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    3 months

    I've had mine for only 3 months and it just stopped working, I have assignments to do and this comes up. Why apple?

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    Very bad quality.

    After less than a year of use I had to purchase a new MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. Right now, after a 3-year-use of my macbook pro I will be purchasing my third MagSafe.

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    Just stopped working!

    After owning all Windows computers previously I decided to buy a MacBook for the first time about 14 months ago. I rarely use this computer, maybe a few times a week for a few hours, sometimes it sits on my desk unused for days on end. As you can guess based on my usage I rarely have to charge it, maybe once a week on average. My charger stays in one place and I don't travel with it, which means I don't wrap it or twist it to store it or take it anywhere, so it's not like the cable gets damaged. It looks brand new. Last week I plug in the charger and my screen starts flickering lighter and darker, the battery icon on the screen is flickering very fast between charging and not charging, and the green light on the MagSafe plug is flashing rapidly, and of course it wasn't charging. After doing lots of research online (on another divide because of course I could no longer charge my MacBook) I read that this is a horrible piece of charger and many people have problems with them. I tried some resets that I read Apple recommends, but nothing worked. So then I borrowed my brother's charger and that one worked, so my charger apparently just stopped working. While my brother's charger works, it's about two years old but it's almost falling apart. That's the quality of things that Apple makes. I'm convinced that they make their accessories and peripherals and cables to last a very short time so that you have no choice but to keep buying replacements from them, (because the ones on Amazon for example are reviewed as "exploded" and "gets too hot". AWFUL QUALITY, APPLE. Stop being so pretentious and fix this.

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    disconnects all the time

    disconnects too easily

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    first time in 15 years

    I have owned many laptops for the past 15 years. Have never had any issues with adapters/chargers before. This one first lost its connection ability with the computer, I had to adjust it to make it work. And finally, the other end of the same cord (i.e. the one between the Mac and the adapter) is broken. I personally know other Macbook owners suffering from the same issue. And $80 is unacceptable. I am just carrying the adapter in my backpack and using it as a human. So, that's not a customer problem. Why Apple punishes us because of its unqualified items, nonsense!

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    I don't see why everyones' upset

    I've had the same charger since buying my Macbook back in 2013 and I might have to buy a new one because after years of being run over (accidentally) by my chair its getting a little too wrapped in electrical tape to really be portable. I would like to know what everyones doing to have the cables break so quickly, as mine has been in and out of bags for years now. It has held up well and is still going strong.

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    Worst quality charger I have ever owned

    On my second Magsafe 2 in two years. It is completely frayed and held together by electrical tape, only charges when plugged in a a very specific angle after many tries. How have a company as big as Apple got something so simple so wrong? And $80 for a replacement. Joke.

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    Love it

    My MagSafe 2 goes into my bag and out, 4 times a day. No problems.
    I wrote this because of all the 1 star reviews from people that don't take care of their stuff. I'd like to address the idiotic posts as well in my review:
    - If you don't take care of any cable, it will fray and break. Get used to it. Loose coil your cables and don't put stress on the re-enforced areas next to the brick or actual charge port.
    - It's a MagSafe, IT'S DESIGNED TO POP OFF if too much stress is put on charger. I would much rather have my laptop come unplugged for 10 seconds, that have my power port break or my laptop yanked off the table to come crashing to the ground.

    I like these charges. YES, some in the past have frayed at the ports after tons of use. In those cases I just apply Sugru.

    C'mon people. These cables are fine!

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    Started to peel after 3 months of use...

    Have nothing to add.

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    The worst Apple product. Three cables within two years

    Really the worst product apple ever made! the wire breaks easily and here I am paying almost $300 to keep replacing it. Apple, please find another solution. This is just not Apple at all!

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    Frayed cable?

    I have a good fix for my 13" Macbook Pro. Wrap the cable with gaffer's tape. It's working, and everybody notices the tape, because it's black on white. I'm a walking advertisement for Apple, at the library or the university--my battery life is sufficient, but I like to plug in my ugly cord so everybody can see it. There's just no way I'll buy another, aware that it fails and fails and fails--at eighty bucks a pop!

    Don't buy a new cord! Don't be ripped-off! Tape it up real ugly and nobody will envy you, and Apple will get exactly the attention they deserve!

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    I've just hit the one year mark, and my adapter died. I've treated carefully, only traveling with it 3 or 4 times. Other than that it has sat on my desk at home. Total junk. This was my first macbook purchase after 15 years of Sony Vaios, and I've never had a single power supply fail before now.

