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    A Revelation For A First Time Trackpad User

    I am getting on in years and never used a trackpad before, but when my aging mouse failed I decided to take a chance. What a pleasant surprise ! I learned its operation quickly, in just a few hours, now I would never willingly go back to a mouse. The design is sleek, typically Apple-minimalist, and the surface is smooth like glass, which it is. I purchased this at a local big box store, and was at first put off by the hardware requirement on the box which stated it required Bluetooth 4.0. I have a 2011 Mac with Bluetooth 2.1. However, after doing some research online I found evidence it might work (I was using El Capitan).

    This works perfectly with my older Mac, which I then upgraded to Sierra. I don't think Apple is doing itself any favors by stating Bluetooth 4.0 is a requirement, it isn't, although I can't vouch for any system earlier than Mac mid-2011. The only thing I have to learn is how to drag something across a 27" screen, I think there's a "drag lock" but I haven't discovered it yet. But overall, my apprehension about never having used a trackpad was unwarranted, I love this and will never go back to a mouse.

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    The Magic Trackpad 2 exceeded my expectations

    I want to say that the Trackpad 2 was a great purchase. It automatically synched to my MacBook Air and was ready to use right away. I had previously owned a magic mouse 2, which was great, but was physically not able to use it any longer. The Trackpad was the right solution. It gave me all the features I was looking for and feels great on my fingers. It felt like I had been using it for years, when I have only had it for a week. Great product!

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    Expensive - but worth every penny

    It took me quite a while and an issue with my original trackpad that made me order the 'Magic' version. I must admit that the price tag is steep and prevented me for ages from ordering one.

    Now I have had it for a while, not only am I absolutely convinced that it is truly worth every penny, I also felt compelled to leave a review. The quality of this device is extraordinary and considering how much you use it, it makes perfect sense to spend good money. It's like a dull knife in cooking or a cheap mattress; when you consider just how much that dull knife annoys you and how bad you sleep on a cheap mattress and how much time you use both, it suddenly makes perfect sense to invest properly in such items.

    I just wish I bought it earlier!

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    I'm a big fan of Apple products but this was a total miss. The sensitivity of this is great... just not how and where you need it to be. This was a waste of money, the mouse is much better. It's extremely difficult to move things around, to click and drag, and to basically have this function as a track pad. The one built into the MacBookPro is excellent but this was a total miss. I'd recommend saving your money for something else.

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    It's amazing

    As ridiculous as it sounds, I didn't realize it was haptic for at least a few hours after I bought it. I was messing around with the settings and finally realized. It's so well implemented that I honestly thought I was physically clicking the thing. It's the perfect size, it looks great on my desk, it functions flawlessly, I'm not sure how long the battery lasts yet but I'm sure it's several days. Price isn't even a factor, it's so very well worth it.

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    Works Great with Late 2011 17" MacBook Pro

    Despite a number of misinforming "answers" and negative reviews I read here about this product and despite the product information page stating that this device requires Bluetooth 4.0, I purchased this anyways along with a Magic Keyboard and Rain Designs mStand to turn my laptop into an awesome desktop workstation. The trackpad 2 works flawlessly with my older MBP that has Bluetooth 2.1 and is running OS Sierra 10.12. I will state I have only been using it for about 26 hours but if there are others out there that are hesitant to pull the trigger due to the misinformation abound on this site this is what I can confirm:

    - arrived 90% charged
    - paired with my CPU immediately upon connecting the lightning connector
    - works flawlessly with my laptop using Bluetooth 2.1
    - all the multi touch, pressure sensitivities and various gestures work flawlessly despite my laptop's built in trackpad not having the same functions.
    - Trackpad used 7% of battery over the course of 24 hours about 8 hours of which I was doing general computing tasks and web surfing and the remainder in standby. That should work out to about a 14 day battery life. I suppose it may be longer for those with low energy BT 4.0 but, who cares the trackpad is always in close proximity of a lightning cable if it needs more juice. And, yes it works without BT if connected directly via lightning.
    - has at least 20' of range, for those that want to look through binoculars from the other side of the room while using their CPUs.
    - does NOT work with apple pencil

    I personally find the new glass surfaced, haptic engine driven, and larger Trackpad 2 to be a great improvement to what is already a great trackpad on my 2011 laptop. It is a slightly different experience and did require a full 10 minutes to set up the "click" and "track speed" preferences and to get comfortable using the multi-touch feature.

    I hope this helps, and to those of you that think "answering" questions without actually knowing the answer helps anyone, knock it off.

