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    Product Recall - this cable is not Apple Quality

    I have had too many replaced, A friend was told today they won't replace her cable after 2 months use. My cable that was replaced is also needing to be replaced soon.

    This is a definite cable quality issue. "Cablegate". C'mon Apple! reinvest those billions into providing better quality cables for your customers.

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    Great cable length and high quality

    I ordered a couple of these, and find them great for both in the car, and charging my iPhone as well from my laptop. Quality is as good as other Apple products.

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    What a joke

    Useless cable always becoms faulty

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    Cable gone AGAIN!!!!!

    Something so simple yet you cant seem to listen to your customers and make the necessary design tweaks to ensure this product works. It is no secret that the cable casing is so delicate that it cannot withstand normal wear and tear so why have you done nothing about it??? USELESS!

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    Lightning cable

    Would like to give no stars..this cable is not fit for purpose and should be redesigned...I have had to replace my cables several times wich is unacceptable especially as I charge my devices in the same place each time so the cables have had minimal handling..come on Apple sort it out!!

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    Lasted 4 weeks

    This cable lasted 4 weeks before failing. I have tried to get Apple to send me a new one but I have to actually go to a store which for me is 1 hour away. No Happy Apple!

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    Shockingly poor design, poor quality & overly priced

    Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!! I've just spent over £700 on a new iPhone and I can't charge the blimin thing!! Having dealt with the same faulty cable issue with my previous iphone for over a year where I was forced to purchase a new cable every couple of months, I was hoping Apple would have sorted this issue by now but the lighting cables are as dodgy as ever. I completely regret buying another Apple phone simply because of this issue. It's like throwing money down the drain, £15 to be exact, every time the cable decides to stop working or my phone decides that it 'doesn't support this accessory'. I used to rely on my phone for such things as receiving and making calls, sending messages, using the alarm clock to get me up for work etc but not any longer as I can never guarantee that my phone will have any power. I've spent thousands of pounds on iPhones, iPads and iTunes but now I really wish that I'd gone for a Samsung phone for a stress free "being able to use my phone type thing" life.
    P.S Up until they die, my charging cables are treated with much love and preciousness. I don't abuse them and my last cable still only lasted 10 weeks. I quite simply don't understand how Apple can make something as technical and advanced as an iPhone but can't make a simple cable that works and can withstand normal wear & tear. Sort it outApple!!!!!

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    Cable failure due to poor design

    We have several Apple products in our household including I-Phone 5's, an I-Pod 5th Gen and I-Pad and the Lightning cables fail one by one, normally when they’re out of guarantee. I had a discussion at an Apple store, but was made to feel that it was my fault and needed to take more care with the use of the lead. The leads seem to weaken at the point where the cable goes into the device connector. On the older generation devices, the cable was thicker and the cable coating was a lot tougher therefore protecting the wires better. Another problem is that the connector is difficult to remove from the device due to the small shiny surface area of the connector and the high unplugging force required. This may contribute to the failing of so many leads due to people pulling on the lead to remove the connector. If you remember, the old connector had release buttons and once pressed the connector released with ease. I like Apple products, they are very well designed and very robust, but the Lightning USB cable lets them down by a mile. I’m considering buying a competitors phone that uses a micro USB connection, because I know that these cables are less likely to fail and if they do I can buy a cheap alternative cable, not one that’s costing £15 every time (Apple Tax). This seems to be such a common fault, you would think that Apple would do something about it, or at least make replacement leads more affordable.

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    Apple build quality on this is poor

    Apple's quality control has taken a dive with the lightening cable

    Had cable for iphone 5, ipad mini and ipad all split exposing the wires within, in the last 12 months

    Avoid avoid avoid avoid.......

    The replacement bought from the well known internet retailer's basic range is hard wearing and does the job better


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    5 cables in the bin

    Not impressed with tis new cable ,the old style never failed but this new cable is a load of rubbish ,ive sourced another made by another company which is double thickness cable and more robust but I still get device or accessory not supported sometimes ,as I do with apple products but im told this is ios 7 fault .hope 8 fixes that ,so apple fix your bad idea and repair the fault or put the old connecter back!

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    3rd cable in 2 years

    I've now spent £45 on 3 cables, I carry the cable with me everywhere I go and gets used several times a day. Every cable breaks in the same spot just below the housing! I refuse to buy a another one, I'm surprised that with the pride Apple has in its products and refusal to standardise cables to Micro USB and realise inferior proprietary cable has made me so anti-iPhone.

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    Not fit for purpose

    I am an Apple fan and usually like everything about their products. In our household we have 4 iPhone 5 s and each one of us has had problems with the lightening charger, which fails to function after a few months of use . I have taken it back to Apple but had a very bad experience, where they made it difficult to replace. Where is the pride in the product. It is clear that the product is not fit for purposes and no we (all 4 of us) don't yank it out or mistreat.

    Come on Apple take responsibility for the quality of your products and the service to loyal customers. Do they read and monitor these comments?


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    Where the quality gone?

    Terrible product it's expensive poorly made. Frustrating being with out. Ive got through several this past year I find myself having to buy a spare every time so I don't have to be without. I never had this problem before going For Apple phones. Make the price reflect the quality or make durable cables. I use to believe Apple made only quality products but I've been proven wrong.

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    I'm now on my third cable after only owning my iPhone 1 year. Apple obviously needs to go back to the drawing board with this product. Come on!

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    World Record

    Mine broke within a day people, new world record.

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    Poor quality

    Myself, my parter and my son all have iPhone 5s and in less than a year I am on my 4th charging cable, my partner is on his 2nd and my son is on his 6th. It may be worth saying that we had iPhone 4s for 2 years before the 5s and the cable that came with the phone lasted the full 2 years with no issues. Didn't expect all this extra expense just to keep already costly phones/contracts running!

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    Poor design - Not durable - Buy authorised 3rd party instead

    Not durable at all even under normal use. The lightning connector itself is generally fine, however the cable frays and degrades very easily. I'd recommend a 3rd party 'Made for iPhone' cable instead if you're after something that lasts

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    Iphone 5 charger

    Greatly disappointed with this charger.
    I have spent numerous dollars constantly on new cords for the iphone 5
    This problem needs to be fixed, even with the guaranteed warranty you have to keep the original receipt
    I am contemplating moving to another phone company as i am greatly dissatisfied with this product.

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    usb cable

    Like many other reviews I have read, this cable is not up to standard. Have already had problems with two cables. Now I have to folk out another $25:(

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    Short Lifespan

    Bought my Iphone 5s in mid November 2013, and as of mid July 2014, my lightning cable is no longer working. I've had the 30-pin cable for other apple products and it seemed to have a much longer lifespan (a few years at least). This is a problem that needs serious looking into. No one wants to buy new cables every six months.