• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I think this keyboard is great

    I bought this keyboard just a couple of days ago. As a keyboard, this thing is great. At first, I thought the feel of it was a bit different as it didn't really feel like a keyboard. I like the fact that they keys are able to accommodate my big hands. I don't spend a lot of time correcting my own typos because I have enough space to actually type. I have another case that I put the entire iPad and keyboard case in to protect everything. I don't have any complaints. I love it, and really love the fact that there are no cords. Just connect and go. It's awesome.

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    An Excellent Companion to the iPad Pro

    This keyboard is very compact, has a great key "feel" and makes the iPad Pro much more useful. I've read complaints about the Smart Keyboard not having backlighting. That would be nice and looks great, but I haven't missed it for any practical reasons. The only reason I would downgrade the Smart Keyboard is because it does not cover the back of the iPad Pro. Apple sells a separate silicone back cover for a shocking $80. A back cover should be incorporated into this product, especially at its price.

    There's a lot of great technology in the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro. It's a credit to Apple's design team that they got "big key" feel from a nearly flat keyboard. Considering that it is so portable, performs well and doesn't require any syncing or external batteries, this is the keyboard to buy for your iPad Pro.

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    Elegantly Simple

    I've been using a Brydge keyboard with my iPad Air II for a couple years which was most useful as a platform for holding my tablet at the proper angle in my lap for reading, correspondence, and watching streaming sports; though it always felt heavier than necessary. My partner has been enjoying an iPad Pro since last October and wanted me to have one but the other keyboards on the market added more bulk and weight than was satisfactory to me. The smart keyboard alone didn't sit well on my lap so I resisted until, after a simple web search, I found a memory foam lap-desk that is both compact and lightweight. Now I have the Pro with the smart keyboard which, even with the lap board, weigh less than my older Air II with the other keyboard. The Smart Keyboard is elegantly simple, supremely comfortable and luxuriously touchable. More importantly, it is exactly what I've wanted since my very first tablet and Apple delivered!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love it!

    I'm not sure why everyone gives the keyboard a negative review. I love mine!!!! The keyboard is very responsive and smooth. I bought a back cover from another vendor that has an Apple Pencil holder on the back and I'm home free!!! I just wish they would make more colors!!!

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    Apple - Seriously?

    £139 for a keyboard you may only use occasionally. It only offers protection for the iPad screen leaving the back exposed to the elements. If you want the back protected, you'll need to part with an additional £65 for a silicon 'case' that only offers back protection. So, as it stands, £204 for a complete case to protect your iPad with the additional benefit of a keyboard. Remember, this is a device that essentially runs a mobile operating system, it is not a laptop. Rip off.

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    Could be better :/

    This keyboard is just fine. It's at a perfect angle when you are sitting down and writhing in it but if you are doing a lot of work on it standing up, angle of the iPad is not the greatest and there is no way to adjust it. It's quite annoying that you pay so much money for a nice keyboard and it only be set to one angle while typing.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice Keyboard

    When I bought the iPad, I didnt have any intention on buying this keyboard.. I was using an apple bluetooth keyboard and the logitech case (non keyboard version) carrying the keyboard got old, I was leaving it at my desk and when I was at a clients house I wish I had it. I ended up buying the smart keyboard a few days ago and am quite happy with it. Honestly, I think it should be included with the iPad. I think the pencil should be included also, but thats another review. Im happy with it, It isnt as sturdy as I would like when I place it on the arm rest of my couch but I like it, I need to have a keyboard attached and this does the job and keeps the iPad slim and trim.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    A very rare total fail for apple

    This is the keyboard the other guys make not apple - so I thought
    Typing is horrendous and is a toss up between not doing it at all or hoping you get to so it on something else later before your foiforget - seriously you could get RSI from a simple "thank you" response you will have to fight this thing so much
    You would have thought since it is a smart keyboard it would mirror the shortcut keystrokes on OS X - Nope

    But there most disappointing thing of all is that these are the guys that guess your needs that You didn't know you had but I find myself asking whio designed this - I bet they Don't work there any more. II've given up with the typos now - Apple you work it out

    Normally you would have expected Apple to realize that using a keyboard that still requires you to go back too] the touchscreen is wrong wron wrong but apparently not

    There is a new key on the keyboard just to switch languages - have you lost your mind Apple -why does this not mirror the home button ?
    I am claiming rights on the proper design which includes OS X shortcut key intergration
    Home button mirroiring and the absolute must of a tactile scroll pad area a' la magic pad 2

    All my stuff is Apple but this product is not
    Please contact me to buy the proper design Tim

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Ipad pro keyboard

    When I was bought the iPad Pro for Christmas I was told not to open the box unless I was sure I wanted to keep it, as the store would swap it for a macbook if I would prefer a laptop. I was torn, knowing I should go into the shop after Christmas and properly weigh up which I should have.

