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    I don't understand all of the negative reviews here. The mouse looks and feels great, works really well and the gesture capabilities are extremely useful. The battery lasts for a really long time, just remember to charge it while you aren't using it. I think the mouse would have looked worse if the charging port were sticking out of one of the sides, just don't be dumb and forget to charge it. I've never had a problem running out of battery.

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    Stopped working

    I bought this mouse about 9 months ago after I got my Mac Book Pro. I recently stopped responding to movements on my mouse pad. It still scrolls but I thought it would last longer.

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    Send me a Magic Mouse 1 and full keyboard please

    I just purchased an Imac, and of course it comes with the magic mouse 2. I'm writing this on my laptop because I'm for that stupid mouse to charge... You guys have to be kidding me to actually approve a design like this. I only use your products and I've loved them so far, but now I'm faced with half a keyboard that needs to be charged and a mouse that I can't even use while I'm charging it... Things are starting feel a bit slimy with all these extra purchases I need to make.

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    Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 Unfit for Purpose?

    The Magic Mouse that came with my 27” iMac is almost unusable. I say “almost” because I am still using it. But it frequently drives me nearly to tears. Spreadsheets in particular are really difficult. The cell dances about as the mouse “mini-scrolls” when you try to select it with a click. Sometimes it takes a dozen clicks to get the cell selected and that’s when the whole sheet hasn’t scrolled down or sideways a couple of screens.

    That’s the problem, you see; as you press down to click on a cell, your fingertip on the surface of the mouse spreads. Flesh does this! But the mouse interprets it as a scrolling motion. Not a lot but it’s enough to move the sheet and the subsequent click is ignored.

    Its not just spreadsheets; it happens with all programs. Word processor pages scroll, graphics programs zoom in and out, and as I said, spreadsheet cells dance about under the pointer.

    It all went wrong when I bought the new iMac in 2015. It came with El Capitan and Magic Mouse 2. I assumed it was a “feature” of the new Magic Mouse with its rechargeable batteries but it’s clearly OS- related because my wife’s Magic Mouse 1 is now driving her mad ever since I updated her OS to El Capitan (from Snow Leopard!).

    Personally , I believe the mouse to be unfit for purpose. I know I’m not alone. I also know that Apple disagrees and has no intention of doing anything about it.

    Which leaves me rather stuck.

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    There are just no words for this insanity.
    Who in his/her right mind comes up with a charging hole on the bottom of the mouse...?

    What is wrong with Apple, everything is going down in quality, hardware and software.
    Painful for a company that has 300B USD to spend on some quality design, outright shameful.

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    Whoever designed this mouse? I got no warning the battery was low. Came into my office on a Saturday to work (on my iMac) and the mouse battery is dead. Can’t work as the charging connector for the mouse is in the most stupid place you can imagine and the mouse doesn’t work when connected via the charging cable - and even if the mouse could work with a cable attached, the fact the connector is underneath the mouse makes the device unusable. Bonkers. Thanks for ruining my Saturday Apple

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    I hate it

    worst mouse I have ever used.

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    Ups and downs!

    Now, for a product of this cost you would expect something pretty much spot on that ticks many boxes, if not all of them. Unfortunately? No.

    The things I like about this mouse - gestures such as swiping between web pages in safari, generally navigating websites is rather effortless and very smooth indeed. I also like the weight of the product and its overall build quality. It feels substantial but not cumbersome. Lastly, the design. It does 'look' great.

    Now for the longer list of problems. I am a pro user, I spend long periods of time working on programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator etc, jumping between apps and dragging/dropping files. I use every pixel of my 27inch screen! After about 30 minutes of use my wrist and hand starts to ache due to the way you have to almost suspend your hand over the mouse to control it, you can't rest your palm on the mouse because it's just too flat. This is not ergonomic at all.

    The other issue is the CLICKING NOISE it makes! after a while this becomes annoying - there are much cheaper competitors out there now offering 'silent' mice and Quiet Mark approved products.

    Next, the fact that this can't be charged during use. the charging point is underneath the mouse by the optics so it has to be rested on its side to charge!

    Finally, the way it moves - it almost scratches along my desk when I'm moving it, it's also noisy on a mousemat!
    Sorry apple.

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    Looks good but can’t use it (yet)!

    My new mouse looks very nice (and so ir should for that price) but lacks one ESSENTIAL feature... so at present it’s as useful as a chocolate teapot!

    In order to pair it with my new MacBook Pro, it apparently needs to be connected using a cable BUT
    They supply one for the old style USB, not USB-C which is all I have on the MacBook. They really need to coordinate their products.
    I have some of those cables for my iPhone and iPad so could of course find other ways to charge the mouse.

    WHY on earth do they not supply a simple adapter which shouldn’t cost more that £1 and would be invaluable for other purposes?
    Or even the correct cable? Answer I guess is they sell a fancy cable for that at a RIDICULOUS £19!

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    Very Poor

    Warranty replaced the first mouse, very pleased with the service but the new one failed with exact same battery charging problem 6 weeks later. Reverted back to my replaceable battery one and all is good. Fundamental flaw in design and functionality Apple!

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    Won't connect!

    My original Magic Mouse that came with my iMac worked hard and long for three years. When it died, I replaced it temporarily with a Logitech wireless mouse that I had on hand so I could stay in business while I ordered another MM. When my new MM2 arrived it would not connect. Of course, I cannot disconnect the Logitech mouse because then I cannot make the menu selections required in connect the MM2!

