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    Do not buy

    This are one of the worse ear buds I've owned. They are temp sensitive, which automatically changes the volume uncommanded. It's automatically starts playing music on my iPhone 7 uncommanded. I will be returning them to Best Buy in the morning.

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    I have used beats wired and wireless products for year and have never had a problem with them. I have had Solo2 and Powerbeats2 for a couple of years and both still have great battery life and charge just fine.

    I've had the Powerbeats3 for 9 months now and I can tell you the sound quality, feel & battery life are miles better than they used to be and also the Apple W1 chip makes pairing your beats with iPhone so satisfying, especially the fact it pairs the Powerbeats to all devices connected to your iCloud account, so if you are like me who owns every Apple product for work and leisure it makes your music experience so smooth and seamless. If you're not too trusting of beats then I'd recommend the AirPods too! They don't fall out of your ears because there is no cord pulling down on them, they're just awesome!

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    More Bass

    For my powerbeats3 wireless headphones, I downloaded the Equalizer FX (App) for an enhanced Super Bass / Bass Boost & Loudness Enhancer, as it has 'SUPER SIZED' the sound dimension. It's a must do.

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    I really like the product, they fit well and sound good, and liked them for working out, however, went through 3 pairs and now im done. Bought through amazon, 1st pair would lower the the volume of songs while paired to my phone, and eventually would not turn on, second pair would not take a charge, third pair would switch songs, pause and unpause songs on playback even while sitting still and phone was sitting on a table. Not great luck. I really wanted to like them but too many issues i have experienced thus far

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    Great until they stop working... Don't buy!

    Great headphones, sound and design, until they stopped working properly. Also happened to the last ones (powerbeats2) - probably because of sweat when working out, but weren't they supposedly designed specifically for this?? In the middle of workouts the headphones will stop and start the music at random, increase and decrease the volume, fast forward to the next song, then the next etc. Could have been great, but they are trash if you want them for sports.

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    Good thing for the warranty. . .

    We are on our second pair of PowerBeats Wireless headphones. They stopped charging at about 9 months old so we took them to apple and they replaced them. Now the second pair have also stopped charging as well. My husband depended on them during his daily workout and now he has no headphones. very disappointing! For the price that you pay for Beats Headphones this is unacceptable to us as a consumer. I had previously bought my sons the wireless over the ear beats which were almost 400.00 when they first came out and they too either stopped working or stopped charging and they fell apart too! A definite pattern with BEATS products. I will never buy Beats again and I recommend that you too be very careful when you spend your hard earned money. I have no idea what I can do with the second broken pair of headphones, I guess I will try to contact Apple again!! What a hassle !!!!

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    Returned in less than a month.

    I bought these and had to return them in less than a month. First sound quality was miserable. Secondly, after two weeks I could not get them to hold a charge, I rebooted them and still had difficulty with them. Lastly the power button stopped working and I returned them. Disappointing for such an expensive product.

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    Worst Product EVER!

    I was so excited to get PB3 as a gift. Much to my dismay, after a month they would not charge. I returned them, got a new pair, 6 weeks later -- again no charging. Now I have to send them in for service. They cannot be returned, but definitely an inferior product! Too expensive for the hassle.

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    Worst apple product to date

    The product itself cannot be hated. When it works it does its job well with decent sound profiles and a long lasting battery. Definitely an improvement over the series 2. But that is not praise. The powerbeats2 were utter failure, myself having to warranty them 6 times, and the powerbeats3 seem to be subject to the same failures. This is my story.

    I started May 1st by buying the powerbeats2 wireless because they were on sale for $99. They worked....well....when they actually worked. My first pair lasted about 3 weeks and 2 charges before they began acting up. They began turning themselves off randomly even with a sufficient charge remaining. But once that remaining charge had left I could not get them to charge again. My macbook could not even recognize that a device was plugged into the bluetooth port. So I called in a warranty, not even a month into ownership, and had them replaced in a prompt 2 week shipping period.

    This story is repeated 4 more times for a total of 5 replacements in 6 months. At this point my powebeats2 had spent more time in the mail than in my possession. When my 6th warranty rolls around I was assisted by a lovely Apple Rep who tried blaming me for their failure. She began accusing me of causing the issues by not following the proper procedure. It apparently "violates" apple warranty by using any other micro usb cable or any other ac-usb converter and that I was at fault for using these. I had never used any other method of charging other than the included cable and my macbook. I also learned further down the trail, by an Apple senior rep, that this actually does not violate the warranty and that agent was trying to blame me for Apple's mistakes. He was also willing to upgrade me to this model, the powerbeats3, which was suppose to have better sweat ratings and not have the issues I was experiencing.

    These lasted me since the first of the year but alas the same issues surfaced and the powerbeats began randomly shutting off and eventually, with a dead battery, could not even be recognized by my macbook when plugged in to charge. Again I filed another warranty, my 7th in 9 months, only to have the senior agent first try to refuse me because I was filing a warranty in the powerbeats3 model when I had purchased the powerbeats2. After having to argue my way past that poor lie she tried to tell me my warranty was out dated yet I had a receipt showing my purchase was only 10 months ago. She after about an hour of her lies she refused to escalate me to her supervisor fully proving her poor attempts to avoid this warranty. The agent agreed to warranty my product but this only goes to show the major customer relations issue present in this case.

