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    I wish I had listened to the other reviewers who said using this iPhone dock ruined their iPhone. I assumed those reviewers where simply rough on their phones and that it wouldn't happen to me. I used this dock happily for about three months. Then I noticed the same thing happened to my iPhone. The connector at the bottom of my iPhone has become too loose to get a good connection when trying to charge the phone, even when I stopped using the dock. I'm a huge Apple fan, so I can't understand why Apple is still selling these docks that render your iPhone useless in such a short time? Please don't let this happen to you.

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    Very, very fiddly.

    Using a 6/6s/7 Plus with the dock is fiddly and annoying.

    It's very difficult to align the Lightning port on the phone correctly with the Lightning spike on the dock. And it's very hard to unplug, often requiring both hands to separate the tiny, not-that-heavy base from the phone.

    It often takes 10s, sometimes longer, of angling it and scraping around trying to seat the un-flared hole, in the oh-so-smoothly rounded edge of the phone, onto the not-particularly chamfered/rounded spike. This when you just want to plug the darn thing in already. It's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Unplugging's just as bad. The force with which the Lightning socket grips the spike is far, far greater than the weight of the base, and because the base is so small and the phone so large, it's not always possible to free the thing with just one hand. Again, it's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Also, the force required to use the fake home button on the 7 Plus typically means the rubber-based dock still slides away from you before it registers. Again, it's like they've deliberately sabotaged the experience.

    Also, I find that the rake is insufficient. When I put the phone down at arm's reach, the screen is facing my chest. Possibly this is to avoid glare or stressing the lightning spike, which is the sole means of support, putting the weight of the Plus sized phones entirely onto a tiny sliver of somewhat-reinforced circuit-board material. Whatever, again, it's like they're deliberately sabotaging the experience.

    If the base were slightly differently shaped and had a less hard/scrapy edge, one might be able to use it to lie the phone on it's side, as a prop, to watch video. But it isn't, and it doesn't, and we can't. So, while that doesn't feel like deliberate sabotage, it feels like an obvious potential use ignored, wastefully.

    Really, Apple's current levels of design honesty seem to be falling short of their own espoused standards.

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    Damages iPhone Lightning Connector

    After 1 year of using this dock with my iPhone 6S on a nightstand, the connector on the phone is shot. The dock lacks any type of physical support, so the full weight of the phone rests on the Lightning port, weakening it. Simply touching the screen to dismiss the alarm every morning flexes the connector further than it should be able to.

    At first, it required wiggling the phone on the dock to connect, but over time it required more fidgeting to get the phone to keep charging and not hear the "buzz buzz connected to charger" sound over and over again.

    A year on, and I'm having trouble using any Lightning cables to charge the phone. The connector has become loose and known-good cables will stop charging randomly.

    Only buy this dock if you don't mind replacing your expensive iPhone in less than a year.

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    Literally the same as the new ones except no colour or aluminium build. YET CHEAPER! But a bash is that it may scratch over time.

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    Very bad connection

    After owning this for 3 weeks, this dock is extremely susceptible to ANY vibration, causing the "chime" from the iphone to confirm connection to occur. Just typing this first sentence has caused the chime to occur 15 times. It is not well engineered. Please go to a 3rd party dock that supports the iphone itself rather than relying on the electrical connection to magically support the weight of the entire device at an angle. VERY POOR ENGINEERING.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    This is exactly what I was hoping it would be

    It works great! I wanted this so that my iPhone lightning cable wouldn't break from all of the moving around, and it works perfectly. It even fits with my Speck 6s credit card case. Definitely recommend it! Buying a second one for my bedside now.

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    Needs to be updated for iPhone 7

    I just bought this tonight and will be returning. Makes no sense! Let's get rid of the headphone port and make headphones use lightning. I cannot charge and use headphones. I use my phone about 8 hours a day for phone calls and always use the headphones as wireless devices don't hold enough of a charge. Now I cannot make it through a day so I bought the dock to charge and talk at the same now. However, now I need to dig out my old 3.5mm headphones. Get it together Apple!

