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    "Not compatible"

    I bought this charger less than 2 weeks ago and it won't charge my phone anymore, claiming to not be an apple brand charger. Waste of my money

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    Only an Apple cable works best!

    Love Apple products and if you're going to need to charge something, you should only use an Apple brand charger. I don't get all the complainers on here saying they have to keep buying month after month when I had the same cable last me three years. Keep in mind nothing lasts forever and you're going to have to replace things eventually so when you do you're going to need to spend money on a good cable. Apple cables are really good!

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    Very poor quality

    Too bad Apple can't make a stronger cord.

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    The life of these cables is less than 1 year

    Cord does not hold up to light use.
    Lightening end wears down.
    The cord frays and the cable protected wire breaks.
    Definitely an expendable requiring repurchase.

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    Apple, you seriously need to get it together. I've only had my iPhone 6 plus for a little over a year. My original charger stopped working out of the blue a few months back, and I've constantly had to spend money on new cables because not even the off brand ones last long. This is going to be my fourth in less than 4 months. I've had it with your cheap made yet overly priced chargers. Its ridiculous how much these phones cost and you all can't even give us quality chargers.

    Get it together Apple, or else I will gladly switch back to android and get a Samsung Galaxy. At least they listen to their consumers and make durable, well lasting accessories .

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    Another one bites the dust....

    I cannot even keep track of how many of these I have had to buy. The only pro about this specific cord is the length. Otherwise, it breaks just as often as all the other chargers Apple makes. Apple.... I beg you.... when you release the 8.... LISTEN TO US AND MAKE A BETTER CHARGER! Quit updating stuff we do not care about and LISTEN TO THE CONSUMER!

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    3rd charger I've had now. These are so poorly made it's unbelievable. Not the standard you used to expect from Apple but this seems to be the way these days. Plus the price has increased AGAIN. I used to think I'd always be an Apple user, but it's all these little things that make me think they're getting a bit too big for their boots.

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    Poor quality

    I have now bought multiple of these cables (2m and 1m lengths). They are so expensive for such cheap quality. They keep fraying near the lightening connector, exposing the wire. Apple won't even replace these under warranty. Staff at Apple Store act surprised that this issue ever happens, and put it down to improper use (i.e. using iPhone and iPad while charging). Yet there are so many reviews that point out how flawed and faulty these cables are. Disappointed that this quality issue and the Apple staff reaction is such a let down to Apple's reputation.

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    It works...

    As an Apple consumer since 1983, I'm accustomed to paying a premium for Apple products whether I like it or not. I've tried aftermarket cables for Apple products and found them to be less reliable than the Apple brand. Granted, the Apple cables themselves don't seem to last as long as they should but until Apple goes completely wireless for charging, there isn't much else we can do.

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    Terrible product....

    It isn't worth paying Apple's mark up to buy this product when any cheap, compatible cable can't be any worse. The casing shreds, exposing the wire inside. It get sharp and stabby. Totally awful. Do not recommend it all.

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    I'm over apple

    It's one thing to make cheap, weak cables and charge top dollar for them. It's another to program your software to reject knock offs that are probably just as good if not better than yours. These raggedy cables, plus the fact that I have had THREE Iphones completely DIE on me in 5 years means that THIS is my last IPhone. LAST. Keep your raggedy cables, your defective batteries, your phones that just up and stop making phone calls and not even your own shops put any effort into troubleshooting. the answer is always... SPEND MORE MONEY.

    Nope, no more donations to your shareholders. Good Luck.

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    Seriously Apple?! Fix these things!!

    We pay hundreds for iPhones, ipads, Apple watches etc and we get left with these things that work for the first 6 months then they start to fall apart and stop working. It's a joke. It's not hard to make a working cable that doesn't fall apart after a couple months! I've had my iPhone 6 Plus for almost 2 years and I've had to buy 5 cables and 2 for my iPad Pro aswell! It's a joke and they aren't cheap! I think after paying hundreds for a product we should atleast get a working cable!!!

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    Cable design options/ideas

    Like all reviewers I too am dissappointed in you. :(
    Make up your mind. Which do you care most of? The environment or profits? If it's the environment by all means! Please! Make the wires from a sturdier material as well as the rubbers covering the wires at each end of the cable from a sturdier material to grab on. Imagine big, wide, fingers-thumbs grabbing the cables from either ends. Make those ends/reinforcements from a longer/wider much sturdier material. I am willing to pay more for that rather than keep having to toss your very poorly designed cables. I will purchase one more cable and if that one doesn't last me longer than the one I have I'm seriously considering switching to competitors that make better sturdier cables.
    Thank you for reading!

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    With a price tag of almost 30.00 you would expect it to last longer???

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    This is the 5th cable I will be buying since having my new phone in September. They are awful, constantly break and aren't even at a reasonable price making replacing them even more annoying. I hope one day you will make a charger that will not just work, but work for a long time because so far that is only in my dreams.

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    This is truly awful. After about 3 months the plastic at the lightning end comes off and the wires start to fray and pull out rendering it useless. I have gone through about 9 of these since Jan 2015. It's not a case of 'being careful' when pulling the wire out, it seems any contact with the lightning be weakens it.

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    A Little Extra Comes a Long Way

    As we all know, a little extra comes a long way. This Cable comes by default with the iPad Pro. I was amazed with the length and thought this cable is needed for those laying in bed on the phone moments. A lot of you reading this have probably had the struggle where you want to be comfy but the charger doesn't reach. This helps out (at a reasonable length) with those problems. And on the plus side it is made by Apple for YOUR Apple Products. That means quick charging and reliable charging. Don't forget that Apple is also environmentally conscious and has removed the items that can harm the environment.

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    Not worth $29 if it breaks so easy

    My cables break in the same place every time. At the neck where the wire connects into the pin head. Speaking of pin head...why am I bothering to buy yet another lighting cable from you when I can pay $10 for one that lasts just as long? Yah I'm done with this.

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    belkin cable

    hi guys i want to tell you that rather than buy apple charging cable you guys should buy Belkin cable they last long very much. i bought my Belkin cable 2 years ago and i am still using it.

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    Three months later and not working

    I honestly care for my apple products, i still have my ipod nano 1st generation working, and a macbook pro 15" 2012 model almost new from outside to inside. I bought nine months ago a brand new iphone se rose gold. earphones great, cable not functioning two to three months later... i tried it in many devices and different places in my house, the power adapter works fine with anything... the issue is obviously with the cable. I bought a cheap one and as it is cheap was not a good option... i took my brothers cable and is perfect, i believe is not original from apple, but it is old though.
    People make please high quality cables as the computers ones, strong, durable and hard end connections.
    I don't even bend or twist it... C'mon

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