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    Needs Refinement

    First off, I'm a fanatical Mac fan, so I am one of the last people you would ever hear criticizing an Apple product. However, as much as I love the trackpads on MacBooks, this little stand alone is just too sensitive no matter how you arrange the settings for the pressure needed to get an effect. I spend half my time going backwards, trying to determine what I accidentally clicked on by merely passing my cursor over a link with my wrist a little limp. Sometimes I have no idea why the track pad decided I clicked on a link. In any event, the Magic Trackpad 2 needs to be more user friendly, providing much more control over the pressure needed to activate a link, drag a group of files, pause while dragging, etc.,. I have little doubt Apple will engage in its usual due diligence and either release reparative software or a Trackpad 3 that resolves these problems. On the other hand, I may have gotten a lemon. It's time to hit the forums and find out.

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    A bit disappointing

    I love the bigger area and the fact you can recharge the built-in battery using a USB/Lightening cable. Unfortunately in my case when I use it the wireless mode the trackpad seems to occasionally loose connection (so I can see the Disconnected/Connected) icon on my iMac screen, and - which is much more annoying - the trackpad seems to go into a sleep mode so when I read a longer article in the browser or a piece of code in Xcode and want to scroll I need to 'shake' my fingers for a while to get it going. This feels as if my fingers were wet. I cleaned the trackpad, cleaned my fingers the issue is there, but when you keep the trackpad connected via the cable the issue goes away. So I do use it, but it is constantly connected. I bought the trackpad with Late 2015 iMac so I would it expect them to work together well.

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    I love it but I hate the integrated battery

    I got one of these trackpads with my Late 2015 iMac I purchased back in January of 2016. I passed on the Magic Mouse 2 because I don't like the idea of not being able to use it while it is charging. However this trackpad like the new keyboard can still be used while charging.

    It goes with the wireless keyboard better visually too with the surface of it having a color of white under the glass.

    If you are intending to use this trackpad from your couch you will find that unlike the first generation this trackpad can be held in one hand and operated by the other including all clicking functionality. In addition this new version is also wider giving more surface area for gestures.

    Negatives for me are the integrated battery. It can't be changed out so unlike my previous Magic Trackpad this one will eventually no longer hold a charge and then either have to be used as a wired trackpad or replaced. Because of this I have docked the trackpad a star.

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    I read most of the 1 star, 2 star, and 3 star reviews about the Magic Trackpad II. My Trackpad 1 rubber pads kept coming off, so I wondered if I should make the jump the the Magic Trackpad 2. I thought that the price was high, but I bought it anyway. It has been super. It installed very quickly and I have not had any of the problems that were mentioned in the lower rated reviews. I do love the rechargeable battery and after a couple of weeks of use, the batter is still in the 90% range. I do use the trackpad for at least a couple of hours a day. I do like the feel and functionality of the trackpad. If you are still concerned, try it out at the Apple Store. If you do not have a store near you, I still think that this is a great product. However, I do wish that the price was below $100.

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    Good and No Bad With Firm Click

    Crisp clicks and excellent surface area. My fingers do not stick to the surface and glide easily over it. All and all, this is an improvement over the pervious Trackpad. Also, I'm getting excellent battery life. It's nice not to have to run to the battery cabinet every few days and there's no battery rattle. As far as the force touch drag issue, I am finding that if I set the click to firm in Preferences/Trackpad, then I am able to drag files without force touching. Since I just did this as I was writing this review, the jury is still somewhat out on this issue.

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    Forces Upgrade and Usless Pressure Sensitive clicks

    This is so clumsy. It has the stupid double pressure sensitivity that the iphone 6s has now. No one uses this. It makes clicking on anything mess up half the time. Also if you happen to be running Yosemite you cannot use this trackpad well. It will force you to upgrade to El Capitan and we had to do this throughout the office due to one stupid little hardware that didn't need an upgrade from the Trackpad 1. Very disappointed.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I bought the Magic Trackpad 2 for use with my early 2015 MacBook Pro when I place it on a stand. I'd already grown accustomed to using the ForceTouch feature on the Mac, so there was no adjustment period. However, if you haven't used one before, it'll likely take you a few days to get used to it. But once you do, you won't want to turn back.

    In terms of the pad itself, I really appreciate the large size and low profile. Makes my work easier. Recharging is a cinch with the lightning cable. My only quibble - and this is a very small one - is that the battery life on the trackpad is around two weeks for me. Apple advertises the life as around a month. I'm not sure that's a reason to avoid the device, though. All in all, I found it well worth the premium price.

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    Enjoying this great device

    After returning the magic mouse 2, I upgraded to the Track Pad 2. Once I got this device setup, I quickly learned how to use this device. All I can say is that I am amaze of this technology. The track pad has no hiccups, and is super smooth to use. Usage on my iMac 27 inch screen is perfect as it covers from one end to the other end of the screen. What is also great is that I am able to plug in my old PC mouse, which I can use both at the same time. By using both track pad and wired mouse, I am able to do things with the comfort of both devices, which you couldn't do with the magic mouse 2. My set up is keyboard in the middle, track pad on the left, and mouse on the right side of the keyboard.

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    Drag & drop hasn't disappeared...

