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    Really bad

    I picked these up today and have been listening to various tracks on them. The short version: they sound really bad.

    I have a pair of the Studio Wireless and the Pros. I love both of them. The Pros provide a more true-to-life, flat sound, and the Studio Wireless enhance the sound a little bit, but both are excellent.

    These Powerbeats3's however, are awful. The treble and mid range is so thin and sounds over compressed. The bass is boomy and too overpowering. Don't get me wrong, I like a little bit of boosted bass in my music or in my car, but the bass on these is just far too much.

    I tried every ear tip provided, and even the better fitting medium size didn't improve the sound quality at all.

    The pairing feature is kind of cool, but once you've paired them with your device, it doesn't do a whole lot that other bluetooth headphones wouldn't already do...

    So many better headphones out there for the price. Don't get these.

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