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    Needs a certified HDMI cable for 4K display

    I initially had issue with this adapter using with my Dell 4K monitor. I exchanged the adapter at an Apple store near my home. The display would still cut out every 3-4 seconds. There was a review on here mentioning about using a "quality" HDMI cable. I usually think that quality digital cables are a complete BS. Well, thats where I was wrong. There was nothing wrong with this adapter from the beginning. I switched to a certified (that is, tested by HDMI to work at full 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 spec) cable and voila! The adapter works perfectly.

    If you have any problem with 4K monitor and this adapter, try a certified cable. You can get mono price one for cheap.

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    Necessity for MacBook Pro 13"

    Very much a necessity if you are buying or upgrading to the new MacBook Pro 13". Specially when you have to pick or prioritize from several dongle options? For me, this is the best investment and works with my HP Pavilion 27xw monitor...

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    Simply doesn't work with MacBook Pro and 4K Monitor

    when I use the adapter to run a DELL 4K monitor, the monitor works for about 3-4 secs. - then goes off for 1 sec and so on ad infinitum. Especially disappointing as this is the only Apple way, to run 4K HDMI Monitors with last generation MacBook Pros. Bleeding edge of technolgy .. Ordered a Display Port to USB-C Cable now an hope that soemthing will work with my new Mac :-(

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    Turning on and off now and then

    I don't think this product is compatible with Mac OS Sierra on MBP 15" with touchbar and my 4k monitor from ASUS. In 60 seconds it can turn on and off my ASUS 4k display several times. Sometimes it is stable for like 10-15 minutes but at work this is so annoying it is not possible to use. I had great problems with the old splitter from Apple too. The one that needs both thunderbolt and USB to work. It was also turning on and of my monitor (that was not a 4k monitor, just a regular) too often. High price and very poor quality control. I wish Apple could fix this.

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    Easily Fried

    I am going on my 3rd adapter. I recently got the new MacBook Pro and used this to attach my external Asus USB-A monitor. I couldn't figure out why the first adapter stopped working but just now put it together. The monitor somehow fries/kills this USB dongle. You wouldn't think it would be easily susceptible to that type of thing. Apple graciously replaced the first one. I hope they replace the second one and I won't be using that monitor anymore.

    BE WARNED USB-A devices can kill this dongle!!!

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    Doesn't work. Screen intermittently Blanks out. No solution

    As others have written, this does not work. With my 2016 15" MacBook Pro, my Dell 34 inch monitor intermittently blanks out for 3-5 seconds. Renders it unusable as a display. Apple has no solution. And no other adapter. This is the same monitor that has worked flawlessly with my 2015 MacBook Pro.

    If you are thinking of getting one of the USB-C only MacBooks and using it with an external monitor you might consider waiting until this issue is resolved.

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    Do not buy

    As others state, this product does not reliably work on a brand new 13" MacBook Pro. Constant struggles to get the adapter to recognize the display. If your monitor has a Display port - buy a Display Port to USB-C cable instead, this works like a charm with no difficulties at all.

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    It works as expected

    This adapter works as expected, at least in my experience.

    I have not encountered any of the connectivity problems others here have identified. Those who are put off by such complaints might consider trying one out and then returning it if they experience any issues.

    That said, the price is somewhat exorbitant – especially in my case, given that it is only a temporary measure while I await the belated LG UltraFine 5K Display. I suspect this is largely due to the present lack of competition in the USB-C arena.

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    Great for some, Not for those with a 15" MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar

    Don't get me wrong. This is a great, well-designed and versatile adapter but sadly it's not for me. It doesn't support the wattage of the 15" MacBook Pro's power-brick and I noticed significantly downgraded charging times because of this, Almost to the extent that my Macbook was not even charging when using demanding applications.

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    Locks up when going to full screen

    When transitioning to full screen my laptop locks up and requires a reboot (late 2016 13" MBP). Come on Apple, put some attention into these adapters, they are a critical piece of using the new MBPs.

