 months had a tape on the cord. Apple should reimburse as a defective part

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    Count me among those with a power adapter that frayed. Again. Apple, please: You are charging a premium for a product that does not deserve it. If this is planned obsolescence, you are gouging us and fomenting resent. You are better than this.

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    worst power adapter

    The metal shield of the adapter has worn of and im getting electroshocks by touching it ...

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    Expensive, frays easily, awkward...

    I'm at my wits' end-- this is the 3rd time that I am replacing a power cord for my laptop, and that's after extending their lives with electric tape! The cords seem almost designed to fray quickly. Mine has frayed near the laptop connector just a year in.

    Apple, not everybody has a perfect workstation at home to keep the cord in their "optimal geometry." Apple, for $80 you should be providing quality cords that can withstand some curving now and again. That's part of the convenience of having a light laptop. Otherwise, Apple, you should certainly be replacing frayed cords for free.

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    Worse than bad.

    I genuinely can't believe that the charger has stopped working and it has probably been just under 2 years since I bought my macbook pro, it started wearing a turtle neck a month ago and I knew the end was near, and today the cable looked like it was burning as it changed colour! If other companies are able to create durable chargers (my old Sony laptop and the charger STILL WORKS!), I expected Apple to make better chargers, especially seeing as I've paid over twice the amount for my macbook. You guys probably do this on purpose so that customers are forced to buy another charger and spend money but this is a terrible thing to do. Now I have to spend extra money of a new charger UGH. I will no longer be purchasing Apple products in the future, I stopped with the phone a long time ago and now it's time to say bye to the MacBook.

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    DC cord will certainly break

    Two MacBooks, two broken chargers. Right now, I feel electric current when I touch metal parts of the charger and also the aluminum body, even though I always carefully unplug and store so as not to put too much strain on the cable. I can't understand why they don't change the design of the clearly to weak cord.

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    Short Life - Big Price Tag!

    I like one of the other people reviewing spent over £2000 on a MacBook Pro a few years ago. It has had very light use due to mainly working from my desktop Mac and this mainly for home or travel if needed.

    I have literally probably not even had this into charge 50 times and the adaptor has now gone and will not charge the laptop at all. Really dismal effort from Apple with the adaptors for most of their stuff. Annoying that your products let your customer down when they need them the most and in the end have to go spend £65 on a new adaptor that has had little use at all from a big price tag item.

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    Cable rips easily at the power brick

    Title says it all. Every generation of this power adapter, the cable splinters and rips on the MBP side of the power brick. These cables should really be braided or of better quality for a $3k+ laptop.

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    an O.K. charger

    I love my Macbook Pro, but the charger has several issues...all of which are easily fixable. The first issue is the magnet which charges the computer. It's very weak and unplugs very easily. Working while the computer is charging on your lap can sometimes be a bit tedious because the charger constantly falls out. The second issue I have with this charger is the adapter end. The smaller one that is two pronged is so easy to loose, and Apple doesn't offer replacements. If you lose it, then you either have to buy a knock off or pay for a whole new charger (that's about 80 bucks you're giving up). I wish Apple would sell the adapter end by itself or just add somewhere on the charger where it can be placed and not easily lost.

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    Falls Apart

    I seriously resent being made to shell out for a new charger every year. The rubber on the cable between laptop and power unit comes apart at both ends - both where it meets the laptop and where it meets the power unit. After that the metal shielding comes apart, after that you start worrying that your children are going to get electrocuted or the power cable will stop working.

    If you can't fix it, then at least don't gouge the customer on the cost of the replacement. Why not provide detachable cable so that only the part of the cable from power unit to laptop requires replacement? Why not put the customer first?

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    Really surprised there hasn't been a lawsuit

    After weeks of shorting out my computer this charger finally sparked, burned me and burned out. Great part of it was that I was just starting a two week vacation in a remote location with no Apple retailers near by. Amazed this hasn't happened more or resulted in a lawsuit for Apple. Only been using this charger for a little under a year before the problems started but I do travel frequently. Will not be buying another apple laptop in the future.

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