• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A good speaker with great looks and functionality

    • Written by David C from Columbia

    This is a good speaker that looks great. It is easy to use and I have it simultaneously paired with both my macbook and my apple tv at the same time, so can play audio through either without having to do any re-pairing. It works with both audio and mic for facetime calls. The charging port is in the back, making it easy to hide the wire if using it while charging. It's a very sleek, well thought-out design.

    It is loud and clear with decent bass. It is far better than any laptop speakers or built-in monitor speakers.

    I almost decided to get the much cheaper jam heavy metal, which is a slightly better sounding bluetooth speaker with deeper bass. Although this pill+ doesn't sound quite as good as some of the other portable bluetooth options, it looks better, has better wire placement, has great multi-pairing functionality, has a good mic for calls (when my laptop is docked under my desk), and is classy. It still sounds better than many portable speakers of this size.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Picky Consumer: Would recommend!

    • Written by Tyler N from Greenville

    I received the Beats Pill XL for Christmas (2014) and just recently returned it due to the recall. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact, that I might eventually have a problem with my battery, I would have never returned the speaker. That speaker was amazing. Loud, Well-balanced sound, durable, long battery life, reasonable charge time, charge-out, line-out, and of course the nifty handle were the main reasons I liked it.

    I purchased the Beats Pill+ last week and have been using it everyday since. I did a lot of online shopping and comparing different brands and features and finally decided on the Pill+. Incredible sound for it's size! Seriously, turn this little guy up and you won't be disappointed by the amount of sound that comes out, the clarity and how it fills the room with ease. I currently also own an iPhone 6 and connected with no problems. The app seems a little lacking at the moment but I will cut them slack since it's a new product. I would not say that this is a direct trade off for the Beats Pill XL especially because of the lack of audio-out, included audio cable, and just the lack of bass that the XL could achieve, but none-the-less still highly recommend. Durability test will have to be done over time, although I don't think that will be an issue. Very solid product. One last thing: As far as the battery goes. I used the Pill+ for 3 days straight listening to music in the office for a majority of the day on a single charge!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Powerful, clean design, rich base. Overall good speaker.

    • Written by Patrick C from Pittsburgh

    I am an average user. If you are like me and are in the market for a portable speaker, you might find my review helpful.
    This review does not cover the battery and pairing with a second Beats speaker function because I have not tested them out.

    I got a white speaker. The design is modern: really clean with little buttons. Bluetooth pairing button is combined with Stop/ Next button. The holes in the back are covered when you don't need them. Overall, the design is really sleek with the "b" button lit up.

    Before I got it, I went into the Apple Store to listen to them. You can ask the workers if you can try them out. I compared it with Bose mini Soundlink side by side. As I listened to them in the store with noisy background, I felt that Beats has more amplifying power than Bose. It has the ability to go louder than Bose. Beats is leaning more toward the lower band. It has a richer lower band sound than Bose with a decent high band sound. On the other hand, the Bose is overall more balanced. So depending on your lifestyle, Beats can be good or bad. For example, if you like to listen to pop music while you cook, doing house work, or work out, you might want to go with Beats with its powerful and rich base. If you want to listen to it while drinking wine quietly after a long day of work, you might consider Bose.

    Side Notes:
    The bluetooth can connect to two devices at a time, which is really convenient for a portable speaker. Sometimes I play from iPhone and sometimes laptop. I don't need to re-pair it all the time. You can charge your phone with the speaker, which is also very convenient. There are confirmation sounds when you turn the speaker on and off.

    Integration with Apple:
    As you may know, Beats is a part of Apple now. You will notice that on the box and back of the speaker, it says Apple. This doesn't mean much, but you can expect that Beats products are becoming more integrated with Apple products. The speaker now takes lightening connector to charge. This means you don't need to carry around a seperate mini-usb cable just to charge this speaker if you have an iPhone or iPad. The second thing is that when you connect to iPad or iPhone, it will show a separate battery bar next to the bluetooth icon. You can also see the exact percentage of the battery left in the Beats Pill+ app.

    The charger is not retractable like iPad charger. The metal parts stick out and is not easy to store away. It has a 2.4 amp output, so maybe use an iPad charger instead.
    The travel bag for the speaker is made of plastic synthetic fiber cloth. To me, the quality doesn't feel like it is up to the Apple standard.

    It is a good speaker for it's price. It looks great, sounds good, and is very user friendly. I believe $199 would be a more reasonable price for this product.

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