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    Does Apple design the adapter to break after 1-2 years at best?

    The cable is easily frayed. So Apple... Can't you use the money earned from the overpriced Macs to improve the quality of the chargers??

    I guess the answer is noooooo....

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    Electrical tape

    My cord is 18 months old, and the plastic is disintegrating, leaving the bare wire exposed. I have had to use electrical tape to tape up five places where the plastic no longer covered the wire. Apple employees: read these reviews and do something! You are losing customers over the quality of your cords.

    The cords should be recalled and replaced without cost to the customers!

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    Just went through yet another one.

    This is a terrible terrible design solution.

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    Will break eventually

    The macbook pro retina charger is very much form over function. More so than the laptop itself. Mine lasted about 27 months with diy duct tape repairs at both the magsafe end and the power cord end. If you have to replace this don't go to the apple store first. I got one from a very popular high street electronics store for £30 and its pretty much brand new. Apple should not be charging these ridiculous prices for a charger from a previous generation laptop.

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    Apple, are you listening to your customers?

    I consider myself a supporter of Apple products. I recommend MacBooks and iPhones to my family and friends. But one major weakness I've seen consistently across Apple products are the power cords. Majority, if not all, of the power cords I've owned including the Apple 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter (for MacBook Pro with Retina display), have had the plastic coating fray and expose the wiring. There appears to be an imbalance between the investments Apple makes into their hardware and their power cords. I do not know if increasing the quality of the material that goes into the cords would decrease their profits but I do not understand why this problem has not been fixed or at least acknowledged by the company. As loyal customers it is a slap in the face.

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    Works fine

    The magnetic connection is strong, the charging time is reasonable, and the cord material is sturdy.

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    Another year, another replacement charger, another £80 :'(

    To anyone who rated this product more than 1 star... what were you thinking? Shocking that replacement chargers aren't free, there is clearly an issue with the design... admit it apple!!!

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    Your Nightmare Incarnated

    Think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Then think worse.

    This is that spawn of he ll that keeps you up at night, wondering how a human (or in this case a group of humans) could do this to another human. Apple, a company that prides itself in delivering quality, innovative products, lost all sense of importance when it came to designing the MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. This product is so terrible, it doesn't even deserve the pathetic sympathy star Apple forces you to give it on this form. At a price point of over $70, this charger challenges you to break it out of rage before it simply breaks out of regular use. With regular use, one can expect this charger to stumble its way to death within 6 months. With careful use, one might expect somewhere around 6 months and 1 week of usability. The AC side of the unit is the only salvageable half, while the T charger side can be likened to the thickness of an iPhone cable paired with the laptop charging capabilities of a rock. You're better off using your Macbook until it dies and just tossing out the laptop and buying a whole new unit because you end up coughing up $100s of dollars on useless chargers as a painful reminder that Apple now owns your life. Want to use third party chargers? Well get ready to be slapped in the face by Apple with devilishly tight regulation on their IP, to the point that they have a monopoly on T shaped magnetic chargers for Macbooks. Any other version will be met with incompatibility or likely fry your sensitive Macbook.

    Welcome to the hole you've dug yourself and thank you Apple for throwing us the $77 shovel.

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    Not Great; Not Bad

    I've had the original charger to my MBPr for almost five years now and its eventually came to the point where I have to connect two separated wires to charge my laptop. Which yay because it still works but boo because that sounds like a potential fire hazard. With that being said idk what you people are doing where chargers break in a year. It may fray but I've just had to make a replacement. 2 stars docked for price and weaker magnet.

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    The cord is melting!

    The plastic cover of the cord broke about a year from where it is connected to the adapter (obviously like all apple chargers!), but about a week ago, that same point started heating up extremely and now the cord has completely melted! Apple, please care more about the safety of your costumers! The power adapters might even cause a fire.

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    Frayed cable after 1.5 years of use

    Really terrible cable quality. It frayed after 1.5 years of regular use. Worthless. And super expensive to replace.

    Apple, fix this.

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    It's great but…

    I do love Apple. Their products are so nicely designed and are convenient. For example the mag safe feature has saved my MacBook countless times from flying onto the floor. This charger did last me about 2 years but went out with a bang. From what I can tell it overheated and shorted out. Baring in mind that it was not in a enclosed location, and was exposed to open air and a free flow of air; I was kind of disappointed. Then further looking at the cost to replace it I was even more disappointed. I don't know if this issue has been fixed with the new USB-C charger but if it hasn't I feel it should be taken into consideration that these chargers do have a tendency to overheat and potentially short.

    Overall this is a great charger but bare in mind overheating is an issue.

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    Can this be made better please?

    I've lost count of the number of these chargers i've had to buy over the years.

    They all go in the same two places. Either the cable coming out of the adaptor frays. Admittedly they are better than they used to be in this aspect. Or mainly the pins that power the laptop push in and don't connect.

    Please sort it out or charge less for it!

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    I'm on my third charger and this is not okay. I'm a student and am about to switch away from Apple just because I can't afford to keep replacing the chargers. Not cool apple, I own all of your products and this stinks.

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    Too delicate

    Easily frayed, mine started smoking and stopped working.

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    Died in an year

    My original charger died right after 1 year warranty. Have a shell out 80 dollars more.

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    Holy Moley, when my original macbook charger was chewed away by my cats, I was devastated. However, I went on apple.ca and read the reviews for their replacement chargers after wasting money on cheap third party options. I was mortified by the now over 500 negative reviews! I had no choice but to buy the apple charger, and I have had it for well over 4-5 months now and NO PROBLEMS. People keep saying the cord frys, and I must say, all these reviewers must be morons because no cords have fried for me! I think people are extremely reckless with their expensive accessories and that's why they find themselves constantly paying more money. I want you to know, if you are interested in buying this, DO NOT HESITATE! Unless you are unable to do simple functions and protect your expensive items, this product will not fail you.. and I know sometimes you may be unlucky and you might get a buggy cord, but it's super easy to exchange for a new one! Happy charging.

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    It is a Fire Hazard

    It heats up to the point where you can't even touch it. The cable is such a poor quality. I have replaced 3 chargers in less than 3 years.
    Apple is better than that .... please do something about it.

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    Utter, utter rubbish

    Absolute, unadulterated garbage, at a price that would be funny if you had a choice whether to pay it or not. Like virtually everyone else reviewing this abomination, mine broke after 13 months of static use on a desk - never put in a bag or even moved around the house. Simply stopped working. Apple should be utterly ashamed. Only giving it one star because negative stars are not an option.

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    Terrible Design - Need to replace every year or two

    Going on to my third adapter, weak cables not in line with the build quality one expects when you pay a premium price. The cable gauge is too fine for a power cable and there is insufficient strain relief going into the adapter and mag safe cable. The clip for wrapping the cord is what did my second adapter in, causing the outer cabling to tear. Have had alot of laptops over the years and Apple's are the only power adapters I have ever had a problem with.

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