    With the new Force Touch feature, the trackpad registers two levels of click. If you click lightly and drag, hey no problem! The file will drag & drop just fine, if you press harder you activate the Quick Look.

    Yes, it's incredibly frustrating if you haven't used Force Touch before, but I spent a few minutes experimenting with clicking & gestures & now it's second nature. As others have pointed out, in accessibility you can go to Trackpad/Mouse and then Trackpad Options and change some settings (to revert back to how Trackpad v1 users are used to drag & dropping).

    Other than the short learning curve to get used to the different levels of sensitivity for Force Touch, the increased surface size & construction are a huge step up from the v1 Trackpad, I really dig the white surface too - and the fact that the click feels the same over the whole surface is AMAZING! :)

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    Worth every penny

    When I got a new monitor I had to get a new keyboard and mouse as well...can't use the trackpad and keyboard on my Macbook Air while mirroring to a larger screen. I went and bought this trackpad 2 and WOW!!! So amazing! Sure it was expensive for a mouse...but I'd buy it again.

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    Worth the upgrade

    I work in ProTools on a 2009 MacPro that I've upgraded over the years with memory and SSD's. The way I work within my sessions is with a combination of mouse, X-Keys 24 keypad, and trackpad.... My original Trackpad worked perfectly. But I wanted one for home anyway, and since I just ordered the new wireless keyboard, and was really impressed, I bought a new Trackpad for the studio. OK, It's amazing... First thing I noticed is the larger surface area. VERY nice... I also never realized how hard I would push on the original pad to 'click'. Because now, I barely have to click/double click. It is very responsive. I have been so impressed, I went ahead and ordered the new mouse as well. (And I can't believe how SMMOOOOTTHH it is) I also like the fact that they're rechargeable ... Now I have one cable coming from my hub under my Avid ArtistControl, that I use for my keyboard/Trackpad/mouse whenever needed... which is suprisingly little so far.... Even if you're happy with the original Trackpad, it's worth the upgrade if, like me, you use it all day everyday.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best purchase ever. Don't really like mouses, so this is perfect to me

    I've always used a trackpad, and this new model just raises the bar once again. It feels great, the gestures help a lot and my productivity increases as a result. Also, my hand doesn't get as tired as when I use a mouse (don't know really why but it's a great benefit).

    It feels really strong and sturdy, haven't had a single problem since I bought it one month ago.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Useless, unconfortable rubbish

    I'm using it since 4 months, so I have some experience on OSX and Windows 10 as well. It was one of my biggest fault to buy this rubbish, low quality hardware.

    - Moving fingers on the surface is unconfortable. My fingers always stick on the surface and not going smooth. I haven't got this problem on the 2015 MacBook Pro.
    - Sometimes the single click detected as double click.
    - Drag and drop is a nightmare
    - Mouse speed is slow, even if I use the maximum cursor speed (same slow on Mac and Windows)
    - After 30 mins, it's getting very unconfortable for my wrist
    - Precision movement is very hard and you have to concentrate and focus very firmly

    Summa: Never buy this! It's a rubbish. Quality at apple is going down since few years. Don't talk about the cost, if it would be 10 Dollars, I woudn't buy this either.

    PS: My item has no factory fault. This is just such low quality peace of hardware by design. I did not believe this first time until I borrowed one from a friend of mine. Results were the same of course.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Device! - Stars * * * * * *

    Been using this Magic Trackpad 2 with my MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro for a week now, approximately 10-12 hours per day, and it certainly is a 'major' improvement compared to the Trackpad 1 in terms of performance and usability.

    The price tag for this product may seem expensive to some users, but, after experiencing the following points, it is undoubtedly worth every penny!

    - Solid build quality
    - Lovely feel
    - The full surface haptic feedback is responsive and beautifully refined - a MASSIVE bonus for ease of use!
    - Larger size makes it so much easier to use than the one on the MacBook
    - Consistently maintains its 'pin-point' accuracy over the pointer
    - Pointer movements are always smooth and lag free, pretty impressive for a bluetooth connection!
    - Touch surface is consistently accurate and responsive
    - Responds perfectly to all finger gesture controls

    However, the Magic Trackpad 2 does NOT perform as well on a Windows PC but, then again, being an 'Apple' Trackpad, I assume this device is engineered to be used predominantly with Apple Macs instead of Windows PCs; this is no issue for me because I only use Apple Macs at work and at home anyway, hence, still SIX STARS! I was just curious to discover if this Magic Trackpad 2 would function and perform just as impressively on my friend's Windows PC and Windows laptop, unfortunately it does not. The pointer movements is sometimes jerky and intermittently stops responding, the trackpad also intermittently loses bluetooth connection with Windows etc - avoid using this device on Windows machines!

    Verdict, as in the title, highly recommended for those who favours a larger trackpad device for use with their Macs.

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