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    Fantastic product

    I have used lightning to USB camera adapter and have always felt that the phone cannot be charged simultaneously. This adapter fixes that problem. I use my iPhone 5 and 6 to connect to an external USB DAC to listen HD audio using my headphones. The adapter powers the DAC and charges the iPhone at the same time.

    As usual the cable works right out of the box and the build quality is superior.

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    Only Works with Apple 12w Charger and Mains Power

    I was hoping this would work with my iPad Pro using a hefty portable Power Banker (Anker or the like). But no, always get the 'too much power' error. I can only get this working via the 12w Apple Charger plugged into the mains, so somewhat defeats the object of a portable solution.

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    I bought so I could download photos from my SD card reader but it always comes up with the "too much power is required" error. Now it is useless.

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    Using the USB 3 camera adapter for midi input

    I have a casio px-350, I connected it to the adapter and plugged it in to my ipad pro 12.9. No problems, after a few seconds I had midi input and output to the px-350. For quick easy work this adapter is great, no need for a separate midi adapter beyond this gizmo.

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    I've been waiting for this adapter for so long

    Ever since I got my iPhone 6 Plus, I have been using the original Apple USB Camera Adapter to connect it to a USB keyboard. This new adapter fixes all the issues I had with the old adapter. With the old adapter, I couldn't use my Apple Aluminum USB keyboard with my device because it has a hub and uses too much power. With the new adapter, I can just plug in a Lighning cord and I can connect my Apple Aluminum USB keyboard with my device. Best of all, the brightness, volume, play, rewind, and fast forward keys all work. I can even connect a second USB keyboard to one of the USB ports on the side of the Apple keyboard and use both keyboards at the same time. The other complaint I had about the old adapter was that you couldn't use USB devices and charge your device at the same time. This adapter allows me to both power USB devices that use more power than my device can provide and charge my device at the same time. One thing to note though is that if you use a little iPhone cube charger, you may not be able to charge your device very quickly if you have a USB device plugged in that requires extra power. Your iOS device will also complain that a device uses too much power if the connected USB charger (like the iPhone charge which is only 5 watts) does not provide enough power to power the USB device you are trying to connect. I have both the 12 watt iPad charger and the small iPhone chargers, and I have never had any problems with power as long as I use the 12 watt iPad charger. I can use both power hungry USB devices and charge my iPhone 6 Plus at the same time with the iPad 12 watt charger connected. My guess is that this is why this USB camera adapter is said to be only compatible with iPads. iPads mostly come with the 12 watt or 10 watt charger, and people with iPads don't need to go out and buy it, and they are less likely to attempt to plug it into a little iPhone charger. If you have trouble with your iOS device complaining that you don't have enough power even with a USB power adapter connected, try an iPad charger or something that will give you more wattage. That way, you will have enough power to go around.

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    Does not work

    Got this hoping to be able to connect my USB drive to my ipad, but the ipad still says that the devices needs too much power, even after i connect the lighting charger to the adapter... This is no different than the old adapter.. Just more expensive..

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    Excellent product!!

    I am beyond pleased with this device! I use it to make music with my electronic keyboard and microphone. It's a music and photo lovers dream. A++

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    Great for travels!!!!!!

    I normally take my labtop on all my trips to upload pictures every night. But now with this device, my iPad, and Nikon camera I am ready!!! It's so easy. As soon as you plug in....instant upload. You select the pictures you want and then it transfers to your device. It's the best!!!!!

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    Power pass-through limitations

    Regarding the power pass-through, it works with lightning cables and the Apple micro USB to lightning adapter, but *NOT* the 30 pin to lightning adapter. Just a heads up.

    USB works as advertised.

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    Works with USB microphone

    Literally it just works as advertised. What else can I say?

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