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    Design CHANGE

    Breaks in the matter of 3 months. Design change, lower price or atleast allow use of a third party charger. This is ridiculous.

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    the worst

    these cables are so expensive yet they break from even the most minimal of use. i rarely ever charge my ipad and always leave it in the same place. now it doesn't even work anymore. I've gone through too many of these things.

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    6-8 Months of Use

    This is my second cable in the past 12 months. Now I am looking at needing a 3rd cable. Cable that came with my iPhone lasted about 7 months. Purchased second cable on my own dime 8 months ago. This latest cable started failing about 2-3 weeks ago whereas you have to move the connector around into the phone until your hear the "charging" tone and then lay the phone on top of the cable so the connector does not move.

    After all is said I'll have spent nearly $50.00 for charging cables over the past year. Not cool. The cables are mass produced for pennies on the dollar and the mark-up even when shipped from overseas is much too high. If Apple is going to charge this kind of money the product should stand the test of time like it used to do say 5 years ago.

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    Absolute ****

    I've been through 10 of these in 4 years!
    Fair enough my use is frequent and not always careful, however, at this price they should last a little longer than they have!
    Also, ones that have never left my room break just as often. It's as if Apple made them so they break automatically after a period of time.
    Other than the cable I think that the phone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch products are of great quality. It's a shame that they couldn't carry this trend through all of their products, being a loyal fan of the products makes me even more frustrated to see another stupid error from such a 'clever' company.

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    Poor quality

    I have had numerous Apple products, iPad's, iPhone's and Macbooks. All off their charging cables at one point or another have broken with normal usage. And we all know that they are not cheap especially the ones for the Macbook. Apple please either redesign the cables or drop the prices.

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    Cable's sheath cracks at the connector exposing its wires.

    I'm on my third cable now. Lucky to get a year's worth of reliable use from this cable even with gentle use.

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    very weak product

    I agree with many others this is a poor product. The cable frayed after one week of use. I am starting to believe that Apple are trading on attractive visual design and marketing, but are falling short in quality and substance.

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    Poor Quality

    They keep breaking, poor quality. Apple you can do better than this, your should replace every single one that keeps breaking in the same place.

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    Second cable this year broken

    Rubbish! Such a shame Apple couldn't create a stronger cable that doesn't break every six months.

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    Very good for madness

    Some time works, some times not. I used more than 5 now till now. I think this cable is good for testing our patience.

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    Very poor product

    It is VERY FRUSTRATING having to buy these cables over and over again, due to them breaking. Most times they fray, and other times they just stop working. I am considering switching to Samsung as their cables last forever. Very poor product. I hope Apple sorts this out soon, before they loose another customer!!

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    Will not last long

    Quality is very bad. The place where the cable going to connector always breaks up

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    Please fix this issue

    I have a business with around 10 iphones and ipads and these leads are very poor, prone to fraying and breaking quickly. It is very irritating to have to keep buying them. It is not so much the money but the disruption this causes that makes me want to reconsider deploying further Apple products. If there was a more expensive but more rugged option available I would have no hesitation in buying it. In my opinion, this lead undermines Apples reputation for good design and build quality.

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    These break far more easily than cheap 3rd party alternatives

    Not sure how Apple justify how poorly these cables hold up to normal usage.

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    Yeah they are terrible

    I love everything about Apple, except this. They keep breaking and this is ridiculous for twenty bucks a pop. Design change please!!

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    Absolutely ridiculous. Rubbish.

    These chargers are junk. Complete waste of my time & money and need to be improved immediately. Customers already pay a huge sum of money for your phones, the least you could do is make a more durable cable; or simply make it lower in price. It is absurd that we are forced to pay this much for something that frankly won't last longer than a few months, if that. Don't get sucked into this downward spiral! Avoid buying at all costs.

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    These are complete and utter garbage

    While the concept is good the implementation is very bad, these consistently break in the same area and they are not cheap enough to be replacing them all the time. This is clearly a design issue, most likely an intentional design issue so that people have to keep replacing these all the time.

    Not impressed at all, possible solution might be to put a couple layers of heat shrink tubing on the cable near the phone end of the cable as soon as you replace it but why should I have to do that so I can have a cable which doesn't break after a couple months of use???

    This is the worst product I have every purchased from Apple.

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    Cable broken

    Lightning cable broken even with careful handling. Will not buy any apple products again.

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    Everything else Apple makes is so good...

    ...why the heck are their cables so inexplicably bad?

    I don't even use the same cable all the time. The "work load" for my iPhone cables is split between a few different cords: one at work, one that pretty much stays attached to my computer all the time, one in the truck, and one that stays plugged in by my bed. The one by the bed isn't even an authentic Apple cable, yet sadly it's the one that has held up the best out of the four. The others – who live a relatively pampered life style – still split, discolor, seem to get "brittle," and often require electrical-tape reinforcement at either end to stabilize their connectivity.

    My opinion as a customer is pretty straightforward: if you're going to make a disposable cable, price them accordingly. You kind of lose the "right" to charge premium prices for them if they become junk under normal use. If you're going to charge $20 or $30 for a three or six foot cable, we have a right to expect them to hold up a little better than they do.

    Surprising, really, considering almost everything else I have owned by Apple has been practically bullet-proof.

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    New cable did not work at all -- no juice

    Bought a new USB Power Adaptor and Lightning to USB Cable (1m) at Apple.com to replace the ones I left behind while traveling. They arrived promptly, and I plugged them in to charge my iPhone, but no power was getting to it. I made sure the USB Power Adaptor was working and could charge another Apple device. I took the new defective cable to the Apple Store for a new, working replacement. Funny, but the young associate appeared incredulous that I had that problem—don't think he had read any reviews (this was not the first Lightning to USB cable issue I had had, either). The associate finally believed me and accommodated my request to test the new replacement cable to make sure it worked and my phone could be charged. The convenience of shopping online was negated by the inconvenience of having to go to the Apple Store across town during Christmas shopping time to get the replacement for what I had already ordered that was supposed to work. Not sure how Apple can still sell defective cables to their customers. There is still opportunity here for Apple to do much better.

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