    Curiosity got the better of me. Even though i have a mini and an air, I wanted to see the Pro, so I justified keeping the pro by ordering the smart keyboard claiming that this would be the best of both worlds. It was very annoying that there was three week wait and that no stores anywhere close by stocked them. As an impulse buyer these sort of waits really annoy me.

    I admit I was dubious, having had a cheaper keyboard for one of the other iPads and giving up on it after a few attempts. Also I sit back on the sofa and tend to rest the iPad on the arm of the chair. I doubted it would feel very stable and Id have to use the iPad on a tray.

    Despite all these concerns I am totally sold on the keyboard. It is incredibly easy to attach, you don't need to pair it, and importantly it doesn't come detached from the iPad all the time, like the smart covers tend to do on the regular iPads. It is also surprisingly stable when I am resting it on the arm of the chair. I can type away merrily on it without feeling like it might fall off any minute. For the first time, I am using an iPad for things I would usually save for when I am sat at the computer desk on the mac.

    I still can't decide if I should have gone for the mac book or not, though I think I would definitely have regretted choosing the iPad pro if I didn't have this keyboard.

    Its amazing how irritating not having a £ sign on the keyboard though. I shouldn't have to google how to bring that up and it drives me potty that I can never remember. I also think its way overpriced at £139. It would be nice if it came in different colours, though to be fair my other 2 smart covers are also grey and I did have a choice when buying them!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Beware the Update!

    Keyboard works great, but the new update will crash it. I just bought one, updated it and down it went. Fortunately, the retailer allowed me to switch it out, so I'm running it without the update and it's great. Apple needs to address the update glitch asap though. This is a major problem that completely ruins the functionality of the accessory.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice keyboard, but software bugs

    Keys are nice and it is a high quality product. But there are some software bugs.
    Sometimes it's not possible to enter my Passcode with it. After i unlocked my iPad, some shortcuts didn't work (cmd+tab, cmd+h).
    I would say the chance after the ipad is locked is 30% that the input failed on code enter.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good quality, but flawed

    I use mine to type all the time as it ois way faster than a touchscreen keyboard for me and the setup is just more confortable for me. The build quality is on par with Apple usual products and the keys feel nice to the touch and the keyboard is responsive until you try the keyboard shortcuts. I have bought this in the first place for the typing, but secondly for the shortcuts availables that would in theory make you fly thru apps and increase multitasking and productivity like never before, but honeslty i am not impressed with the shortcuts. More often than not they don't work and I simply stopped trying to use them wich is a big issue. I would not recommend this keyboard to anybody and the only reason I gave three stars is because of the build quality.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great typing with superb portability!

    As I think several reviewers here have done so far, I am writing this with the Smart Keyboard. I love the feel, the light weight and how sleek it is when in cover mode. I truly do prefer its thinness over having backlit keys, but I wonder if Apple could make a future version with a type of glow-in-the-dark coating for the keys (just the symbols in the center of each key) so that you could get a hint of lit up keys when typing in the dark. One thing that has me very excited is, in testing iOS 9.3 public beta, I can see that Apple is adding a great deal of keyboard support to make it feel much more like navigating a Mac with the keyboard when using this with the iPad Pro. I can't wait to see the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard features down the road just by updating iOS!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Keyboard Cover - More Colors Would be Nice

    The Smart Keyboard is a fantastic product and a wonderful feat of engineering. The performace and tactile feel of the keyboard is wonderful and quite incredible considering how incredibly thin the product is. I have read comments by other reviewers saying that the iPad is awkward to use with this keyboard on the lap because the whole setup feels off-balance. As a college student, I use my iPad Pro with this keyboard in my lap quite frequently in lecture halls and in meetings, and I have never had this problem. Even when sitting at angles with the iPad Pro leaning further back than normal, I have never had the feeling that the iPad was in danger of tipping over. I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone interested in an external keyboard for his or her iPad Pro.

