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    Yeah they are terrible

    I love everything about Apple, except this. They keep breaking and this is ridiculous for twenty bucks a pop. Design change please!!

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    Absolutely ridiculous. Rubbish.

    These chargers are junk. Complete waste of my time & money and need to be improved immediately. Customers already pay a huge sum of money for your phones, the least you could do is make a more durable cable; or simply make it lower in price. It is absurd that we are forced to pay this much for something that frankly won't last longer than a few months, if that. Don't get sucked into this downward spiral! Avoid buying at all costs.

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    These are complete and utter garbage

    While the concept is good the implementation is very bad, these consistently break in the same area and they are not cheap enough to be replacing them all the time. This is clearly a design issue, most likely an intentional design issue so that people have to keep replacing these all the time.

    Not impressed at all, possible solution might be to put a couple layers of heat shrink tubing on the cable near the phone end of the cable as soon as you replace it but why should I have to do that so I can have a cable which doesn't break after a couple months of use???

    This is the worst product I have every purchased from Apple.

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    Cable broken

    Lightning cable broken even with careful handling. Will not buy any apple products again.

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    Everything else Apple makes is so good...

    ...why the heck are their cables so inexplicably bad?

    I don't even use the same cable all the time. The "work load" for my iPhone cables is split between a few different cords: one at work, one that pretty much stays attached to my computer all the time, one in the truck, and one that stays plugged in by my bed. The one by the bed isn't even an authentic Apple cable, yet sadly it's the one that has held up the best out of the four. The others – who live a relatively pampered life style – still split, discolor, seem to get "brittle," and often require electrical-tape reinforcement at either end to stabilize their connectivity.

    My opinion as a customer is pretty straightforward: if you're going to make a disposable cable, price them accordingly. You kind of lose the "right" to charge premium prices for them if they become junk under normal use. If you're going to charge $20 or $30 for a three or six foot cable, we have a right to expect them to hold up a little better than they do.

    Surprising, really, considering almost everything else I have owned by Apple has been practically bullet-proof.

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    New cable did not work at all -- no juice

    Bought a new USB Power Adaptor and Lightning to USB Cable (1m) at Apple.com to replace the ones I left behind while traveling. They arrived promptly, and I plugged them in to charge my iPhone, but no power was getting to it. I made sure the USB Power Adaptor was working and could charge another Apple device. I took the new defective cable to the Apple Store for a new, working replacement. Funny, but the young associate appeared incredulous that I had that problem—don't think he had read any reviews (this was not the first Lightning to USB cable issue I had had, either). The associate finally believed me and accommodated my request to test the new replacement cable to make sure it worked and my phone could be charged. The convenience of shopping online was negated by the inconvenience of having to go to the Apple Store across town during Christmas shopping time to get the replacement for what I had already ordered that was supposed to work. Not sure how Apple can still sell defective cables to their customers. There is still opportunity here for Apple to do much better.

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    Absolutely ridiculous

    I've had around 5 leads in one year the price that is asked for these leads does not come anywhere close to the actual value of these. With 4 apple devices across our household this needs to be fixed.

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    Complete and Utter GARBAGE

    I encourage you to buy this product only if you want to have to continue to buy one every month for the rest of your phones life. I would say I have probably broken about 50 of these so far. Can we get something more durable for the love of god??? I am sick of this!

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    Love it!!!!!

    I love appl and there stuff, now this does brake but that hjappenes over time! If you take care it it will work, My family owns a cable back from the the iPhone 5 or the iPad air (one of the 2) and it still wokrs till this day!

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    Worst charging cable ever.

    Broke within 2 months of normal usage. I was an android user and this never happened with the original cables that came with the phone.

    I used this lightning cable 1x time a day and within 2 months stopped working. The cable does not have any visible wear. Very disappointing.

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    Broken and Frustrating

    I've had my iPhone and charger for just over 12 months (just out of warranty!!!) and the lighting USB lead is broken. It started with intermittent faults and has now given up altogether. In response to those reviews inferring that this is down to lack of product care I disagree. This charger is kept in the same place, rarely moved and I always unplug the device using the plastic end, not pulling the wire.

    I think given the expense (and the fact that cheaper alternatives are not compatible) Apple should ensure value for money and make a quality product that lasts; it can't be that difficult.

    It is the second Apple product that I have had this problem with (iPad charger also broke) and it has put me off buying Apple products in the future.

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    This cable is utter rubbish

    You would think that with all the high tech and hype that goes in to every launch of an Apple product they could at least invent a decent power cable. This cable has to be by far the worst on the market!!! C'mon Apple you are selling yourself way short and in fact when my contract is up with my new iphone 6, I shall be considering a Samsung. I have a cheap £15 Nokia from work and the power cable I have for it is the original, I got it 5 years ago. It's either plain lazy or a cynical money spinning ploy by Apple either way it's utter rubbish!

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    Bad quality compared to other non original brands

    The original lightning cable stops working after a year. Everytime it breaks down at the Lightning adapter and starts to beep and say that there is no supported Apple accessories. The only thing that is working for me is to take the spring out of a pen and attach the spring to the wire over at the Lightning adapter. That way I can use the phone during charging without the cable moving at the Lightning adapter. My current chargingcable had his first 1 1/2 year anniversary last week :)

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    0 Stars Cheap like the others

    Years and years with the same problem. I saw a video showing that I can use a string of a pen to help it last longer, I'll try that but I don't think I'm the one who needs to figure how the cable can last longer.

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    Worst cables ever !

    Apple create so good quality products but cables... always disappointing, As a developer, I connect cables Lightning to USB multiple times by day, with Samsung, Sony etc... Android or Nokia Windows Phones cables, no problems at all, even cheap looking ones. But with Apple original cables, after one year, it always goes bad, working but bad! Hopefully, every Apple product have a cable! But if you buy it alone, for office or car, it is very expensive for a very bad quality product! Hey Apple, make them better please we need they can be used over years!

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    Bad quality

    I have five original broken Lightning Cables. Quality is very bad. Apple please fix.

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    Worst cable ever

    This cable IS the worst cable ever created. I have bought 10 cables because they stop working in just two months. If you are considering an iPhone I suggest you buying other product other than an expensive iPhone because you will spend hundreds of dollars in this horrible cable. DON'T buy

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    Break really easily

    Really poor quality, a cheap android charger would be better!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This product is absolute junk. The entire lighting connector system is junk. My phone and the cables are unreliable. Every single lightning cable I've owned has been reliable for barely a month. Cables fray, phones stop recognizing it, has to be positioned at just the right angle, etc. Apple doesn't seem to care. They keep putting this junk out there for ridiculous mark ups.

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    Looks good BUT...

    This cable looks sturdy and reliable but all 3 of mine cables did not last even a year.

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