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    Monopoly, typical Apple

    Change the rating to have 0 star. I think it is unreasonable for Apple to force people to buy their accessories such as the Lightning charge cable. Compounded buy the fact that the Apple cable is too short and flimsy. I have an iPhone 6S and have used 3rd party cables that work fine and are 3m only to have Apple issue a update and cause the cable to stop working. I own this phone not Apple. I should be able to use any accessory I chose to. This seems like a class action lawsuit potential.

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    Lightning cable for iPhone iPod

    I've had so many cables stop working lost count post on opportune times as well they need to do something about this cable is continual problem

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    Ripoff pricing

    ridiculous price for such a bad product. very fragile and wont last long!
    Apple has had ages to fix this!

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    Don't bother

    The only good thing that I can say about the lightning cable is that you can plug it in without worrying about which way is the right way. That is the only reason for the one star. However, for the price these cost compared to the terrible quality of the product....well it really isn't worth it. The cords are complete rubbish, and constantly have to be reinforced by the customer on their own if they want to try and make this product last them a reasonable amount of time, but even then your attempts are in vain because the cords will bugger up and break no matter what you do. If Apple is so proud of their products and claim there greatness then maybe you should make products that can actually back that up.

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    Please make more durable this product

    I have bought my 1 meter lightning cable 6 months ago, and now it just stopped working. I am very disappointed that this product is not adapted at the conditions for the use of the "average" user. Seriously, I have been an Apple fanatic for a long time ago. Please make the lightning cables more durable for us.

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    We have got 5 of these cables in our household for iphones that are less than two years old and all of them are no longer working!! Absolutely appalling quality accessories for such expensive, high end items - NOT what I would expect from an Apple product!!

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    Breaks easily

    I'm very disappointed that Apple, which used to be synonymous with quality, is now making shoddy products. I've only used my charger over night on my cabinet and it's stopped working. It's lasted a year. Ones you can buy in the pound shop have a longer life. Apple, please pay attention to the hundreds of one-star reviews and do something to resolve this.

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    Wish I could give it a ZERO

    For the price one pays for Apple products we deserve power cables that last longer than a couple months. Reinforce these for Christ's sake. I'm on my fourth in a little over a year. If you're so proud of your others products quality then bring theses up to that level.

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    Horrible cables, break very easily

    go through a cable every other month, horrible when you travel a lot too.

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    Total garbage

    I have had 3 iPhones and 3 iPads with this connector, and every single one of them have broken at the neck. It's very disheartening to have such a high quality device with such a horrendously under-performing accessory. I am now using 4 different aftermarket charging cables that cost one third of Apple's cord. This reminds me of when the Dodge Ram changed it's appearance in the late 90's. The trucks were beautiful, but the transmissions were complete garbage, much like Apple's charging accessories.

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    These cables are unacceptable

    I can't count the number of the Lightning to USB cables I have bought. I'm not talking about the cheap gas stations knockoffs either. Come on Apple, we need a better cable with a little more length. Please!

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    The DEAL BREAKER reason why I WON"T buy a new iPhone

    When you can't charge your phone because of these cheap connectors and charging ports, and something big happens like your car breaks down, or you miss an appointment, all because you can't charge y our phone. THAT IS A DEAL !

    Give that the charging ports on the phones wear out fast, and that the cords themselves wear out. I am beyond angry.

    Add in the constant messages saying "This charging accessory is not support by this device" and the constant connect and disconnect beeps. This was a huge fail on the part of Apple.

    Apply used to be known for quality, now they are showing that profits at the expense of their customer base is going to erode their customer base.

    Want to fix it Apple? Offer free repairs to charging ports and cheap charging cords.

    People want reliability not a PoS. People ask me why I use an older iPhone. Because I do not plan to upgrade every again. I will switch to Android, or go back to a flip phone rather than deal with cords that I can't rely on.

    What it means is Apple successfully is turning their staunches fans into angry former customers.

    Apple, gestures in your direction.

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    This cable rips at the connector really fast!!!

    I have had my iPhone 6S for a month now, and even though the phone works really well the lightning cable is useless! The cable ripped at the connector head, and this happened with the lightning cable that came with my previous iPhone 5! The older 30 pin connectors actually lasted longer than this lightning cable. I have started looking at the 3rd party lightning cables by Spigen and Belkin as they offer braided lightning cables, which will not fray or shred like the Apple lightning cables that come with our iPhones.

    Apple stop worrying about a dumb pink iPhone and start fixing your lightning cable!!!!!!

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    Quality and great support

    The Apple chargers are one of the best chargers. I have never really had a problem with them (maybe one).They can sometimes fray at the very end near the lighting connector.
    This usually happens from using your device while it is plug in and the phone sitting a certain way on the charger Example - (laying down).
    The great thing is there is a year warranty on all Apple products. Most of the time when the cable is damaged you can take it to an Apple Store and they replace them free of charge (keep your proof of purchase). if you don't live close to an Apple Store, you can call 1800-MYAPPLE and the reps can send a replacement. You don't have to keep buying them over and over again. With in a year. ( This warranty doesn't include accidentally breaking it , like a pet chewing it)

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    Low Life Expectancy

    The cable started to shed its covering within a month.

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    Falls apart, no strain relief.

    This cord is terribly designed. The insulation gets stripped because there is no proper strain relief.

    This cord was designed for ascetics rather than durability, which is why I'll never buy an apple cable in my life, unless they start listening to their customers and the reviews.

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    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

    Absolute horror of a product at an absolutely disgusting price. The burning timbers of rotten old wood used to send smoke signals were a more efficient accessory to communication technology. This self-destructing cable of doom has failed me for the last time, back to the Nokia 3210 and the joy of indestructible heavy reliability...

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    wish I could give it zero stars- worthless piece ever !!!

    My husband was accusing me of breaking my iphone cables - and there we go, I just saw over 100 pages of reviews, turns out I'm not the only one!

    After the 3rd one, I bought some cheap aftermarket cables which also break after about 2 months, but at least I can have 7 of them instead of one from Apple. If someone tells you that original Apple cables for $20 will not break - don't believe them, soooo not true!!! They last about the same,

    Because of that, I will not ever buy an Iphone again.

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    Needs redesigning

    I have got through 4 of these cables now even after trying internet tips to try and prolong their life. The design of these is wrong as being able to plug in on either side causes the cable to be twisted and they end up breaking over time. A design that allows the end to be twisted has to be introduced or generally a better quality cable that can tolerate the stresses it will be put under using multiple use. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't need to use it often, but I can't leave the home without my charger as the battery on my IPhone and iPad don't last long enough. If the cables were less than a third of the current price then I wouldn't complain as much. While there is a a design problem Apple should make it cheaper for their customers to replace the product.

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    Not even worth the 1 Star - Worthless product!

    Why do you even make these cables? They are broken like every two months! Unbelieveble worthless product.

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