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    Worst Apple Product Ever

    Apple have built their reputation on quality. This product is in my opinion the worst product produced by Apple in 30 years and falls way behind the quality of its competitors. I keep my Lightening USB cable on my desk so there is no wear and tear but still I have a had to replace 2 cables and 1 charger since buying my iphone 5 one year ago.

    Apple you need to redesign this product you are losing customers due to shoddy workmanship.

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    Broken cable under normal use - Zero stars

    Well, just like everyone else here my cable broke, the wire pulled from the tiny thunderbolt connector when I pulled it from my iPad Air (hand slipped). There is really nothing other than a few tiny wires holding it together, very bad design in my opinion.

    This is my 4th iPad and I still have all my old cables, I never broke one over the past 4 years and this one lasted 19 days.

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    I have had four of these cables in as many months. Why why why is Apple not doing a thing about this problem... Clearly it is a big problem with all the negative reviews on it. The problem still persists on the longer cables too. Great product in the I Phone 5 and 5s but badly let down by poorly sourced and manufactured leads.. Come on Apple get you finger out !!!

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    Microsoft is looking more and more appealing

    Like all of us, I've had nothing but problems with powering/charging the 4th gen w/ retina display. I'm now (on hold) with the third rep from support, none of whom were informed of the problem prior to transfer. This only adds to the fury and contempt I have for this absurdity.
    As an Apple person, I'd let these problems slide and for far too long, and attempted (VERY poorly) to guise my pocket-protecter weilding rage.
    Yes, the reps are friendly but someone needs to STOP APOLOGIZING & START RECTIFYING.
    What's the purpose of great gizmos and gadgets if the grand I've shelled out to purchase them only ensures that within weeks, they stare at me blankly?
    My advice| buy a goldfish for a blank stare, not any Apple device associated with, well, Apple.
    I'm still holding on with misguided help but...I may need to go "Office Space" on this "expletive".

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    If I could give this no stars I would!

    I'm no on lightning cable number 3 (none of which were abused), and this one is showing signs of dying a slow death! I can't believe that on products as expensive as this apple thought it would be a good idea to produce such a low quality usb charger! Not only this but they then had the audacity to update ios7 so that better quality 3rd party chargers can't be used in the alternative! I've always been apple faithful, as they always impressed with their high quality, in locative products however this is the last apple product I'll purchase while they insist on forcing this shoddy piece of cr@p on its loyal consumers!

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    Failed cables

    We run iPhone 5 through my business. The charging/syncing cable fails on these constantly, either split covering or not charging. I will seriously consider a different phone when contract comes up for renewal. Apple you have failed your loyal customers.

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    This cord is dumb

    This cord is AWFUL. When I got my iphone 5 I bought 1 extra. It has not even been a full year yet and BOTH of them have stopped working. 1st one stopped after about 4 months, and 2nd one stopped after about 8. I have no clue why, there are no tears/rips in the cord. D-U-M-B

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    Poor design! I have gone through at least 6 lightning cord in the last year and a half. I finally bought an aftermarket that is FAR superior. Total fail by Apple

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    Too short and too easily broken!

    After three months of having this cord it is bent at the end plugged into the phone and subsequently will very rarely charge my device for more than a minute before I have to tweak it again. I blame part of this on the fact that the cord is simply too short and causes you to have to bend it wrong. But at the same time I used a 30-pin for years and never had this problem! $20 is too much for this imported JUNK.

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    Poor Quality

    They are of poor quality and stop working for no apparent reason. I never had an issue with the old 30 pin connectors, but have been through numerous cords on my new phone. Sadly, the low quality, overpriced cords are the reason I will look at other phones/tablets the next time around.

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    Shockingly poor quality for Apple

    The lightning cable that came with my iPhone 5c lasted exactly six days. Thanks, Apple.

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    Absolutely pathetic. How did this make it through development and testing?! How hasn't a release been made after the ridiculous amount of 1 star reviews?? On my 3rd one now.

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    So this morning I get to the office and discover I've left my iphone 5 charger at home. Sigh.I work right next to a mall that has an Apple store, so I could honestly just run over and grab one. However, I'm seriously considering just running home to grab mine. Why? Because I've already had 3!!. Each started wrinkling then stopped working...Ha! The worst was about 4 months after getting my iphone 5, I noticed wrinkles right next to the base. I plugged it into my work computer, and within several minutes, there was SMOKE coming out of the cord where it was attached to my phone! I snatched the cord out (as to not RUIN my work computer AND the phone) - and I burned my fingers doing it. So of course I went over to Apple next door, told them what happened and they replaced it. Here's the thing... The cord is a FIRE HAZZARD. I suppose there will be zero IMPROVEMENTS to it until there's some tragic accident that Apple is responsible for - as their wiring is faulty - there's a design flaw here. OR until there's a class action lawsuit that brings all of these issues to light. How is it that you design the perfect phone and the worst charger?

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    doesn't last

    you would expect the charger to last for as long as you have the phone. breaks so easily just from normal use.

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    The worse product EVER

    This is my 5th time buying this crab product, apple is such disappointment, I would expect great product since I'm an apple fan, All my family and friends had the same issue since iphone 5 came. SHAME on you APPLE. just check the other bad reviews.

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    Absolute junk!

    I've had my iPad air for less than a week and already two of these cables have broken. I absolutely DO NOT pull the cables out by the wire but instead grab onto the plastic near the lightening connector. This cable is a piece of junk and at $19 quite a rip off. For shame Apple. Have you no decency?

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    Charging cord iphone 5

    Had this phone for little over a year. On my 2nd cord, first one pulled apart. Been really careful with how I handle it due to first failure. Plugged into phone last night for an hour and when I attempted to disconnect I burned my finger. The connector end to the phone had gotten so hot it melted the insulation on the cord and the case. Could have created a fire. I am considering contacting consumers as they are an hazard.

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    ridiculously overpriced, broke within a month.
    The whole world is brainwashed by Apple. I only have this iPad for school, else I'd be using a windows computers and staying away.
    Please make bette quality products, or does most of your profit come from repairing broken ones?

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    Need New Cable Every Few Months

    If you like replacing your cable every few months, this is the cable for you. Max lifespan of 3 months before it stops working.

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    Very bad

    I had to replace more than 5 cable of this problem. Apple needs to take serious and immediate action to produce quality staff.

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