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    Sound is incredible, won't hold a charge after a year of having it

    • Written by Russell O from Syracuse

    I love my Beats Pill+ it has amazing sound! The only problem I have with it, and I feel it's a pretty big problem, is that it stopped holding a charge after a year of use. I can still play it if it's plugged into a power source, and it sounds just as good - incredible sound!!. I used to be able to take it anywhere in my home and get great sound. Now it has to be connected. I have my original invoice, bought it December 17th 2015 for $229.95. I think the model I bought had just barely come out. I still have all the original packaging and I take really good care of it. Most of the time it's used in my home office. I was told it would be $119 to get it repaired. I would think for as much money as I originally spent the charge would not go out after a year and just a few months. Very disappointed that it will no longer hold a charge.

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