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    Works for me (so far)

    I've had the new MBP for about a year. I also use a Thunderbolt external monitor. I used to joke that I wanted the most expensive laptop charger that Apple made. Now I can no longer charge my MBP with the old MagSafe cable on the monitor. I also have to use the Thunderbolt to USB-C adapter for the monitor (it works). That being said, I like the new MBP much better than my older one. As for the adapter, it works great for connecting my printer (when needed due to my wireless being wonky), my ScanSnap scanner, and my iPhone. Yes, it is a pain to use an adapter, but hey, it's a first world problem. As for my CF camera cards, I purchased a USB-C card reader from Amazon and it works great -- lightening fast.

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    Day 1

    In all fairness, this is only Day 1. But after reading all the negative reviews, wanted to give you my experience. A refurbished MacBook Pro arrived today. Standard disappointment that none of my peripherals would work with it. Called in and registered my complaint. Then did what we all have to do - I purchased 3 adaptors, and took my MacBook Pro to the store to proof them out, as so many people complained. No problems - all three adaptors worked fine and with a gaggle of different USBs. Also, the connections are tight, but I APPRECIATE that! Loose connections become lost connections, so I am happy they have given us a tight fit.

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    The adaptor does not fit my usb, it may be tight and i have not tried forcing it in but why should i risk damaging my external hard drive? This product is horrible

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    USB-C to USB adaptor

    Too tight! The only reason I can still use it is because USB end is always plugged in to my Apple Monitor. I plug/unplug only the USB-C end to my laptop.
    Too expensive! This part should have been supplied with the computer. Shame on Apple!
    Connectivity has been lost in the new MacBook Pro. I cannot even power my laptop from the monitor the way I used to because there are no good USB-C adapters for the magSafe. Apple does not care about its users!

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    Figured out a fix--scrape/clean the 5 SuperSpeed pins

    I too had these issues:

    1) Brand new, the female Type A connector was too tight. Over time, this wore loose.
    2) The dongle worked fine with my USB 3.1 2.5in SATA enclosure for Time Machine backups at first. After a few months of infrequent use the drive would become inaccessible at seemly random times. Strangely, USB 2.0 devices always worked.

    I surmised that the dongle's 5 SuperSpeed pins were somehow losing contact now that the female Type A was not as tight. It could be either corrosion/oxidation or insufficient contact spring force. Using a dental pick to very gently(!) "scrape" the Apple dongle's 5 SuperSpeed pins clean, the USB 3.1 2.5in SATA enclosure started working properly again.

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    Too tight fit

    At first it seemed Sandisk and Lexar flash drives wouldn't fit it all. (They fit fine in our iMacs and older apple laptops.) I put it in as far as it would go, angled it to one side and then pushed it in while straightening it out and it fit. Very very tight and tricky to do. I'm concerned it will damage the flash drives since they can't insert straight in and are tough to remove. I bought 3 before trying out the first one bought at Apple, #2 and 3 at a different store months later. They are all the same.

    On a good note, my Sandisk USB 3.0 does work with them.

    Very disappointed in Apple. I'm keeping the boxes and receipts in case they have a short useful life as others write about. It states 1 year limited warranty on the insert but I'll need to find a magnifying glass to read it.

    Since I'm the only one in the family that can make it work, off to find 3 that work easier in our new MacBook Pros. Grrrr.

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    Extremely tight connection fit - concerned that it will damage flash drive

    Extremely tight connection fit - concerned that it will damage flash drive

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    Perfect; no complaints. Rarely even use it anymore.

