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    Bad quality

    I wish I could rate this below 1 star, unfortunately there is no such option.
    Under normal use, these cables should last a lot longer than 2 months. Unless you are chewing, biting or bending it at right angles, there is no other "right way" of using it.
    This is not the first lighting cable that we've had issues with. Is this by design or just poor manufacturing by Apple?
    Either way, the "quality" I attached to the Apple brand has been tarnished.

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    Super expensive article, super cheap quality...




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    If I could give 0 Stars I would

    Thinking about switching from iPhone due to the bad quality of their charging cords and not being able to buy a cheaper cord that would work. I have to buy a new cord every 1-2 months. Biggest disappointment. Apple you really need to fix this.

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    Charging cables (ipad lighting and previous standard type)

    I have bought 7 cables (in addition to the ones that come with the Apple devices) and none of them work for more than two weeks. When is Apple going to admit they have a problem? I have spent over $150 on charging cables alone. I have (3) iPhones and (3) iPads and ALL of the charging cables have failed!!!!!! Very Frustrating! Especially when I've come to expect extraordinary quality from Apple.

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    the charger is so awful. It bunches up at the end and then if you move it the wrong way then it splits open and shows the inside cords that then stop working. For the price of the cellphone and replacing a charger every month you might as well buy a new phone where the charger works. I have had to buy a charger by another brand to make it more reliable. Which is absolutely ridiculous that the off brand is better than the actual brand charger. Im very disappointed in apple.

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    I pod touch 5 and Iphone 5s Charging cable is horrible

    ZERO STARS!!!!This cable has to be the worst design apple has ever made. The cable just keeps breakIng. Time to start a recall on this cable Apple, Send out new redesigned ones to all of us loyal customers that feel so let down by you. How dare you not publicly acknowledge there is a problem. READ THE THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS ON THIS SITE ABOUT THIS LOUSY CABLE DESIGN!!!!! I hate Apple for this. Your customer service Reps do not even acknowledge the problem or offer a solution. I will never buy another apple product with this charger again until you acknowledge the problem and make the customers whole for the loss of use and money spent over and over and over and over and over again on this lousy, inferior design from Apple.

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    This is Apple's worst product

    Quality of that product? ... it has no quality. Spider's web is stronger than that cable. ~80% of users are unhappy with it, Apple should do something about it!

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    Bad charger

    I've gone through 4 cables since I got my iPhone 5 last year. I'm a fan of Apple products but I'll be glad to ditch them if this poor quality continues. I don't have enough money to keep replacing charger cables every couple of months.

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    I ordered my iPhone 5s the day it came out and had the original lightning cord working until recently. My old android charger for my old phone lasted almost three years with no replacement and this lightning cable got one little twist year the 8 pin side and stopped working and it isn't even been 6 months old yet. It's frustrating that I paid so much money for this phone and the charger is so flimsy. I'm disappointed.

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    Charger is aweful

    Both chargers for my iPhone 5 and my iPad mini have come apart right away. Not a good product at all.

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    So I just switched from my HTC over to a 5s. Right now, I'm completely agitated and unimpressed. Today marks one week that I've had the phone, and last night the charger stopped working. It wasn't handled roughly or anything silly like that either. From reading all the other reviews on here, instead of going to Apple to fix the issue, I'm just going to save myself some time and money and get a knock-off charger from Walmart. For being such a large and rich company, you sure make some cheap, garbage chargers for my $800 phone.

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    Poor quality

    Absolutely poor. The old 30 pin connectors lasted me the whole time I would use an apple device (around 2-3 years) but I've only had my iphone 5s for a few months and the lightening cable ceases to withstand daily use.

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    Charger almost burnt my house down

    I was gifted the ipad 4 for Christmas in 2012. Just before it was a year old It died. I checked the cord and everything was plugged in nice. I grabbed the charger to disconnect it from the wall and I heard a spark and a beep then the iPad was charging. I had initially thought it was the cheap lightning connector but it was the 2 piece charger. So I made sure the contacts were clean and it worked fine till last week. I went to plug the ipad4 before bed and heard multiple shorts in the charger along with the smell of ozone and the iPad beeping it was charging then not. I split the two piece charger and it had black singe marks on the plastic were the connections are. Thank God I heard that before I slept. The wife will now not let me charge my apple devices while we sleep. The moment I have a day off I will go to the nearest apple store and bring the scorched charger in. In the mean time I can only charge my 14 month old ipad4 when I'm using it. Whoever came up with the folding prong two piece charger, then have the Chinese build it with no quality control should have their head examined.


    iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4s, ipad 3 and now ipad 4

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    Yet again.. it's broke.

    I haven't ever left a review, but I had to for this. This is my third cable and guess what?! It broke again! Unfortunately my phone is out of warranty and heaven forbid Apple stand by one of their products. This is ridiculous, I've had 30-pin cables last 6 years, lightening? Never had one make it to three months, absolute garbage.

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    I have a cable purchased directly from Apple and now it's suddenly saying "this device is not certified by apple and may have problems" and won't charge my phone anymore! Seriously apple? FIX THIS!

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    Very bad

    Very bad cables. never had such issues with other charging cables, apple or otherwise.
    one of my cables got the wire exposed near the connector and another one is not charging. it seems the connector is damaged.

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    Lightning Cable

    These things are awful! I have purchased at least 4 of the Apple branded cables and several third party ones. They all fail within two months. At $20 a pop, this is getting quite expensive.

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    Too expensive for the POOR QUALITY, Will look for Generic brand soon

    I have had three(3) of these in the past 4 months all break in the same spot that's 60$ of charging cables gone. I will be looking to China for my next one.

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    This is the worst Apple product I've ever had. It's ridiculous to have to constantly buy new chargers. If this problem isn't fixed soon, next time I upgrade phones, it won't be an iphone. I'm not going to continue wasting my money because Apple can't make a decent charging cable.

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    Worse Quality Ever

    I have moved to HTC not one bit sorry. Since the 4S the 5S is a big let down. I have seen more lightning to USB cable wear really bad and for the RRP it's way too much. Micro USB all the way every home has one to charge if you are in need of a boost.

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