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    Terrible Design and Quality

    This really is not a well designed product. I have had the 2013 MBP for a little over two years, and rarely use the adapter. It has been wrapped as advised (HT201600) and stored in a protected bag compartment. I carefully rewrap the cable every time I do use it.

    Some tips:

    - design the cord so that the cable is properly protected when wrapped
    - design the cord so it's obvious how to wrap it (although even this doesn't seem to work)

    That's it. Simple huh?

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    Rip off Charger

    This cable, is a disgrace. The failiures are so well documented. It is generally known that this charger is very likely to fail, fray, burn out, within a year or two of purchase. Apple could fix the problem. They could make it possible to replace just the cable that connects with the mac, at substantially lower cost. But no, for decades, this problem remains. Why? All models are charged at £65. It is so obviously a money earner, and as such it tarnishes Apple's reputation.

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    Apple Should Be Ashamed!

    After many years of owning PC's, I finally paid the "big bucks" and bought my wife a MacBook Pro in October of 2015. The computer itself is very nice - extremely pricey, but well made, fast and very functional. Unfortunately the Magsafe 2 Power Adapter that is a very necessary part of the computer is absolutely horrible. While the computer itself is made of metal, the power adapter is made of plastic with very fragile cords. There are hundreds of reviews of the cords breaking or fraying under "normal" use. And then there is the problem of the extreme heat put out by the power adapter - which may contribute to the breakdown of the output cord. After only a few weeks of use, our power adapter quit working. I would have sent it back under warranty, but it looked like one of the cats had been chewing on the cord. Okay, the cat must have shorted it, so I ordered a new one. We live 130 miles from the nearest Apple Store so we can't just run down and pick up a new power adapter. After the new adapter arrived we were very careful to keep it away from the cats, well ventilated and no undue stress the cords. The new adapter lasted exactly two weeks and then just quit working. Wow! All of a sudden we wondered if the cats really were the cause of the first adapter's failure? We are now on our third power adapter in less than four months (the computer has been unusable for almost three weeks while we waited for new adapters to arrive) and I've ordered a fourth adapter as a backup - anticipating the next failure!

    Having owned a dozen or so PC's over the years, we have NEVER had a power supply fail on any PC laptop regardless of the brand and in some cases the cats chewed on those cords as well! If we had known the power adapter was this fragile we never would have bought the MacBook. Apple should be ashamed to have such a bad power supply for their very expensive and otherwise decent computer. Because of these problems, we do not recommend this power supply and we do not recommend the MacBook Pro computer. Wake UP Apple (!) and come out with a replacement power supply worthy of your computer!

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    Terrible quality

    The cable just stopped working, very poor quality. Pretty expensive to replace it. In the past, there were no issues with the power adapter..

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    Worst ever Magsafe 2

    What a pile of junk this connector is! It won't stay plugged in - if you look at it sideways it falls off... A who was the brilliant designer that came up with the "T" concept? Obviously this was never actually tested. So sad.

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    Third time's a charm...

    Headed to the Apple store today to purchase my third charger for my two year old computer. The 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter gets extremely hot. It doesn't matter if it's floating magically in the air, it still gets extremely hot. The cord that connects from the MagSafe to the computer is also fried. My first cord I was a little careless... plugging it in here and there, allowing the cords to fall freely. My second charger I was a lot more cautious with. Allowing it to be plugged into one plug. Sit in one space and lay a certain way, as to not bend, move, or even breathe in fear of splitting the cords. It didn't matter... my cord has split and needs to be replaced. So disappointing when spending nearly $3,000 on a laptop.

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    C'mon Apple, this thing is junk!

    Less than a year old and my charger just died! And to everyone that says we're handling them wrong, this thing rarely leaves my desktop. So it was just sitting there most of that time with no handling at all.

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    I Reinforced My New Adapter with Electrical Tape From Day 1, Still Broke

    I, along with anyone who has ever owned a Mac, bitterly hate forking over $100USD very 1.5 years to buy a terrible, sure to break Apple 60W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. If you just bought a Mac, congratulations you will soon hate your adapter too. Every time I get a new one, usually 2-3x before I'm ready to upgrade my computer (which I do every 2-3 years), I treat it incredibly gingerly, knowing that by massaging it with tender loving care every morning, noon and night, I can sometimes prolong the life of this horrible product by 3-6 months. I've tried not using the wings and coiling it loosely. I've tried reinforcing it with electrical tape at the two fail points (they're the same every time) from the moment I took it out of the box and it STILL broke. There's nothing to be done. Unless you leave it plugged in at your desk and never remove it, your adapter will need to be replaced in under 2 years. Apple, this is the absolute worst.

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