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    Great battery life, great sound, fits perfectly in the ear, comfy & light weight, tested and proven, I will like the next beat to have neck hanger to maintain balance when using one earpiece on one ear or a rubber that could stick to someone's skin to avoid weighing down while using one earpiece. Thanks.

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    Look elsewhere if you actually workout

    The first thing I noticed is the sound quality isn't as good as the standard pair of wired headphones that come with an iPhone. Then, after two runs, the controls stopped working. Par for the course, if you read all the reviews. I power cycled, re-paired, nothing helped. I can't give these "workout headphones" more than one star if they stop working after only two workouts! I really wanted to like them but I'm returning these today, they're just not worth the money.

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    If you are a fan of purchasing expensive items that only work for a short time - these headphones are for you. Mine worked for a few months and then were sent back and fixed under warranty. Shortly after the warranty expired, they failed again. This time Apple fixed them for $100. Now they don't work again. These headphones are absolute garbage

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    Not worth it

    20min into my workout and they turn off because I sweat too much. So even though they say Powerbeats are sweat/water resistan, they are not!

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    Perfect for working out. I don’t know how anyone gives these anything less than 4 stars.

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    Malfunctioned and Replaced 5 Times in 9 Months

    I purchased these less than a year ago, and they're currently being replaced for the fifth time. I am not using them for anything other than their intended purpose (running, working out); and they malfunction about every 8 or so weeks. It's typically the same thing every time; the volume starts randomly turning up and down; Siri activating for no reason; followed by random turning off mid-run and not turning back on without a full charge. My Powerbeats 2s actually had to be replaced twice as well! Anker makes a similar product available on Amazon for $30 (they look nearly identical), which I keep for a backup pair; and they have proven to be just as reliable, maybe even more so. If Apple doubts this review, I welcome them to contact me and I'll gladly provide my repair and case ID history.

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    Awful. Do something apple

    Bought these overpriced earphones because I was tired of wired. Thought beats were the premier brand and they would hold up. Nope. Dead wrong I had mine for barely a month before they died mid workout. DO NOT BUY these earphones if you use them to work out. They should discontinue this model or at the very least stop marketing them as fitness earphones. With the plethora of bad reviews I don't understand why apple hasn't come up with a fix. Bose or JLB make way better ones go with them.

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    Took the risk ...

    After seeing the low and poor reviews on the powerbeats 3 I still decided to take the risk. The reason I took the risk is because I have already invested in many Apple products so, I assumed the headphones would sync and play smoothly with other Apple products since the headphones have the trademarked Apple W1 Chip. After a few days of heavy usage I can say that my assumption is correct. The headphones sync very well with all of my Apple products. I train around 5 days a week so having high quality headphones that can assist me during my Gym Training days is very helpful. I can highly depend on this headphones to get the job done while avoiding any cords to get in the way during my lifts since the headphones are wireless. In my opinion they are a bit overpriced relative to what is offered in the market for other wireless headphones, but just like all Apple products you are paying for the brand. I am very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend them if you're not on a tight budget.

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    not sweat proof

    I was really excited to get these as I have trouble with almost all other earbuds staying in my ear during workouts. However, on my third time using them, I was doing a pretty strenuous workout and was sweating pretty good, and these earphones stopped working. I plan on trying to get my money back because from everything else I've read, they're not worth the high price that they cost.

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    Just like everyone else...BAD

    My sons bought me PowerBeats3 for my birthday last year. The sound was disappointing for a $140 pair of earphones, worse than my cheap pair from Amazon, but they were a present so I was grateful. Less than a year...the left ear bud broke off. Try to look up the warranty...good luck. The bud is still working so I'll take a stab at repairing with Gorilla Glue. Moral of the story: you can buy, lose/break, 5-6 pairs of the Amazon earbuds for what you pay for PowerBeats...and probably get better sound quality. Save your money and don't buy PowerBeat3.

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    Great concept..cheap product

    I've had my headphones for less than a year. Within the first few months the rubber on the earpiece peeled off. I had them replaced, and two weeks after receiving my new pair the earbud on those broke off. Less than a week after getting what would be my third pair, the volume/speaker piece broke off. I absolutely love the convenience and fit of my earphones. However the quality of them is absolutely horrible.

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    Great sound, when they are working.....

    I'm onto my 3rd pair (second replacement pair) due to the volume control button malfunctioning.
    After running with them, and getting wet due to sweating the volume button started turning up and down randomly, siri stopped working and sometimes they won't even turn on. Apple have been great with getting them replaced, but when you pay a good amount of money you don't expect to have to have them replaced every 3 months.

    Surly this is something that needs to be changed?

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    Do NOT work

    I’m on my 4th pair. All I do is run with them 3 times a week and they can’t handle that!!! I’ve had them all just stop working. One won’t turn on, one won’t connect, one won’t charge. WTF Apple? $250 and you think they can handle a little running/sweat!! I don’t want my money back, I just want everyone else to know how bad these headphones are!!! The Powerbeats 2 are much better!! Before Apple paid too much for them

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    Lacks Durability

    The sound is okay but like most people I simply wanted these for workouts. They do a great job for about a week until the battery and bluetooth go bad. I 've had two pairs and both of them went bad almost immediately. In addition, the ear pieces break off rather easily. On top of all that, the warranty policy on these offers very little protection. I understand Apple is focused on profits and I've never had a problem with other products from them, but these headphones are a major turn off. I fail to see how these are worth anywhere even close to half their retail price.

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    Disappointing .. I am completelly disappointed with Powerbeats 3. With less than 6 months of use the device is not working anymore. I perceive it is probably an issue caused by sweat, which this phone is intended to be resistent. Very poor performance for such an expensive device.

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    Apple should recall these headphones

    Not sure why I'm bothering because this problem is well known and Apple continues to let these headphones be sold into the marketplace. I got these as a gift for my birthday in August. After a little more than 2 months the battery power is lost after 10 to 15 minutes of use.. As soon as I reconnect to a power source it indicates I have 60% power. I'm glad I tried these out because I planned to give these away as a year end gift to employees. I'd end up with a bunch of employees thinking I was cheap.

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    Won't buy Beats again

    First unit problem - was not sweat proof. Returned the unit when it started switching off, swapping tracks on its own, etc. Replacement unit problem - battery life four 4 hours, started losing contact when the headset does not have clear line of sight to the phone - Experienced this with the first set - might be due to battery though. Nothing worse than running, turning your head and losing connectivity - range 60cm max. Mmmm Replacement unit three - waiting for the unit - not at all excited at the prospect. By now Beats should have been embarrassed enough to offer a refund.

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    Worst headphones I’ve ever purchased

    I lost by Bose headphones at the gym and these were on sale so I bought a pair. It’s been less than a month and because of sweat the controls on the headphones have stopped working and continuously lower the volume. Go get a quality product and buy Bose. These are garbage.

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    Worst Headphones Ever

    Don’t ever buy these headphones. I’ve been through 2 pairs in less than 6 months and they just stop working. Worst headphones I’ve ever had. Don’t buy or you will be sorry.

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    Studio 3s

    Studio 3s. They look awsome and the sound quality is amazing. But the noise canceling is poor!! Also when i wear them while in a vehicle, the vibration causes the speakers to make a rattling noise and Makes it sound like the speakers are going bad. I thought i just got a bad pair so i returned them but it still happened. Iv had 3 of them but they all do the same thing

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