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    Not bad

    I'm actually fine with the sacrifice of USB-3 ports and other ports, since this isn't a bad product, There are lots of new products that are being made that have Thunderbolt-3 ports, and for anything that has a USB, just simply get an adapter, It also is a lot stronger then an iPhone or iPad charger since it's shorter, so it won't get damaged easily

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    It's frustrating to be charged for this

    I just bought a new laptop. I only realised that there were no usual USB ports when it arrived.
    Apple is not consistent with adaptors- when they changed the audio port for iPhone, an adaptor was included but not for the USB.

    This approach of asking to pay extra for adaptors is super annoying. It feels greedy and unfair to their customers.

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    Doesn't work

    I can fit my usb in unlike most people but not a single one that I try then shows up on my computer

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    when you put it on ,it looks ugly. whats the whole point of buying a new Mac anymore when my friends computers are more efficient and don't require a adapter.

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    It does what it's supposed to do

    I was hesitant to buy this product based on the low starred reviews. Apple products are expected to be pricey, and considering for this product being $29 is obviously over-priced but the product does what it's supposed to do. I have no problems plugging in wireless mouses, USB flash drives and etc. I'm happy with this purchase.

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    Nothing even fit in it , and now I'm stuck with a laptop that can't use flash drives.

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    Expensive for only single function

    This should be included in the MacBook Pro package.

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    Necessary and easy to add on, works very well

    I hesitated to purchase this because of so many reviews saying the fit was too tight or it otherwise didn't work. I find it fits all of my usb connections perfectly and works perfectly. I don't know if this is a new and improved version, but it's just a standard adaptor, uncomplicated, works easily.

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    Works well, but not for your wallet.

    It works as intended, so if you really need an adapter, I'd pick up this one. Way too expensive, though.

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    never had any issue with this product-works as should. I use it for my iPhone, flash drives, and my GoPro.

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    Waste of money

    Never been a Apple fan. I have the Mac book Pro for school purposes and unfortunately I have the 2017 model. I have no choice but to purchase this adapter. Lost it in 2 days. The dongle was so loose I was never able to copy any big content into my external hard drive. I purchased a third-party plug and it works flawlessly. Like always Apple has disappointed me with a garbage like product. Thanks Apple!

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    Flash drives won't fit?

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. My new MacBook Pro (for which I bought allllll the connections) is fine, but the adapter for USB-C to USB doesn't fit my flash drives. It's as though the adapter is shaped incorrectly to insert a USB...too big in some ways and too small in others. I've tried several drives and I feel as though I've missed something super basic. It means that I don't have a hard copy of my upcoming presentation, which is seriously annoying, but it's also just bizarre. This is my first proper Mac computer, so maybe a rookie error, but I'm definitely frustrated and perplexed.

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    Hard to remove!!!!

    Easy to unplug from mac book, but so difficult to remove for the other devices and the adapter!!!!

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    Buy another adapter

    This destroyed my Razer Manowar USB plug. There is a metal part inside of this that makes the USB hold tight, I've never seen such a thing on USB 3.0 connectors and at first I thought it could be good, but after using it for a week my USB connector got stuck inside the adapter. Now my headset is broken as well as the adapter. If this ever happens again I'm suing Apple for making a computer that needs adapters for everything and for selling adapters that destroy other components.

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    only reason to buy this is because apple phased out the input option that works.

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    Very useful adapter (and it is USB 3/2/1 compatible)

    Note; This is a review of the actual product, not a commentary about the price or whether Apple should fit use USB C to their latest laptops, or include the adapter "in the box".

    One thing I wondered when deciding to buy this product or not, was if it was USB3 compatible or not. Answer; YES, it is. It has standard dual connectors in the socket that will allow it to connect USB3 devices at full speed as well USB2/1 devices.

    There were also some reviews that commented about the connector being too tight. I don't know if they've changed the design but mine is snug without being too tight. It will snugly hold any USB3 device/cable you plug into it, but you can pull it out as needed.

    So far it has connected to all the standard USB devices I have tested it on. I find it very useful and well worth the money.

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    USB-C to USB Adapter

    All these reviews are far to lite on the criticism....

    This product is absolute GARBAGE.

    To be an industry leader in tech and having this many complaints about the simplest product, is insanity. This is a disgrace.
    Steve Jobs (The brain behind the operation) was highly focused on detail and ever since his passing, Apple has done everything but that!

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    Works well for my application

    Bought it to use my WASD (wired) mechanical keyboard with my 2017 MBP (which has no USB A port) when coding at home. Works like a champ. Quite frankly, I haven't tested a USB 3 flash drive with it although I've seen lots of people claiming this Apple USB-C to USB Adapter doesn't play well with USB 3 flash drives. My go-to external storage for the MBP is a portable Glyph Atom RAID SSD which connects directly to a USB-C port. Not as tiny as a flash drive but still very small, 2TB of storage and transfer rates exceeding 800 MB/s which is very handy when coding/testing.

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    WAY too tight!

    Both the Apple Store genius and I tried 2 different thumb drives and could not connect them. I also tried an external drive to no avail. Ended up returning it and buying a Belkin, which fit easily and perfectly.

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    For those who complain about the need for too many wires and adapters:
    If you choose the right type of adapter, you will only need one or two things, no matter what sort of devices you'd like to connect to your Mac. Camera, Watch, Flash devices, charging things from standard devices, to all your Apple products...literally you will need 2 adaptors and only TWO...Max!!...Really!!

    I pair this one, (USB-C to USB Adapter), with "Belkin Micro-USB to USB Cable with Lightning Adapter". Once you pair these two, you literally have all you will need to charge your phone, use flash drives, charge your watch, your standard Not-Apple devices that you will ever need to charge or connect to your Mac Book Pro, even your e-vape.
    Any and all are covered and connected and covered with these two adapters... Seriously!!

    Even my old Samsung laptop needed more adapters than these to charge my devices.
    I just carry these 2 with me, anywhere I go and keep an extra set in my purse...just in case i need to charge my phone in the car...(oh yeah, it also works with your car charger).

    Great stuff!!!

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