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    Like almost everyone else here my lightning cable got crinkled up at the lightning end hence stopped working. Hasn't pealed or anything just a little crinkle. Talked to the guys at Apple seeing as I was nearby and they just said I abused it and that's why it doesn't work anymore. That's just a load of rubbish. How come everyone has the same problem. Does everyone abuse their chargers? Don't think so. I've got a 30 pin charger from an original iPod Touch and it's still going strong. Get you act together Apple and stop ripping everyone off. The chargers are poorly made and everyone knows it.

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    I have been through several of these cords in the past few months. What a waste to have a phone with a charger that barely lasts a couple of weeks. I have had my iPad for 3 years now and I have never changed the cord. Something must be done about this grossly inferior product. I will never buy another iPhone again once these are the cords that charge them. Sorely disappointed!!!!! I give it zero stars but 1 is the lowest they have.

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    I was excited about the new charger, but WOW.

    Barely works. I'm going to try a new one to see if there's just a flub in my cable somewhere. Having a phone you can't charge reliably means I'll be switching to Droid if this continues. What an epic failure, Apple.

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    This Cable is TERRIBLE

    I have 3 iphone 5s in my house. So far I have probably gone through $200 worth of cables. There is no difference between Apple cords and imitations. They are all BAD. They only work for a couple of months or days and then break. The only thing I have that has consistently worked is the adapter cable, but for $29.99 that's a pretty ridiculous price. I am very disappointed in this product. At this moment I have 4 cables and only one works. It is wrapped with electrical tape because in addition to the obvious problems, the construction is so weak that unless you keep everything pin straight, the plastic around the wires wears away...

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    Poor product from Apple

    These cables kink easily and break in short order. I'm not rough on them, and have not had any other cable ever break, from any manufacturer. These are defective and should be recalled, especially for the price charged

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    I have had to buy three of these since upgrading to the iPhone 5. Never had a problem with the old design!

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    I can only use a charger for about 2-3 months before it breaks at the pin. FED UP TP THE BACK TEETH Apple don't care they get income but I'm a pensioner and can't afford it. It is also a design fault as the lead is so short. If you use a connector to extend it then the charge takes HOURS. Not at all happy, I am going to try and find a docking station or charging mat. SHAME ON YOU APPLE. Oh if you could give less than 1 star I would have!

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    $25 AUD for <$1 worth of parts and production while eliminating third party compatibility is extortion. So disappointed in Apple; serious blemish on my perception of the brand. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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    Very Poor Design

    Ive had iPhones since 2007 with the first model. I did have to replace the usb cables after a few years but always did so with new phones. I've got 3 lightning cables, all of which breaking at the point where the cable meets the attachments (exposing wire). I brought them to an Apple Store (as suggested by a friend who had his replaced in a similar condition) and the "genius" told me they were broken and not covered under any warranty or anything. Needless to say, I spent $20 on another cable but from a T-Mobile store. The cables are much thicker and feel sturdier.

    I'd imagine the same design used on the 30-pin cables is not practical for the thinner lightning cable and suggest apple address this issue.

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    Apple, get your selves together.

    You have over a thousand complaints, step up your game! C'mon, I was hoping I could get a decent charger from here but, guess I was wrong. You guys disappoint me.

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    Cheap Expensive Cable!!!!!

    Once again i have to buy another cable!! Actually 2 more since my wife also has an iphone like me. Her cable melted a week ago and today mine doesnt want to charge, no matter how you put the phone it wont charge. Really thinking to switching to samsung if this problem is no fix soon!!!! APPLE WAKE UP!!!!!

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    enough is enough

    I had no problems with charging until Apple made all other after market cables obsolete and not supported or recognized. Since then I've owned at least 10 cables. How hard is it to make one heavy duty cable? It's not. Which tells me this has all been engineered to be cheap and easily broken. Glad I switched away from iPhone. Yes, just over the crapy cables!!

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    Too bad zero stars isn't an option.

    Terrible longevity for a $20 cable that at the end of the day is like 4 wires and some copper. Shame on you apple for making generic cords also pretty much useless, but still making an overpriced total piece of junk cord

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    horrible so disappointed in apple

    Terrible went though 3 already and only had my iPhone 6 for a month I wish I had a warranty on all part NY apple store would see me at least once a week .

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    Always breaking

    I've never had a charging cable go bad before but I'm on my 4th lightning cable now. And they're not cheap! It makes me want a different phone.

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    Lightning usb cable

    This things are junk, hey won't last but about 2 months, apple needs to put a recall on this junk chargers, I'm moving to samsung after phone contract is over apple = junk

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    Too thin and breaks easily

    My cable stopped working a few months ago (two of my relatives' chargers also began to not work a few weeks after mine broke). So I bought a new cable around four months ago, only to find out this afternoon that the wiring at the end of the lightning port has been already cut (so much for caring for my new wire). I am honestly disappointed because the product does not function as well as it's presented to be according to its price and all. Being a student, I have to use the rest of my remaining savings (mostly used on Apple cables and adapters) to buy another cable so thank you, Apple!

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    I have a pile of these broken cords. My family owns 2 ipad minis and 3 iPhones. All original cords are broken! They are expensive to buy! Shame on you Apple for developing such a horrible product! You need to fix this and replace all of my broken cords!

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    They break all the time

    I really don't do much to my chargers. I leave them plugged into the same spot every day, and I plug my phone in every night. I barely ever coil it up to transport it or anything like that. And yet, in under one year, I've gone through like 5 or 6 of these stupid things. They always work fine at the beginning, and then after a while it starts being really picky about the position the wire is when it's plugged in and i need to move around the wire to make it work, and eventually it just stops working altogether. Terrible, terrible product, and I hate that I have to spend $20 every time one of these cheap pieces of cr*p break.

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    Lightning to USB Cable (1 m) a great disappointment...

    Well, I'm off to the Apple store to buy yet another lightning cord. This is ridiculous. I will definitely be switching from Apple after this. The disappointments and lack of quality of this item and the phone have me looking longingly at the Samsung 4 note. I can't give a no stars review, but I would Apple if I could!

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