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    not satisfied

    the color of this phone is very grey and barely has any purple tone to it. when you first purchase it, it looks like its already dirty because of the color and gets dirty very easily. was so excited that apple was coming out with a purple/lavendar case and when i received it, i was very disappointed by the color. wish i would have bought one of the brighter colors

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    Apple 6s Silicone Case

    I bought this silicone case for my 6s in lavender for my rose gold phone. I absolutely love the two together, they complement each other perfectly. Be aware this is more of a "show" case then say for full protection, it will at least keep the phone free scuffs from small falls and everyday use. Over all I would buy this case again, I just love this case and color.

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    Believe the hype!

    This case is silky, smooth, and a beautiful grey with purple tinge. Reasonably priced and does the job excellently. Bought for my iphone 6s but also fits iphone 6.

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    I. Heart. This. Silicone. Case.

    I'm a little bit more impressed with this new silicone case that I just bought for my new 6s! I love the lavender color to go with my new Rose Gold phone. Last year, I bought a leather case for my 6 and was not impressed at all! This is very lightweight yet offers great protection for the phone. I'm very particular about how I treat my gadgets and like that it slightly covers the lip of the phone without the additional bulk. I've fm had many cases that cover really well but end up being bulkier and heavier. Great job on this, Apple!
    I love the silky feel on the outside without being too slippery!

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    Worth The Money!

    Purchased the Lavender coloured case today from my local Apple Store, and truth be told, I am amazed at the quality of the case. The silicone has a silk touch to it, unlike the old silicone cases that had more of a rubberized texture. I currently own the space grey iPhone 6 from the 2014 release, but nevertheless, the case fits like a glove! Definitely a great case to have. Looks asthetically pleasing to the eye, and protects your phone! What more can you ask for!! Also, with all the new colours coming out, it's difficult to pick only one! The Lavender colour isn't a true purple. It's more of a grey with a touch of purple.

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    I bought this case for my iPhone 6 and it fits perfectly. The color I got was lavender which is a little lighter than previewed but is absolutely beautiful. I also have the silicone iPhone 6 case that was released last year and I must say that this one is night and day different. The grip and feel of this case in your hand is so elegant feeling. I love this case more than any of the cases that I own and that's about 30.

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    IPhone 6s Silicone case for iPhone 6

    I just received the new silicone case for the iPhone 6s to use with my iPhone 6. It came quickly and it fits the iPhone 6 from last year perfectly! The soft lavender color is very subtle and pretty plus the silicone feels extremely soft and good in your hand. I had a silicone case from last year and this new silicone is definitely an improvement in my opinion. I also ordered a silicone case for my 2014 iPhone 6+ but the shipping for the 6+ case is delayed a little. Great case!

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