    A total aggravation!

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    Spurious Thumbwheel events

    This mouse has a design flaw. However careful you are using it, it will sometimes produce unintended thumbwheel events. It is particularly likely to do this while moving the mouse whilst it is left clicked (i.e. you are moving the mouse whilst pressing on the top left hand corner). I would guess that it is interpreting small changes in the area of contact of the finger with the mouse's surface as stroking.

    The effect of this is that it is completely unusable with topographical map applications and web sites (e.g. MemoryMap or walklakes.co.uk). In these cases, moving the mouse whilst left clicked is how you scroll and pan the map and thumbwheel events change the scale of the map. The spurious map scale changes will occur every few minutes and are catastrophic when trying to plot routes. When I substitute my 10 year old, £10 usb mouse for the new, £70 Apple mouse the problem goes away so there is no doubt the problem lies with the mouse.

    I'm taking mine back tomorrow hoping to get my money back. Potential puchasers be warned! Apple get your act together... what testing did you do?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    What can I say that everyone else has not?

    This is just another compromise mouse. I have a 2014 iMac that came with the Magic Mouse1. After almost 3 years of fighting with that darn mouse, I decided it was time to get a new mouse. Part of me wanted to buy a third party mouse from that company beginning with L. but I decided to give Apple another try as it should work better with their own hardware. Well, I was wrong.

    Yes, the new mouse does solve the issue of running time. I can get this new mouse to last longer than 2 weeks using the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery inside. The old MM1 seems not to like the NiMH rechargeables and eat their way through them. But that is tempered against the side that the mouse when it does run out of power it totally useless. Who was the genius who thought that putting a charging port on the bottom of the mouse so you can't use it was a great idea? I guess Jon I've is to blame. I am sure if Steve Jobs was around he would not stand for it.

    Now some might think of this as a design flaw. But I think it was brilliant sales strategy. Think about it. You now have a mouse that will not work for a period of time. This means that you have to either remember to plug in your mouse to charge at night before you go home, or you just simply need to have a second spare pointing device. So apple now gets to take you to the bank for a spare. So the $99 ($130 cdn) price tag gets doubled so you can work.

    Sorry Apple! I guess I will just have to start buying things a bit more Microsoft from now on as your design department is all about the dollar and not about the customer any more.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad mouse for productivity.

    However nice the gestures are they don't compare to having a 2 or more buttons and a scroll wheel. With two fingers resting on the mouse it can't decide if it is scrolling or switching desktops, if I click with two fingers on the mouse it doesn't know if the click came from the left side of the mouse or the right, so sometimes it left clicks and sometimes it right clicks.
    Apple loves making devices and products that look good with neat gimmicks, but all at the expense of the end user.
    I bought mine off of recommendation from people at work, and returned it a few days later after actually working with it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    mouse 2 not available while charging

    bad design

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    not the best

    I am not as happy with the new mouse, it doesn't function properly a lot of times even though it is fully charged, it seems to get stuck and won't work, I don't like that you can't use the mouse as your charging it like the key board. I prefer the batteries at this point maybe I just got a bad one, will get a new one, if still having the same issues will go back to the old mouse.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this mouse. No need for batteries and charges very fast in a pinch.

    Absolutely great product. Especially for traveling. I love not having to worry about my next set of batteries especially when on the road. I use rechargeable batteries and do not like to discard disposables which makes it more of a road process than I care for. Works very well compared to the previous mouse model that I still have with my iMac but has a big battery management advantage and a definite improvement. Sets up easily by just plugging it in to the computer.

    I am not sure why the other reviewers are complaining about having to plug it in at the bottom for a charge. No you can not use it while charging but why would you want to? It will last 8 hours on a 2 minute charge. Yes 2 minutes. If you forgot to charge it just plug it in and go get a cup of coffee or get your mail. Then charge it that night for a full charge. It takes 6 hours to get about 6 weeks of use. If your not very organized just put a note on your calendar to charge it at night once a month. For me I just plug it in at night in the hotel once a month or so. I definitely plan to get a couple more for the Macs at the house.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    it charges only when you are sleeping or away

    never though Apple will release such poorly designed when it is charging, Steve Jobs would never agreed to release it like this. you cannot use it when it is charging. Also I though this Magic Mouse will be magic. fighting to moving in normal pads, seriously? I will try to buy gaming pad, other than that the scrolling, swiping, zooming ... concepts are nice.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Magic Mouse 2

    Don't understand other poor reviews. I have been using my MM2 for a few days now and it is fantastic. Ok have to charge it so cant use it while charging, so what, battery life is amazing and been able to see remaining power in Mouse Settings means I will never run out of power. Like everything in this world you get what you pay for and the MM2 is just amazing, great swipe/touch features and ergonomically a delight to use. Having tried cheaper alternatives the MM2 is so far ahead of everything else.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible Design Flaw

    As a professional designer I've purchased god knows how many Apple products over the past 20+ years. This mouse has, by far, the biggest and most easily addressed design flaw EVER. There is absolutely no reason they couldn't have designed the charge input to be on an end of the mouse so it was still usable when the battery dies. They did this with the keyboard, why is the mouse SO AWFUL.

    This needs to be redesigned and every single person who purchased this "Magic Mouse 2" should get a free replacement.

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