    My only criticism of this product is that it comes only in one color. With the iPad Air and iPad Mini covers coming in a plethora of colors, I find it incredible that Apple only offers one color of keyboard for its flagship iPad model. I don't see how it would be asking the impossible to manufacture the keyboards in at lest two or three other colors to allow iPad Pro users options to express their personalitites through their device accessories. I also believe that the silicone cases and smart covers for the iPad Pro should also be made in a wide array of colors comparable to the large selection of covers and cases for the iPad Air and iPad Mini, but I've voiced those grievences in additional reviews.

    All in all, this is a great product. I simply wish I could get it in another color, preferably navy...

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Keys are dying

    I've had my Smart Keyboard for less than one week and the keys are dying. First the negative key, then the plus key, now the space bar. I called apple and there is no problem exchanging it but I would have hoped that may they would have tested it a little more. I'm hoping that this one is just a lemon. I waited over a month to get it so I am going to try to just take it to the local Apple Store, who is suppose to have them in stock and exchange it.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    After 35 years of computing, my favorite keyboard of all time.

    Yes, the review about the lack of a caps lock indicator is true, as is the (lack) of ability to activate voice in iMessage, but I still find myself loving the keyboard. I make virtually no typing errors on it, and it's proximity to the display makes the combination of a keyboard and the touch screen really work. With my other iPads, I used several aftermarket keyboards and typically abandoned them in a short time. I love this one, and hope that the shortcomings will be resolved soon in software.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Outrageously good. Made me fall in love with my iPad pro

    I'm wildly passionate about this keyboard. It's incredible. I was thinking about sending back my iPad pro before I got this. This is an amazing product. It brings the iPad pro to a higher level. The typing action is amazing. I find myself typing as fast or faster than I do on my MacBook Air. The keyboard shortcuts are an incredible bonus. There are many iOS apps that now support keyboard shortcuts and this helps you take advantage of it.

    It's very stable as well. For example, I'm typing this in bed and it's resting perfectly on my legs. I've used it on the couch in my lap, works great. I can't think of anything that I would change about this keyboard. It's an incredible piece of hardware.

    I permanently use it as my iPad cover. It's remarkably thin. I use the matching color iPad case to cover the back of the iPad. I'm not sure what the possible appeal could be of a case by another manufacturer. Also, I can't imagine having the iPad pro without this keyboard. I use my iPad mainly for business. There are some days when I never turn on my laptop.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Better than expected

    From a lot of the reviews I read, I wasn't sure if I'd like this keyboard. I have to say I really like the feel of the keys, and enjoy the unexpected "clickiness" of them. I wish there was a row for function keys (brightness, search) but the way it's designed wouldn't' really allow for that. The good thing is technically there are hardware keys on the iPad itself for some of these controls (volume, Home), so that was possibly the thinking in omitting them. What's funny is I find myself using keyboard shortcuts more on the iPad than on my Mac, and finding some tasks are faster for me now. The lack of a mouse or trackpad makes me use these commands more often.

    The main negative I find is that the cover is a little cumbersome in how you have to fold it. It feels like an excercise in Origami to unfold it the way you want. It's a shame Apple didn't put a kickstand on the device, because it forces case and keyboard makers to come up with these fold designs to get everything in the right place, and they can be a bit ungainly.

    The other negative is the added weight. Compared to just the Smart Cover, you can feel the difference.

    Overall a nice solution to needing a keyboard on you at all times.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't listen to the haters....This is a fantastic "keyboard"

    Love at first use. This keyboard is amazing. Yes, it does only cover the front, but so what. Yes, there is no holder for the pencil, but, so what. Yes, there may be some functionality glitches, but again, so what. This Smart "KEYBOARD" for iPad Pro rocks. Apple only promised us a keyboard, and that's what this is. The whiners probably shake their birthday cards for money before they read them, so sad. This is by far the best peripheral keyboard I've ever used in terms of feel and accuracy. Oh, and the feel/look of the materials/design is far from cheap, as mentioned in some other reviews. They nailed it, AGAIN!! Thanks Apple. Bottom Line - Drop the coin and don't look back. This keyboard will transform your iPad Pro into a monster of mayhem.(in a good way). Cheers!!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    Well made nice to use as has been said before a little on the expensive side but better than the Logitech version.

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