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    cables continue to break

    I am so tired of having to buy new lightning cables every few months. We have multiple iPhone 5s in our house and the cables seem to become weak right below the area where the cable is connected to the lightning connection. The white shielding on the outside is not damaged, but it's obvious when you jiggle the cable that the problem is in that area, due I guess, to stress on the cable from normal use. At $20 a pop, just for the cable, I'm sick of constantly having to buy them. Conversely, all my old 30 pin cables still work. All of them. And I have acquired at least 8 or 9 over the years. Build a better cable with more reinforcement below the connector and better protection of all that super specialized circuitry. Please. It is ridiculous for a cable to be this delicate for a MOBILE device.

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    I have bought two charging cables within the last year and both have shorter out. It seems cheaper to buy aftermarket chargers if you have to spend $30 each time you need to charge your devices. Very poor design flaw.

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    Both cords broke already

    Both cords from iPhone and iPad has broken and will not charge I hear non apple cords are bad for ur phone but I may try cuz it seems like all the cords are this way by the reviews!! Apple HAS to fix this or may lose customers!!

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    Constantly breaking

    I've been through 4 different chargers. The 30 pin charger worked fine but the lightning connector is rubbish. I make sure I pull it out carefully put it still breaks.

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    Apple why not offer lightning USB chargers as a subscription service

    That would be a great deal cheaper than buying a new cable ever 3 months or so which I seem to be doing for my family's iPod's iPad's & iPhones

    Samsung never looked so good!

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    I've had to buy 5 of these cables and each time they come lose and break. I really wish apple would sort out this design fault. At this rate I won't be purchasing any more apple products as I can't afford to keep buying replacement chargers.

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    These cords are even worse than their 30 pin connector cords were! How can they make such great phones and can't even get a simple cord right? I've gone through 4 of these cords for my phone. I always unplug by gripping the base, not the cord, and doing so gently. They get $20+ for every cord/adapter just to make their product work with the rest of the world's STANDARDIZED equipment. Pathetic.

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    Broke Again...

    Second one just stopped working so now using cheaper one bought from Target that has a much tougher cable.

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    I am totally disappointed with this cable. Had to change at least 4 cables within a year while each costs around HKD150. I am completely disgusted with the quality! Even I tried handling it the same way suggested by the Apple staff, the cable just wore off at the same place every time! And this time the outer-coat even broke open and exposed the wires inside! Please, Apple, give us something which is really worth the price!

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    its a shame that apple produces and packs these cable next to their premium phones. my cable looking like a dog a cat and a parrot chew it. totally disappointing. now im looking for a replace, but im sure it wont be apple made.

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    Design Flaw

    My wife and I both upgraded from 4 and 4S respectively to 5C. The phone is fine, the recharging cable it the PITTS! The plastic on the connector is cracked, and the rubber on the cable is split and bunched up. I might be able to understand this if I rough-handled the product...but I don't. I am very careful. After reading all the reviews it is obvious that this is a poor product. I just looked at the replacement price of $20 and consider this a scam. Apple should recall the product and provide a new, re-designed cable at their own expense.

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    Breaks Much Easier Than Old 30 Pin

    Unfortunately, the new smaller cables seem to be much less sturdy than their former counterparts. We have gone through 6 or 8 of them in since they came out. Each time I buy them from right here on the Apple website and within 6 months they are fraying, not charging, not connecting with the phone, or giving me the dreaded "this accessory isn't supported" message. Unfortunately, thanks to the monopoly apple has on these cables, theres noting I can do but come back here and order a new one. So be forewarned, its best to treat these cables like glass.

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    braks easily

    i hate it ugh. i've purchased 3 after the original one that cam with my iphone 5, broke. im lucky if it lasts for a month. i hope apple would improve this.

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    horrible horrible horrible

    Went through so many of these over the last few months, so angry and disappointed. The price is way too high for such a low quality wire.

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    Horrible quality

    If I could give it zero stars I would. I have bought 5 of these cords since December. Purchased an iPhone 5S. I now realize they are under warranty but their is no excuse for the horrible quality. Who wants to wait for a shipping or drive an hour to my closest Apple store that ridiculous. I have many 4S cables and they all still work. With that being said if they don't fix this ill probably won't purchase another iPhone, till the cable is fixed. If I can't charge my phone it does me no good.

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    Falls to bits

    Never have I had an Apple product fall apart. I have seen mis-treated Apple products come apart but never just decay. This is what my cord has done and continues to do, first at either end of the cord, down to the wires and now it is starting to decay along the cord even more. Shocking quality.

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    Product Designers Should Be Exiled From Silicon Valley

    The cord is just 6 months old and inexplicably scrunches at bottom of small end. The cord suddenly stopped working and now I've got to buy a new one. A 1-star rating is far more generous than this...(expletive) deserves.

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    iPhone 5 Chargers are HORRIFIC

    Apple needs to improve the quality of iPhone 5 chargers or they are going to lose customers. You end up paying HUNDREDS of dollars in new chargers that only last about 1-3 months, if you're lucky. We have 4 iPhone 5's in our house and have had to buy at least 50 chargers in the past year. We have tried every retailer. It's the same with every one!

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    Lightning cord is absolute JUNK -- Zero stars!!

    Even though I love my iPhone 5S, I am stunned at the extremely poor quality of the Lightning cord. I wish I'd found some of these reviews before I bought my iPhone, but honestly, I was researching the phone itself. It never occurred to me that the biggest problem I'd experience would be with the charger. My problem seems to be similar to most others'; after about six months, I noticed that if I was using the phone while charging, the connection would flicker. At first it was random and intermittent, but steadily got worse. I would have to set the phone on a solid surface and then move the cord until the phone was charging, then lay a book or something over the cord to keep it from moving out of place. Now it won't charge at all. There's no corrosion on the plug, so I'm sure it's a loose wire somewhere inside the cord. What a disappointment! I've always been a huge Apple fan, but I will definitely not be buying an expensive replacement from Apple, especially if it will most likely have the same problem.

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