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    Lighning to VGA and HDMI Not Longer Working IOS 11.4

    I use Lighning to HDMI Adapter to presenting my lesson to my student. Since I update my iPad Mini 3 to IOS 11. I can not longer use it. Please fix it, team.

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    Works with iPad running iOS 11.0.3

    I switched the HDMI cable to a different port on a VISIO smart TV and the Adapter started to work. I’m using an iPad 5th gen.(2017) running iOS 11.0.3. Try switching the HDMI cable to different port on your TV because there are different types of ports. The adapter is compatible with only a certain type of HDMI port. This is what I did: First I turned OFF the iPad completely (not the sleep mode). Plug in the AV Adapter and HDMI cable. Turn On the TV and iPad. When the iPad has booted up and after a few seconds a blue bar will appear at the top of the iPad screen. This indicates that the iPad is now paired to the TV. The iPad screen should now be mirrored on the TV. Go to “Settings”on the iPad, tap “General”, then “About”. Near the bottom of the screen, “Apple Digital AV Adapter” should be listed. Netflix, YouTube, and games work. Resolution is not great but it depends on your TV. I hope this helps. Try the above before you decide to return the Adapter.

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    My kids used this to watch tv via my phone. We paid $50 for something on YOUR WEBPAGE THAT SAYS IT WILL WORK just for it not to work now. Switching to android. ��

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    Read that in update, they will no longer allow mirroring devices like this one to work, I’ve had mine for a year and suddenly stopped working after updates. No issues with my TV or HDMI cable, and after hours of looking for help, I came across someone who called in the issue and was informed this device will no longer work

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    Works great on a lot of different devices

    I have had this for almost 3 years now and it has always worked great. I have used it with iPhones 5C, 6SE, 7 and iPad 9.7 Pro. Never an issue on any of them. I have used it to connect to Sony and other TVs and several types of monitors.

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    Make sure it’s made by Apple!!

    This is an update to my previous review from yesterday (July 29). I bought an AV HDMI adapter recently over Amazon for $30. Went on vacation and did not work with streaming movies. Also noticed that it required to be plugged into a power source to mirror. Looked liked the Apple product including the box it came in. But it was not. It was a 3rd party product. After having issues, I went out today and bought the Apple brand adapter. Guess what? Of course it worked flawlessly.

    My guess is those who have 3rd party products will have problems eventually especially after the iOS 11 update.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Worked great until iOS 11.4.1

    I have used this adapter for a few years. I use it from my iPad and iPhone to watch movies that I've downloaded on hotel room TVs or the TV in our RV while traveling. Never had an issue until I updated iOS on my iPad to 11.4.1. Now does not work from my iPad at all, but still works on my phone which is still on 11.4!!!
    I will delay updating the iOS on phone until I hear this has been resolved.
    Very unimpressed.

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    Doesn't work after a few months and cord case splits open

    Only had mine for about 6 months and it basically stopped working unless I position it a certain way and don't move my phone. It's very finicky. Also the cord protective case split open just like it does on the regular cords too. Upset this is the only option to charge and use headphones and it costs so much to not last very long. Shadymove on Apple's part

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    Started out fine. About 3 months into use, the chord started to fray and the wires began to shred from its casing making the connection very weak and sensitive. Now it doesn’t work at all. What a complete waste of money. Glad that my next phone will be a Samsung.

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    Yes! It works!

    Not sure why all the bad reviews. I used this with my iPhone 7+, and 6S, and no issues. Worked perfectly immediately. Not 5 stars because I think its a bit spendy for what it is.

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    Stopped working as of OS 11.4.1

    The adapter worked 50% before the new OS update in July 2018 but now it doesn’t work at all. The quality of this product is inconsistent with expectations of this company.

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    Must Have!!!

    This adapter is a must-have! Especially when watching movies on your phone. Just connect your HDMI cable to it and set your iPhone for viewing on your tv. I've had this adapter for over a year now and It's been excellent. It automatically connects to my tv and you can watch your screen on the big screen I don't understand the low reviews. It's never skipped a bit since day one. Great adapter!!! Keep up the great work on Apple products.

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    I purchased this Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter today & it has sound, I hear everything perfect, but doesn’t show anything on the TV screen. Paying $50 for this product, you would think it will work especially that it’s Apple smh.

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    Okay, not as bad as people make it sound

    Ive had this adapter for about a year now, I constantly travel for my job so I use it a lot in hotels, I have noticed that it is very delicate, so you have to really take care of it! It works Fantastic integrating movies. I will worn you that Crackle and Hulu does not support it, and will not work. I think Its a great investment and recommend travelers to buy this. Hope this helps!

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    Does not work on ipad pro 2018

    I have an ipad pro 12.5”, one of the models listed as being compatible, running IOS 11.4. It never worked. I even tried multiple televisions and HDMI cables of different ages and manufacturers. The charging port did not work either.

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    Doesn't work after IOS update on iphone 7

    Stopped working after IoS update and screen shows blank. Earlier while working there was lag I noticed. I personally think it is waste of money.

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    Works great if you read and learn.

    First, clean the lint and fuzz out of your lightning port on your phone or ipad. remeber to always power off before doing this and be very very gentle so as to not damage any internal contacts. Second you must use a lightning power charger cord connected to this when streaming. Third, after connecting the HDMI to tv and starting your app then power on tv and switch to proper imput. If all fails then return to where purchased for full refund.

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    Never test

    your Testing of new updates consists of what? Ya broke hdmi again...maybe test every product you sell people before you release busted crud.....so frustrating

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    Expensive but works great!

    I bought this cable without reading the reviews in here. It was cutting off when I moved the phone like other users and while searching the issue online, I read all the reviews and a bit disappointed. I wanted to give another chance and replaced the cable in Apple Store and it had issues again. So I decided to return it, went to Apple Store again, explained the issue and the guy said “can I take a look at your phone?” I gave my phone to him and he pulled out lots of dust from the lightning port! He told me it will be OK now and guess what, he was right! Nothing is wrong with the cable, it’s perfect, it was all about the dust because I carry my phone in my pocket all the time. Yes a little bit pricey but it’s a genuine Apple product, what were you expecting? If you have issues with this cable, clean up your iPhone's/iPad's lightning port please.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Faultless product

    I was a little concerned by the negative reviews, however I can confirm that as of today this product functions without fault on my iPad Pro 12.9” (iOS 11.4.1), and my iPhone X (iOS 12). The products immediately jumps to life, and gives you a blue bar for a few seconds to remind you that the screen is being mirrored on an external display.

    I was also pleased to find that when you play videos, or show photos from the Photos app, the media fills the entire display of the external display which is great for watching videos from apps such as Plex. Other apps like Netflix / On demand TV apps don’t play due to licensing reasons.

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