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    No Line Level Output

    Apple has documentation that states this dock offers both Headphone AND Line Level Output. Line Level allows you to connect to a stereo bypassing the internal iPhone amp and control volume from the stereo. This function is completely unavailable and Apple Support is stating that the documentation is incorrect.

    The iPhone 5s and all previous docks offered Line Level Output, why they removed this optical is a huge blunder. Why would anyone want to have to adjust volume on 2 devices?

    No issues otherwise and it's nice that the 7 or 7 Plus fits. Fix the Line Out issue and it gets 5 stars.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love This for Charging and Listening to Music

    I use this at work to charge and listen to music at the same time on my iphone 7. I love it! It really is a great product. It is sturdy and well built. you won't regret it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    ruining my lightning port

    Do not buy unless you want to hear your phone buzz constantly after the first few weeks of using. Apple put design above functionality - there should be something for the phone to lean against - instead the angle is wearing out the lightning port. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY.

    i've been using [trying to use] one at my office and one on my nightstand for about three months. the more i use it the worse my lightning port gets - i have to place the phone on the charger and wiggle it back and fourth to get my phone to "buzz buzz" and start charging. the SLIGHTEST movement on my desk makes the phone "buzz buzz" ("ringer off" charging notification) and connect and disconnect to my computer over and over again until i remove the phone from the dock and place it back in.

    on my nightstand, in the middle of the night my phone goes "buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz" CONSTANTLY. i have to get up and unplug my phone from this thing, unplug the lightning cable from the back and just plug the cable directly into the phone. so much for propping the phone up with a nightstand app just to have a clock.

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    Too expensive

    I like the dock, its very beautifully designed and has nice weight to it. I thought I'd be able to still text while it was on the dock but because it's at an odd angle I can't. I have no issue with it laying on the desk but I figured I would just try it out to see. For $50 it should have something more to it. 100% returning to buy something better.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Lightning dock - beautiful and highly useful

    I really like my lightning docking station. It is beautiful and makes my phone instantly accessible on my desk. Easy to use and very sturdy. Additional feature is a phone jack in the back for plugging in your apple head phones or any other compatible headset. Nicely done!

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    Just bought this lightning dock and while is charging, my headphones don't work. What do I do to fix this so that I can use it like it is supposed to be, I payed 40€ for it, and I did it today. I'm so disappointed that something new doesn't work.

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    Piece of Garbage

    Flimsy connector, slow charge, headphones weren't working while on the dock, my phone started to suddenly turn off after plugging in and I worried that it was damaging the phone. Don't bother.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This is when design gets in the way of practicality

    Absolute pain to try to dock your phone on it. You will have to turn on the light on your bedside table and sit up so you can try to get your iPhone to engage on the lighting connector. Very frustrating. It is also questionable if it will even charge after all that effort. The previous model with recessed docking station was much better.

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    Didn't expect that would happen

    it doesn't work even though i had it for a day :(

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    Zero For Two

    I've loved my iPod classic and Apple Dock into my home stereo and big Bose speakers for years. Decided to reward myself and back up my treasured music/picture collection by buying a 128GB iPod Touch, and I love IT. But this new dock, ugh! 1. no remote compatibility like previous version and given the (well documented here) delicate attachment point, a critical fail. 2. when I attached my "line in" cable to the earphone jack, again unlike previous Apple Dock, DOES NOT WORK. So IT IS JUST A pretty $40.00 STAND. Apple continues to break my heart.

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    No plug??

    Bought this as I lost my iPhone charger and thought this would be a better replacement.
    Dismayed to see that you don't supply a plug :(
    Oh, so you want to actually USE it with electricity and all that???!!!!
    Well, yes I do!
    Think this is ridiculous and extremely poor value at £35.
    Mega disappointed.

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    I like the sleek look of this dock. I have been using it for about 2 years now, and no problems. Is expensive for what it is--they should include a cable.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best dock I ever used

    I was looking for a dock station for my iPhone 5 to use it at home. I already had old version and used it at work. I was a bit scared by new design and negative reviews but decided to give it a try.
    IT'S AWESOME! iPhone positioned firmly on dock, it’s not reeling. Also it looks muck better on a new dock in compare to the old one. Highly recommend to others.

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