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    Gud product

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    Nothing to add!

    It's just great. Period. No lag. It just feels like you're writing on paper. I don't do graphic design and stuff, but for everyday and business use, it's perfect!

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    Kinda disappointed

    I got this pencil as a gift for Christmas barely two months ago. I took it out of the case to charge it. After charging it, I noticed it wouldn't work in the app it always worked in. I wondered why it wasn't working. When I went online to problem solve, the article said the tip might have come off. I checked and low and behold it was missing. Yes Apple gives you an extra one but I'm not sure what caused it to come off. Therefore, I can't keep it from coming off again. I thought to myself, I can't believe Apple created a product so sloppily. That means I'll have to keep buying a new one. Steve Jobs wouldn't have approved this poor workmanship. I have purchased a lot of Apple products. They won't be getting more of my money for any of their new so called creative ideas. I don't trust them anymore.

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    A good first try, but needs some refinement

    As a pencil, this works great. Response is instantaneous. But there are some minor details that could use some work to make this truly great.

    First, it needs to come in more colors than just white. Black would be nice, and maybe other colors to match the various iPad colors. Second, the finish is too smooth, so it can be a bit slippery. A matte finish with some texture would help here. Third, the cap over the Lightning connector is not attached, so when you take it off, it's easy to lose. There are third-party solutions for this, but they look out of place on something that's otherwise so sleek. Apple should be able to come up with a clever way to have the connector but keep it hidden and protected when it's not in use. This applies to the adapter to connect it to a Lightning cord, too.

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    Love this pencil!
    Yes, it has some of the quirks listed in the negative reviews. Just make arrangements with yourself to avoid losing the 2 small parts...say to yourself, "these are very small and I will certainly lose them. Therefore I will find a small container and tell myself ahead of time to carefully place then in there. I will plan ahead to charge my pencil while I'm not using it." Yes, it is round and can roll and be dropped. Make plans to minimize that happening! I bought incase iPad sleeve from Apple Store. It has pencil holder. Yes, Apple makes lots of $. But I won't buy any other phone or tablet. And yes it makes tapping sound so forget it if that is a deal breaker for you. No you don't have to be an artist to enjoy the pencil, although it is awesome on Procreate.
    Do you want a perfect product that fulfills all your dreams of exceptional designs without anything to think about or complain about or don't have to use basic critical thinking skills to avoid losing and breaking parts or resent the price or resent Apple? Then avoid. If you simply would like a sweet white pencil that glides over glass and enhances the usability of your iPad Pro, if you are responsible enough to keep track of 2 small parts, find a way to secure the pencil, accept that Apple accessories provide the best user experience, accept that the tips wear out and you will need to replace (your mom would say to buy them in advance)then you will be happy with the long slim white pencil.

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    Great Concept- not executed properly

    The concept is great, a much needed update in digital art though the apps available to use with the pencil I wouldn't recommend much for professional use. It seems like they are mainly for personal/ leisure use or to work on your skills when on the go. The pencil can't be used with anything BUT the iPad pro which is annoying as it's pretty costly and i would think I can use it on my other Apple devices as well. It's not comfortable to hold in hand for a long time which is a con for people who like to start and finish their projects in one sitting. It's also so small and easy to lose- happened to lose mine on the plane and it's not trackable. Wish it was more comfortable, easy to store with your iPad & trackable when lost- too much to ask for in a $100 pencil?

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    Very good, but too slidey

    I love the design of the pencil and its almost as good as Wacom although a bit more expensive. It works great with my iPad and although it sometimes unpairs which is annoying usually works first time and is very easy to use. Unfortunately the glass screen of the iPad is too slide to use the pencil on and I feel as if I have too little control. I am not a particularly seasoned artist and certainly not with digital tools but even for things like note taking I feel like theres not enough control nor tactile surface response.
    Having said that I use it all the time for notes and photo editing and it works a treat, its so easy to carry it around and I feel like I can just chuck it in my bag like my other pencils/pens which I never could with the thick and rubberised Wacom pens.
    I have been considering getting a matte screen protector to help make it feel more paper

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    Amazing tool

    I think the pencil is awesome. I use it to study, draw, annotate and navigate around websites etc. it is precise and accurate. I've already worn out the original tip because I use it so much. Am now working on the second tip that came with the purchase. Just bought the four pack of extra tips. Amazing piece of technology!

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    I bought it to do my med school notes on the iPad pro because my hand was getting sore a lot using the old pen and notebook... best thing I have ever bought!! now I can go on for hours and not get sore or cramps... works great!!!

