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    add trackpad funtionality for ipad pro

    This is a great product. Very useful for the Macbook pro. However, it would be great if you could pair it with ipad pro.

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    Having used a Magic Trackpad since 2010, I really do appreciate the Force Touch that i first experienced on my Apple Watch. Other differences are more subtle but overall, I do lie it more despite it's rather expensive price. The bonus for both keyboard and trackpad are the higher quality lighting cables that come with both. Recommended! I never use my original Magic Mouse. The trackpad is so much better for me.

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    Overpriced and limited

    $129 and cannot even perform the same functions as the MacBook trackpad, what good is it? I am unable to drag and drop AND cannot even find any recent article in support on helping me resolve this issue. Also cannot find anything allowing me to change it in system preferences. Who ever created this did half a job.

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    Highly Recommended

    After 4 months of use I can honestly say that the new Magic Trackpad 2 is amazing!
    The battery performance is great and the design and quality is great!
    The device seems to work well, despite the price being higher from the previous model i still believe that it is worth the money.
    I would highly recommend the new Apple Magic Trackpad 2.
    Please feel free to see my more in-depth review on YouTube from MP Productions!

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    I was hesitant to plop down $130.00 since my current track pad worked just fine but figured I try it and return it just for the heck of it. I used it for about 10 minutes and there is no going back. The increased accuracy, size and gestures are great and there is no going back. Mine installed easily and I find the glass surface and new lower profile less fatiguing on my hand. Make sure you go to the Apple website and look up the different/new gestures. The 3 finger D&D is fantastic.

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    preferences problems

    both the Magic Trackpad 2 and Mouse give problems installing. Both of them will connect, but there is no way of getting to the Settings of either one of them. For both the preferences will give: No Mouse Found, No Trackpad Found, while both are working. I really want the preference access, as many of the gestures are not working with neither one of them

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    It worked well for a few days but I then found the cursor was left behind my finger movement and I constantly had to correct it. I've now reverted to the mouse. It was fully charged. An expensive trial..

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    It works great, but beware the top surface cracks easily. My empty coffee mug tipped over onto the Magic Trackpad 2 and shattered the surface. I couldn't believe that's all it took. Made me wish I still had the original trackpad which was much more rugged.

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    I love this mouse

    Reviews are based on everyone's personal experience with new devices and technologies. If they have a bad or good experience, they associate that with the particular product. But as I am writing to you on this Magic Trackpad, I love this trackpad. I was surprised just how small it was, yet a specious flat surface for mouse control and versatility . Having a macbook pro complicates the mouse nicely. Its light and the typing seed is quite fast. Getting used to another keyboard, mouse, or even computer takes some time. But if you hang in there, all 60 seconds, your experience will be positive. However, I fully understand different strokes for different folks. But personal experience has told me that I immediately love this tracking device and confirms my faith in Apple, after reading some of the not-so-positive reviews. Thank you and good night. FYI, I literally posted the same review for the magic keyboard review as well.

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    Great TrackPad - Drag & Drop Issue Resolved

    I find no problems with this new generation of TrackPad. Smooth scrolling, no problems with BT connections and overall great performance. Many have complained about the Drag & Drop (D&D) feature gone missing. Rather than rant about how awful this product is and leave a low rating I decided to call Apple support. What a novel idea!

    Sarcasm aside... for some reason Apple decided to place the activation for the D&D feature in Preferences > TrackPad > Accessibility. Go Figure??? Bad move Apple.

    Now before you run to your Apple Computer to look for the feature....know that it will not be visible until after the TrackPad 2 has been paired. So, if you're a person that has to see-it-to-believe-it I suggest you go to your nearest Apple Store (or 3rd party retailer) and check it out on a demo model.

    Assuming you were otherwise satisfied with the TrackPad 2...you now have no reason not to take the $129 plunge. Enjoy!

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    I cant believe I paid $200 CAD for a trackpad

    Yep... with the taxes here in Canada it was $200... for a trackpad! Still can't wrap my head around that.. BUT this thing is amazing.

    Incredible high quality materials, force touch works very well, no need for batteries... did i mention the materials!? Its a pleasure to touch and use, you can tell someone put a TON of love into this product.

    If spending that much money on a trackpad doesn't make you sick to your stomach, this is the best one I've ever laid my hands on.

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    Magic Trackpad 2 - Overpriced rubbish that costs (US$100+)

    avoid Overpriced rubbish - you pay premium for apple force touch (or what ever jargon they use) and yet fails to do basics for mouse trackpad - eg when you you try to use as trackpad / mouse to point or navigate it does not work or worse activates the dictionary or some other optional feature that does not hep you navigate. Most morning I can not even get the trackpad to wake up (start) the computer by pushing or moving trackpad (it is probably composing symphony in greek numbers instead of turning on computer) - You will end up turning off the force touch feature at which point you have paid US$100 for a trackpad with forcetouch that does not work as well as the apple magic trackpad 1 that cost you US$20.