    The products are faulty and designed to fail, Apple makes so much per product they can afford to repeatedly replace the product until the customer gives up hope and at last result have their representatives avoid customer satisfaction at all costs; even blatantly lying to them.

    Apple, if any of you actually read these reviews you need to respond to these issues. Many of us, myself included, are loyal apple customers with many of your products. When we spend $200+ on your products, have them fail repeatedly, and still come back for another try we deserve to be rewarded. And lies are not what we would like. I will update later with the next replacement; my 7th warranty claim.

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    Broke after 4 months

    I needed a good pair of headphones that would stand up to the gym. The headphones worked fine at first, and sounded great. 4 months into having them, the plastic price that the actual ear bud is connected to broke off. I'm extremely disappointed with this poor quality. They should be $20 instead of $200. What a joke!

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    Let's see...where to start?

    This is the third of fourth time I've tried to switch to Beats...and for the third or fourth time I am let down horribly.

    The fit was awesome (which I'm surprised about, in the past they were uncomfortable)...But the volume control wasn't working from Day 1 out of the box. Not just the volume controls, but the whole thing. Microphone, Volume Control, Start/Pause button, none of it worked.

    I've had that problem in the past with pairs I've had for a while, it stopped working, something that's easy to deal with.

    But to top it off, the music skips or cuts out every 5-10 seconds.

    Looks like I'm done with Beats

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't care for them

    The sound is great.....that's as far as I can go. On the phone there is a pinging sound when trying to talk to someone....especially when you get close to metal. The worst part of them is that hard plastic piece that rests against your ear. When you take them off it hurts so bad! It is quite uncomfortable!! I hope the newest ones they have come out with don't have this problem.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    On Pair 3

    The only reason i gave it 2 stars is because of the design for running its perfect. As far as durability to any kind of water it is awful. Have had 3 pairs in less than 3 months and now the 3rd pair won't turn off after it charged. The button just keeps reseting the device. Not really sure what I spent $200 for.

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    Stopped charging after 6 weeks.

    Stopped charging after 6 weeks. Look at other reviews, almost everyone is suffering from the same issue, yet Apple is doing nothing about it. I regret buying this.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    More than Meh.

    I'll be honest, I love the music quality of using the beats as well as the convenience of not being tied down to a cord. However, I've had my beats for 4 months now, and they'll short or lose connection every now and then. Like the music is lagging or loses its bluetooth connection. The worst is when they randomly shut off. Does cold weather effect that?
    Overall, I'm grateful for my beats, expect for when they decide not to cooperate.

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    The Worst Product From Apple Ever

    I'm not sure of the value of writing another similar review of this lousy product, but I will add my voice until Apple gets the message. Perhaps more importantly, I am a long-time Apple shareholder and do not like to see so many people write negative reviews about any Apple product. Clearly, the Powerbeats3 wireless earphones are worthless for working out. People keep sending these back repeatedly, with apparently no improvement in the product to prevent the shorting that occurs when you use the Powerbeats to work out. Since the main reason that many people use earphones is to listen to music, podcasts, etc., during a workout, to have this product short out after a few uses is simply ridiculous. I am very upset with Apple's management of this problem, since they know it is occurring frequently, yet seem to do nothing about it. Apple Customer Service is very helpful, immediately makes arrangements for an exchange, but PROVIDING A NEW SET OF POWERBEATS THAT WILL ALSO SHORT OUT WHEN WORKING OUT IS NOT A SOLUTION!!! APPLE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND YOUR SHAREHOLDERS. FIX THIS PRODUCT!!!!

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    horrible bluetooth strength

    i just purchased these earphones and upon using them, i noticed that if my phone is in my pocket, the sound cuts in and out. There seems to be a lack of bluetooth strength when the phone or device isnt in a line of site of the earphones. all in all ok style. very light weight and sleek. sound quality is ok once you change your equalizer settings to fit your sound preference.

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    On my 4th pair in 2 months

    Just got my 4th pair of Powerbeats 3 and used them for 2 workouts. They died mid-way through my second workout and will no longer charge. I've had the same problems as the rest of the reviewers with all pairs. If you plan to use these for anything other than sitting on your couch, don't waste your money.

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    Look for other options

    I bought the Powerless Beats 2 about a year and a half ago, and I started having problems with them about six months after purchase. The first issue was that they would not power off. The battery needed to drain, and then I would have to recharge them every time I would use them again. Repeat.. Battery drain, recharge, use. I had them replaced under warranty and once again the same problem occurred after about another six months. Now I was out of the warranty period from my original purchase date. The solution that I got from customer support was I could send them in and have them fixed for another $100+. So I spent $200 on headphones that don't work and needed to spend another $100 without a guarantee that they could actually fix them. I declined that option and decided to deal with the inconvenience of making sure I charged them 30 minutes before workouts. The most recent development is they now completely volume down automatically. A song will play at the volume I set for about 10 seconds and then the volume automatically decreases all the way to mute without me touching anything. Regular headphones do not do this to my iPhone so I know it's the Beats headphones. Once again I contacted customer support and they had the same solution of charging me $100+ to possibly fix my less than a year old headphones. Software is up-to-date and I have reset them. If you're looking for some garbage bluetooth headphones I'd say go to Wal-Mart and pick some up. It'll save you about $185, and I'm pretty sure they will last longer.

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