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    Almost great

    It took a while to get used to this pencil. It felt too heavy, the barrel felt too slippery, and the tip had little friction with my iPad Pro 9.7. These problems have gone away. I've been using it to draw almost every day, and love it. It makes lovely lines when I use it with the app Procreate. It is so well suited to how I draw, that it is hard to go back to pen and paper.
    The small pieces: I keep the original box on my desk, and put the pieces in there when I take the cap off to charge it, replace a tip, etc. I have been frightened a couple times when I went to erase, forgetting it was not a pencil with an eraser on the end, to find I had not replaced the cap after charging and was headed towards the surface of the iPad with a sharp exposed charger! But I stopped myself in time. I did scratch the surface of the iPad another way: simply using the pencil properly, but a tiny grain of sand or something was on the tip. I have been more careful about cleaning the screen and pencil since.
    The tip is one reason I took off a star. At times the tip becomes loose just through regular use, and it stops working. You have to go through this and that to figure out why, and finally tighten the tip. Worst, I was drawing along happily when the pencil began to skip. And I found out why they include an extra tip. They wear out! I see from old reviews that tips were not available at first. Now they are-at $17-$20 for a pack of 4!!
    That's expensive. If you don't have a supply on hand, your pencil will be useless.
    Also, my iPad Pro 9.7 is an awful battery hog. So I turn off bluetooth when I am not using it. Every time you turn off bluetooth then turn it on again you have to pair the pencil again by inserting it into the charging port. This is a little lame. The pencil fits very tightly into the port. I am afraid it will wear out the charging port on my iPad Pro. I may just start leaving bluetooth on. But the same thing happens when you turn the iPad off for the day, so you have to insert it every day anyway.
    So, a beautiful wonderful device, but it needs some improvement.

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    Apple pen(cil)

    It is a slick device but why do the iWork apps not have an option to use it that seems kind of odd. PDF apps can use it photo apps as wel but it would be incredibly useful if pages, numbers, and keynote had options to use it.....it is a pen/pencil correct?

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    Surprisingly useful

    My mom bought me the Apple Pencil along with the iPad Pro for Christmas and I wasn't sure if I would even use it but it works amazingly with apps like photoshop fix, and nebo. I love that it ignores my wrist and it's so precise. The battery life lasts me days and chargers extremely quickly. I've seen other reviews about not being able to purchase tips... yes you can purchase tips. They're cheap. The only thing I wish my Apple Pencil did that it doesn't is erase if I turn it upside down.
    Totally recommend those two apps though one is a free app for fixing photos with amazing detail and the other is a great note taking app that converts to text.
    If you don't want to edit, draw or write you don't need the Pencil.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't loose any pieces! No replacements available.

    Lost the charger adapter, and can only charge the pen in the ipad. But ipad takes a TREMENDOUS amount of time to charge—so basically a 2-step charging process and can't use either when they're dead.

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    ITS A REAL ISSUE NOT HAVING A PLACE TO STORE THE PENCIL OR THE INCLUDED LIGHTNING ADAPTER. Lost the lightning adapter within first week of owning it. Also, no cap or retraction so no way to protect the pencil tips. In terms of actual functionality, I like it a lot, feels good in the hand. Has to be a better solution to charging both the iPad Pro & the pencil simultaneously. My loyalty to this brand is fading, starting to feel very nickel & dimed with all these adapters & chargers. Recent innovations are pretty lackluster.

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    Just amazing!!!

    It's just amazing piece of technology!!!

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    Does what I want, design could be better

    The pencil's actual sensitivity to pressure and angle are great and it's very responsive, not any lag between using it and seeing the line you're drawing. I haven't had any troubles with the tip so far as some other reviews discuss (it does come with one replacement tip). The sleek body is not that easy to hold, but my biggest peeve about the design is the charger. I understand the pencil was made male so you can plug it into your iPad to charge, but I often find myself wanting to use my iPad when the pencil is charging so I have to use the little female adapter it comes with to charge it with the apple USB charger. It just seems unnecessary to have to use this tiny adapter (which I know I'm bound to lose). Also, it would be great to be able to use it while it's charging.

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    Good but could be better

    I purchased the pencil at the same time as an IpadPro and on taking it home, charged it over night but could not get it to pair or even be recognised. It is impossible to trouble shoot the pencil as there is no way to check if the battery is charged unless it pairs with an iPad! I have 2 Pros and neither would recognise the pencil. I could not determine if the battery was faulty, the bluetooth on the pencil wasn't working, but was able to identify the unit on the About screen in settings - so the lightning connection was ok. After spending 4 hours with Apple Helpdesk doing all the things I had already done, Reboot, update, hard and soft resets etc. etc I was unable to prove what was wrong. In the end I took the pen back to the retailer (a 5 hour round journey) to be told the pencil was faulty - which I had thought immediately but could not prove. The pencil needs an indicator that a. it is charging and b that it is charged without having to connect it to the iPad/phone etc. The new one paired straight away on both units. Had there been indicators it would have saved a lot of time and a long car journey.

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    Sleek yet Durable

    When I purchased my Apple Pencil along with the iPad Pro, I took one look at it and jumped to the conclusion that it was very, very fragile. It basically felt like a porcelain rod in my hand. The first week of use was very tedious on my part (I thought it would break if I dropped the thing from 2 ft), and all was well until I, you know, dropped it. I panicked and picked it up and tried it out, surprised to find it worked the same. This thing is so durable, beautiful, and functional at the same time. I definitely recommend this as an essential item for the Pro.

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    Totally underrated

    I like most thought the pencil was a crazy idea until I used it. It is not like a stylus and I didn't know that until I started using it and realized it had so many capabilities. Drawing with this is like drawing with an actual pencil. It's so much fun to use. I wouldn't buy a new iPad without also buying one of these.

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    Too many small parts to lose

    I have to say the pen itself functions as designed . However whoever designed this product put no thought into the easy loss of the little parts. The cap be magnetic but the minute you take it off you risk losing it and I have to say Apple the charging adapter is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Please Apple you're supposed to be an innovative technology leader this is been a big failure on your part. You shouldn't have to rely on after market vendors to secure your $95 purchase ... much like some of your IOS updates you don't do a very good job of consumer testing

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