    This device is not even one that I would consider "essential" anymore. Most of my devices are completely wireless - including my Nikon DSLR camera that I use for most of my work - and I rarely need to plug anything in anymore. If I need to plug in my iPhone to charge - which is a rare occurrence when I'm out on the go - I just use the USB-C to Lightning cable that I got which charges it much faster anyway. My MacBook Pro (2017) 15-inch with TouchBar and TouchID has a 2TB SSD in it, so I don't even need to connect external drives or USB sticks to it either as I can store everything on my actual computer. The only drive I connect is my Time Machine drive which I do at night and I usually use the Multiport Adapter for that anyway (the one with USB-C, HDMI, USB). So to be quite honest many of you may not even need this drive anymore, with the massive SSD's that you can configure your MacBook Pro to these days and the many USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 devices that are out there - let alone wireless sync, etc. - if this isn't essential, don't waste your money on it! And if you absolutely need a USB-A port, but don't need more than one at a time, I highly recommend that you instead get the USB-C Digital Multiport Adapter instead with USB-C/HDMI/USB as it is more practical. That said, this device is perfect, and in terms of a review, works 100% without issues and at what I believe to be a fair cost, I just personally don't use it much and question it's practicality these days.

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    £19 and doesn't even work

    Forced to by this flimsy device after your £1300 MacBook Pro doesn't come with any USB ports. After then spending £19 on this product you realise that the USB port is actually too small and you almost break it every time you try and insert your memory stick. Even after all of that mine hasn't worked since the moment I brought it home.

    Dont buy it. More use not having it and using something like OneDrive to back up your work.

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    Good for 2 months

    This worked really well. It was fast and had no problems. then one day i come home and plug it in with my mouse and it doesn't work. With something that costs $20 and is already a pain to always have to use i would at least expect it to not randomly stop working on me.

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    As with their infamous laptop power cords, this adapter was short-lived. After approx. one month's-worth of use, it has shorted out. Any equipment this expensive ought to have sturdier accessories......I'm going to Amazon basics for a replacement. :/

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    Very annoyed and disappointed.

    I was already not impressed when sales guy at the shop said that ill need a usb adaptor for the new Mac Book but thought I can live with it. But it doesn't even support the normal usb sticks!!

    So so so so so disappointed! Wish I read the reviews before purchasing this product. Hopefully Ill be able to return this to the shop..

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    Works fine for me

    Bought the new MacBook Pro 2.9ghz 15" so needed this adaptor to load wedding photos onto USB sticks for customers. Seems to work fine for me. Have also used this adaptor to connect the Apple DVD burner as well as charge the new Apple mouse. So far works as expected....

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    absolutely terrible!

    I am so furious right now. This adapter is so tight that my USB receiver got stuck in there and I can't take it out. I'm scared that it will break the whole thing if I use too much force. I'm so angry right now. I will definitely return this useless piece of "frap".

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    I have no problems with this one bit at all!

    Before you purchase a Mac you should be somewhat computer literate, if your hooking up a Logitech mouse that needs software, and of course you are buying this because you have a new MacBook well it's not going to automatically download the drivesrs that is expected you will have to download everything in Mac format. It works perfectly fine for me and my usb's as well.

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    breaks in a month

    So disappointed. I bought one because I had purchased the new 13inch MacBook pro. After 1month of use, it stopped working. I thought it might have been damaged by me because it was in the bottom of my bag. I bought another one. worked fine. For one month. Broke again. No problems from my side this time. No bends. No damage. Just stopped working out of nowhere. Never buying from apple again.

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    does not work

    I bought this adapter a few weeks ago and it worked the first two times that I used it. But that was it. I have tried using it to connect to my printer and it doesn't work at all. Buying this wire for my new MacBook was already an inconvenience and now it doesn't even work

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    doesn't work with usb 3.0

    this adapter doesn't work with a flash usb 3.0, very disappointing

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    it does not work

    It stopped working out of nowhere no bends or anything. it cost to much money to break after a month of use. Im so annoyed that as a broke college student I have to go out of my way to go buy another one of these things. Being as officiated as apple is I would expect your products to work. I am so angry

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    I should have read this before the purchase. USB3.0 is not supported

    Very disappointed. What's the point having usb c?

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