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    So I saw the new trackpad come out and saw it was rechargeable which was great I thought, so I bought one. The recharge part is still great, however, the pad itself is awful, so awful that I went back to my original trackpad because it seems to be missing a few gestures that I use frequently, one being the click and drag function. It also has an odd feel too it, not as smooth as the original trackpad. As I type this review, I am using my old trackpad and will be putting the trackpad 2 on ebay.

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    Does everything great except click and drag!

    As long as you never use click and drag this device is pretty cool.

    Unfortunately, I do quite a bit -- and each time I press to 'click and drag'; the file opens, or previews, or gives me a definition, etc. Click too light, nothing happens. Click too hard, it does everything but pick up what I'm selecting to drag. I have to keep my magic mouse next to my new trackpad just for clicking and dragging. Great concept -- not executed to the "it just works" Apple standard.

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    I would strongly recommend against buying. Fingers do not glide across the surface easily, it's almost like there is sandpaper (slight exaggeration but I am trying to make a point) on top.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Improvement Over Previous Model

    I like that this new Track Pad requires no batteries and works while charging. Given that it works while charging this Track Pad may not need to be replaced after the internal battery has reached EOL. However, I'm sure by then Apple will have developed another "must have" to replace it.

    I really have no Cons with this product although others have complained that their fingers don’t glide across the surface as smoothly and others have complained about spotty BT connectivity. My fingers glide effortlessly across the surface, albeit not any better than with the previous model but certainly no worse. Maybe they should adjust the scroll speed as their complaint could be related to a manifested visual anomaly. Just saying…

    Regarding BT connectivity...here again no problems. I plugged the lightening cable into a USB port on my Late 2009 27" iMac running El Capitan and the Track Pad paired automatically with no interaction by me. I Unplugged the Cable from the Track Pad with no connectivity issues.This Trackpad is very stable on my desk and ergonomics are quite good; if not slightly better given the reduced angle versus the previous model. I have the feedback feature turned-on so I have the same experience as before (albeit a mental simulated surface depression) even though this one uses “Force Touch” which makes the transition barely noticeable.

    Upside versus the Magic Mouse 2…Track Pad offers more gestures and can be used while charging.

    I also purchased the new Magic Keyboard with the biggest improvements for me being…no batteries and works while charging. Here again…given that it works while charging this Keyboard may not need to be replaced after the internal battery has reached EOL.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    So happy I upgraded

    Had the original Trackpad for years and thought that was good, but version 2 is a joy to use.

    It needs time to get used to clicking anywhere and having force feedback but now when I use the old trackpad on my Macbook Pro it feels antiquated.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    The surface of this Trackpad is terrible. Fingers no longer glide.

    The surface of this Trackpad is terrible. With my old Apple track pad your fingers could glide over the surface with no resistance. With this new track pad, fingers no longer glide. The surface has way more resistance than the old Apple track pad and it really feels like you have to drag your fingers over a surface that is trying to slow you down. It is unpleasant.

    There are other comments to this effect below. Much as I wanted to upgrade to a multitouch trackpad, I am not sure the ability to use multitouch is worth making every minute I use my trackpad unpleasant and I may switch back to my old track pad shortly.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Apple's next track pad reverts to the old surface, this is just not a product that is comfortable to use.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Intense use of this product will show how good, or not, it is. With that this new product was a failure. Bluetooth connectivity was random. During continuous typing, words would be misspelled because of intermittent connectivity. That was somewhat annoying but what really got me was that at times, the trackpad would not register a "click". I mean nothing. No response. I could move the cursor around the screen but when I wanted to select something, nothing. Even after numerous on/off switches, it would work for a while and then the same thing would happen again. New technology does not mean reliable technology in Apples eyes apparently. I have returned and got my money back. They wanted me to get a replacement but I insisted no.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    High quality piece of hardware

    My Trackpad 2 came along as an optional upgrade for a Late 2015 iMac 5K 27". Works perfectly, very well built. Gestures in Mac OS X useful. I sometimes still switch to a wireless mouse depending on what I am doing or my preference - but since all my devices are wireless it is easy.

    Minor issue is that under BootCamp with Windows 10, the Trackpad 2 is almost useless - really does not work well at all. Would be nice if Apple (and/or Microsoft?) could sort that out. There are details online about how to help fix the issue, but I just use a mouse when I need to use BootCamp/Windows10.

    Other problem for me is my wrists get tired more quickly using a TrackPad2. I switch between left and right hands to help but I may eventually swap out the mouse for a trackball and rotate between the trackpad and trackball.

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