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    Non-standard USB plug

    Got my Air 2 a few days ago, tried to hook it up to the computer, but can't because the USB end of the cable doesn't fit a standard USB port. It's about 1 mm too narrow. Went back to the store, talked to them, we tried some of the Apple brand extra cables first. About half of them have the same problem. The USB plug of the cable simply doesn't comply with the USB standard so it can't be used for anything but the Apple charger, because it won't fit in anything else. Great job, Apple. It's bad enough that we can't use standard cables because of the lightning bs, but when you have the cables made without ensuring they comply with the standard, that's just incompetence. Having to buy 3rd party parts to make sure it works as intended is just daft. At least the ipad and the charger works without catching fire. That's something I guess.

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    Used once! Apple please sort this out

    Used new cable once that came with my iphone 6 once and when I removed the charger, it snapped away, managed to use a couple more times before the wire gave up. I ordered a couple of the cheap ones from china when I had my iphone 5, they were rubbish so I came on here to order a new genuine one but as I see the reviews are awful, for an expensive £15 cable that doesn't last! Why are these made so cheaply when you are charging £15!
    I didn't expect my new cable that came with the phone to fall apart on first use.

    Apple should be replacing these in my opinion!

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    tubing material is not good, otherwise cable works fine.

    Apple has of course given everything best in quality, but charger might not tested on various atmospheric conditions i.e. temperature and humidity.
    I have this phenomenon in me to reach at perfection, and keep things in most perfect way. Still it doesn't last long so there has to be some reason in material. I have lived in different continents of the world for sufficient duration of time to judge this issue, and what my conclusion is, outer tubing material deteriorates in atmosphere with high temperature and/or high humidity. It includes India, mexico, UAE etc. In Canada, USA same cable stays perfect for long time with same habits to use it.

    I would like to request Apple to concentrate on the polymer material of outer most layer in lighting cable. Apple could just oversee other mobile charger materials in these regions. For reference, Belkin also has good quality of cable, I have that cable and that works really good in every aspect.

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    Worst Product ever

    I purchased about 7 lightning cables and in spite of taking extra care, the cable gets torn at the ends. Worst product in my life. They are so expensive and yet apple doesn't take enough time to give the best products to its customers. Enough is enough i'm shifting to more reliable phones which are not expensive in all aspects like apple and which deliver more quality products.

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    Short life

    I've gone through 4 of these in 2 years. Poor quality and not durable.

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    Very bad quality

    They last a very short time. It's very annoying. I feel like cheated.

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    Terrible Product

    I've gone through at least 4 Lightning cables, as these seem to fray at the Lightning end of the cable, or randomly stop working with some devices. I currently have an official Apple Lightning Cable that works with my iPhone, and not my iPad. For the cost they charge, Apple should make sure these things actually work consistently and don't go bad after less than a year's usage.

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    With as much money as you people make, you'd think you could figure out a way to make sure your charger cables didn't fall apart after 3 months. I've had 3 different iPhones and I always have this problem. To save money, I just get the third party chargers but those are bad for my phone. So either way you people are just milking us for money right? Either we have to get your $35 charger (cord only) or we have to get a whole new phone. Make the chargers more durable.

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    Very Bad

    The amount of times I've had to buy a freaking $20 PLUS cheap cord for my iphone is remarkable. I travel a lot and of course I have to bring my phone & charger with. There have been so many times I've had to buy a new cord on the road because this piece of garbage stops working. These aren't cheap either, even though the quality is. I am not continuing with the iphone and this definitely has a lot to do with it!

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    Power Management IC Destroyed.

    Got one with my iPhone 5S. The 4 cables inside the lightning cable's head broke away and got in touch with each other causing a short circuit in my phone. It completely destroyed my iPhone's IC chip so currently it is not chargeable.

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    Make a better cable

    My cable lasted for 1 year only. Please do something about it or I'll go back to my Nokia!!

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    Utter garbage.

    I won't be buying another apple product with this cable. I regret buying an iPhone primarily due to the frustration of having to replace this cable every 3 months. Every one I have had has stopped working without warning and without any apparent damage.

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    irritating apple's cable

    should give an award naming worst cable in life time.
    i really didnt like to give one star rating for this type of quality i need zero star rating.
    i use this cable very carefully but even i care it, it doesnt work for atleast 5 months.

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    Terrible Cable

    The cable itself is sleek looking with the convenience of connecting it however you wish, however its frailty and susceptibility to breaking so easily and quickly make this the most frustrating charging cable I have ever used. It is truly unbelievable a company like Apple would allow this to happen.

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    Buying yet another horrible no good very bad cord!!!

    I have been using Apple products since the IIe I bought in grad school, and I am so frustrated I want to scream. Is it really possible that they lack the ability to make a decent power cord? Or that they have so little respect for their customers that we are the victims of planned obsolescence?

    I want a power cord that doesn't break every 3 months. I have spent a fortune replacing power cords, and I am sick of it!!! I buy a new one and start watching for it to break as soon as I open it. A tiny bit of bad will every time I charge something. Not what I want or expect from a company to whom I have been so loyal, and have spent so much money on.

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    I have only had this for two months and the connection is already broken.

    Plus it is really frustrating that Apple puts only five star reviews first, even though some are from 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Worst cable ever, only last up to 3-7 months.

    Worst cable ever, im forced to buy it since apple has a restriction set up on some third party cables so that they arent able to charge your phone/ipad/etc. Right now on my third and only way ive made it last was by reinforcing the ends when i got it new with some electrical tape around it a couple times. Looks weird but if it keeps me from buying one every 3-6 months its worth it. If only apple would listen to these reviews about their bad quality on this cable it's a frustating product.

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    Cable frays after 6 months and burns itself up

    It is ironic how Apple keeps emphasizing on using genuine charging cables, but I have had to change my Apple charging cable once every 6 months because the cable seems to destroy itself all the time. I have gone to the extent of buying one cable for use in the office and one at home so that I don't have to strain the cable from constantly packing and unpacking it. However, after just 6 months, my cable has frayed completely at the charging end. Just today, the cable gave out a huge spark and became very very hot, so I had no choice but to unplug it and stop using it. I have had an Android cable and a Microsoft Phone cable that have lasted me for 3 years without so much as a scratch on it. Get your act together Apple. Your cables are ridiculously expensive and not one bit durable!

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    Iphone unresponsive while charging

    On top of how often these cords fray near the charging end, my iphone 5s is now unresponsive and unusable while charging...These cords are awful. Do not waste your money; quality has seemingly fallen in the last few years.

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    It is your iPhone connector port, not the cable.

    I hate to admit it because I struggled with two cables for months until I checked out the forums. Your iPhone connector port is probably stuffed with lint which may be the reason the cables don't appear to be working.

    Cleaned mine out with the end of a paper clip and wow. Straight into charge mode

    Happy days! Big thanks to the guys on the apple forums who solved this problem for me.

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