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    I guess my charger lasted longer than most of the reviews I read, nonetheless it is very poorly made and no longer works. I wish Apple would step it up with the quality of ALL chargers as I also have to buy the iPhone cords in bulk. It's like they are made to be disposable.

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    Overpriced fragile POS

    I have gotten used to purchasing two of these a year. They are unbelievably delicate chargers. I don't have any problems with any other type of cable for any device that I won, but for some reason I keep having to replace these overpriced MacBook chargers.

    At this point, I've spent enough money on chargers to buy me a new MacBook! What Apple calls normal wear and tear on these chargers is far beyond what I'd classify as normal.

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    Stupid charger

    If there is an option for 0 star, i would choose that option.
    My 3rd one guys. They tend to stop working after one year warranty. I will stop buying apple products. Waste of money and time.

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    Broke after a year and a half

    I've got an 11 inch mac-air that I use for school and pretty much everything else. It has major power drain, so I generally need it or I have a dead computer. And, about a month ago, the wire casing near the charger end split, and now, about an hour or two ago, the thing has bit the dust. Not cool guys. So not cool. I've had iphone chargers that have literally lasted for more than 5 years, and the mac book one, which I actually need on a daily basis, is the one to break? Seriously?

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    Pretty design is simply not robust enough

    I have used laptops for decades and the only power supplies I have had fail are from Apple. Oh, they're very pretty to look at, but these are for portable devices, so they need to be more robust than they are. This design simply doesn't stand up to the normal rigours of a device that lives in a bag, is constantly deployed and re-deployed. I've had to order a few over the years which, along with the many negative reviews, would suggest that this is a well known problem, which is disappointing.

    Is it too much to ask for a PSU that outlives the device is powers?

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    Worst Power Cord Ever and Weak magnetic cord.

    It' s Saturday afternoon and after a day of play, time to work...but guess what? MacBook Air an otherwise great laptop with great battery life... has a power cord that Apple is charging $79 for and it has to be replaced. I've had the laptop for just a few months and I have little wear on it as I'm still using my MacBook Pro....The cord which is constantly coming undone and falling off is now non-functional and I have to get in the car and drive to purchase another one. Maybe the chord is under warranty. don't know. But I do know that I have no time to wait for a replacement, nor should I have to replace it since it shows zero signs of wear anyhow. I'm now paying with tax almost a hundred more for the computer than when I bought it. And since I haven't loaded the sometimes still required windows software on this computer (some of my media software is windows only) then it's hardly worth it! Yes, a Mac can last up to 5 years where a typical PC won't...but darn... $79 bucks for a new chord?? Apple...read all of the other reviews. I'm not the only complainer here, it seems.

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    Frayed and broke

    Like everyone else, my adapter broke after it frayed. Fun

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    Two months.

    I've been busing the charger for two months and it's already overheating and not charging.

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    Break out the Sugru

    I got just over 3 years of fairly gentle use on my MacBook Air 13-inch mid 2012, before my charger cable, like so many other people's, started to fray next to the magnetic connector.

    I'm not going to spend £65 on a new charger - I'm going to spend £8.99 on a packet of white Sugru and patch it up while it still works.

    Don't replace, mend.

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    I agree with all of the other negative reviews of Mac's power cord. Junk!! I've wrapped my power cord with electric tape so many times that it is now too heavy for the mag to stay attached.

    I thought Apple had better quality. Certainly their prices would lead you to think that. Just one month out of warranty the battery started to fail. Guess what.....not covered by warranty. Now I have to leave my MacBook charge cable in all the time. I hate to pay $80 for a new cable as I'm sure this is the last Mac I'll ever own.

    Extremely disappointed with Mac products!!!

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    Lasted 6 months wtf man

    Alright, so I'm a little ticked off. Bought a MacBook Air at the start of the year, and now my charger has decided to breakdown in the pits of assessment week and I'm just like, seriously? I mean, I buy way too much shuff from apple, would you call me a loyal customer? I think you would. But now I'm starting to create a mr. Robot scenario in my head and you guys are beginning to represent evil corp and I'm just not digging that. Anyway I've decided to buy a cheaper remake of this charger, as they're only $25 and will probably last as long as your mess. although I would prefer to buy a charger that will last due to environmental reasons. So I suggest you sort your apple pies out and deliver the goods

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    0 stars if i could

    This product is ridiculous. My computer ran out of battery, so I plugged my charger in to charge at up, and.....nothing. There is no visible fraying or bending, and somehow it still will not charge. I can't believe that Apple are asking me to pay $119 for a new charger!!! I don't have that sort of money, but will need to find it in order to charge my computer, so I can turn it on and do my work again. I have no choice. There should be a warranty on these products, as I have never had an Apple charger cable that actually lasts. Exceptionally disappointed.

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    I dunno WTF you guys are doing?

    I've had my air since mid 2012 and the charger is now on it's last legs. This seems fairly reasonable to me as I've travelled with it a lot. Wear and tear is a thing that happens.. what's the big deal?

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    Kidding me, right?

    ALL of Apple's chargers are ridiculously flimsy and do not last for more than a month or two. The casing will crack, break off, and expose the wires within a few weeks. And the cord will keep exposing itself, slowly undressing and revealing more of itself each time you leave the room. Get some electrical tape if you want to patch it up like Lady Gaga circa 2008.

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    Change your suppliers - Quality control obviously not in place.

    I'm about to order my third power cable, I could go and buy a brand new laptop at these prices! (Not a Mac obviously)

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    Charger broke within 4 months

    After transporting my charger in my backpack, I was surprised to have found the cord to be frayed. Looks like a lot of people are having quality issues as well.

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    Flimsy at best

    Second power pack now that's frayed at the joint with the magnetic head. And yet I'm expected to pay for a replacement each time!

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    If I could give no stars I would

    So disappointing. I bought my Mac in March and its already stopped working. I have left my charger at my desk where it is rarely ever moved from and it has stopped working for no reason at all. And $120 is a ridiculous amount to have to pay for another charger that will what, last me another 5 months?! It's so disappointing, especially given everything else about my Mac is awesome :(

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    Awful product. Why can't Apple make it right?

    Steve Jobs would lose it if he could see how bad this accessory is, how much it fails and how much people hate it. I'm on my third one that has failed, the machine is still under warranty and Apple wants me to buy another one. So I'm moving back to the MagSafe 1 with the converter for the 2. If it's this bad, you would think that Apple would make it right.

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    Bad quality

    I have had no problem with apple products since the first day I started using it. however, this charging adapter, after being used for one year, was broken. The outer protection layer just fell off and all wires inside got exposed. Bad connection and I can't charge my laptop properly. I have to try several times until it starts working. Bad quality.

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