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    Lousy experience

    I bought two of these to connect my two 27" dell monitors. I can't get both monitors to work with my late 2016 macbook pro 13". Extremely frustrating experience. My dell laptop drives both of these monitors, the laptop display and a 1080p tv simultaneously. I can't even get the two montitors and the macbook's display to all work together. This is awful! Did apple even test these devices with the macbook before releasing them? I expect more for the premium paid for apple products.

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    4 star for practicality, one star down due to the pricing

    Hi all,

    Basically the adaptor is a must to have even though apple doesnt package into it, you still must buy one.
    Apple doesnt include in its MAC probably is due to marketing tactics.

    Overall the adaptor is awesome but the pricing, i find it only worth $49

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    Works only on some monitors

    Works for my Samsung monitor but not for my Dell monitor. Both purchased new in 2015.
    I have tried the USB-C to Thunderbolt (mini display port) but that does not work for either.
    Charges extremely slowly.
    Would definitely avoid buying this product.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Gets hot when plugged in to power

    This adapter works for me in general, although sometimes I have to endure my main display flashing on and off 2-5 times before the attached monitor lights up. What's annoying is that when I plug the spare USB-C port into my power brick (85W for 2016 MBP 15") the adapter gets particularly hot. One time the extra monitor's video flaked out completely, which is when I discovered that the adapter was extra hot. I unplugged the power and not had the problem since, but now I have to plug two cables into the laptop for power and video. No, this is not the end of the world, but it seems a shame that I can't have one, elegant plug to do it all, especially since other adapters seem to work in this manner.

    Oh, and a small nitpick: longer cable on this device, please! Subtracting one star for cost.

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    Not recommended for 3840x2160 (UHD 4K) displays

    Don't get this adapter if you intend to connect a 12" MacBook (2015, 2016) or MacBook Pro (2016) to a 4K display. For the past 19 months myself and my colleagues have been dealing with the screen turning off and back on again at random times. This has been witnessed with multiple 12" MacBook computers and different 4K monitors. Today I tried it with a 13" MacBook Pro with Touchbar and the frustration continues. And yes, the adapters I've used have the latest version 2.33 firmware.

    Unfortunately there aren't really many alternatives for the one-port wonder if you want to power it while connected to a display. Maybe a monitor with a native USB-C connection or a third-party USB-C dock would work better, but I don't know.

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    locks up MacBook or doesn't work

    Like others my experience with two of these (two different locations) is that many times when plugging it in it is not recognized, and many times when unplugging it my machine completely locks up and reboots. Very frustrating and surprising.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This is the absolute worst Apple product I've ever used. I have the new Macbook pro 13" (which is a whole other review...) and this adapter is incredibly flaky. Half the time it causes the Macbook to outright crash or go into a crazy unrecoverable mode where I have to do a hard reboot. The other time I have to unplug and plug it back in 3 times for the external monitor to work. Oh and the USB-C port doesn't support data, only power.

    Absolutely shockingly bad. Microsoft never released anything this awful. A new low.

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    One star is very generous

    This move to a dongle in lieu of a regular USB has been a mess. I spent three hours on Apple Support troubleshooting printing before confirming it was the dongle. It took three tech people to get to that point. I had projector issues too with my presentation blacking out during work talks.

    This is bad design and not a workable system for a writer and university professor.

    Within two days of the mammoth trouble shooting session (it knocked out a full writing session). The dongle stopped working again within a week. At present I need to reboot every time I print.

    I liked the lighter laptop (a Macbook) but the need for these plastic bits for basic tasks is just not ok.

    It's a false economy requiring budgeting backup versions and time spent on tech support. Yet worse, as there was an issue with the Apple Store they had the cost of a full computer -- not reimbursed -- on my credit card for more than 60 days.

    Apple : I was a loyal customer for two decades but I would not at this point recommend your products or services.

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    Don't but this

    If you need something to connect to an external monitor, don't buy this. Constant flickering if you use the HDMI port. Apple is slipping!

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    UBC-C Multiport Adapter Update not installing

    Despite trying over 20 times, the UBC-C Multiport adapter always fails to install. Come on Apple! This is the worst customer experience with a new laptop I have had in a long time. Super disappointed. I now have a brand new 15 inch Macbook Pro and I cannot get my monitors to work with it.

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