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    So I was excited to see an official Space Black Milanese Loop, and I bought it the day that it was released. I have been using it for about two weeks, and today when I went to clean my watch, I noticed that the sapphire screen and sensors are covered in scratches consistent with the band touching them! The DLC coating on the loop is apparently hard enough to destroy the watch, simply by taking it off and placing it down on a table. I am out of the country for another month or so, and my watch is still under the one year warranty. I am hoping that Apple will replace it for me once I get home, because it was completely spotless before I started using this band, and Apple did not post any warnings about the band scratching the watch.


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    best apple watch band for the space grey apple watch sport

    Today I just went to the apple store to check out some new bands for my space grey apple watch sport originally I wanted to get the wolf grey leather loop but It was not a good match for my personality then I tried on the 42 mm space black Milanese loop and it was perfect it was the casual watch band I needed. I would recommend you go to an apple store to try it out because it looks more black on the website and in real life its more polished. the only down side to this product is that is $50 dollars more than the regular Milanese loop and if you are going to pick up this band keep in mind that it is not available in all stores and you may need to pick it up online.

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    Slick-looking as expected - Great with the Space Grey Sport

    When this was first leaked online, it got me excited. Although the Black Sport Grey is a slick-looking watch, there aren’t really a whole lot of bands that go well with it, at least IMO. So it was really nice to see a nice band come out. I was never a fan of the Milanese type bands and preferred the black link band but the black Milanese Loop just looked sic. Went to the Apple Store to try it on and was very impressed with the feel. I have the black and midnight blue sports band and although they are great, I wanted something that was more comfortable and nicer looking. It was between this and the Black Nylon. Although the Nylon is even lighter and more comfortable, the Black Milanese Loop is just awesome. The perfect balance between looks, light and comfort. I’ve only worn it for a day, but I felt no hairs being pulled. I do wear it form-fitting and not loose, so it won’t slide. Not gonna lie, it almost seems like I have the Black Stainless Steel Watch Face now. Haha. I still may get the Nylon and even though the Apple Bands are more expensive, they are of much better quality. When I initially bought my watch, I never thought I would get into accessorizing the thing. haha

    Also, I don’t like to bash other reviews but I think it’s a disservice to lower ratings based on packaging. To me, the packaging was fine and it’s all about the product in the end.

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    Very Impressed

    I bought this for my Space Gray Watch Sport and am very impressed. It looks and feels great! I was a tad wary the band would be uncomfortable over a long duration; however, it is very lightweight and made well, offering a great balance between a casual and professional look.

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    My absolute favorite

    I really love my SB link bracelet, but this is by far my favorite now! how easy it is to adjust, put on; it's beautiful shine. Get this band!

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    Space Black Goodness

    This is the definitive Milanese Loop from Apple! I love how the DLC coating makes this band look sleek and powerful. Bonus points for scratch/damage resistance!

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    Feels and looks great with Space Black Sport

    Light and completely custom-fit this band feels great with my 42mm Space Black Sport. It's so finely made that it doesn't scratch the surface of my MacBook Pro while typing. Also it doesn't pull the hairs on my arm which I originally worried about.

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    Great Band Low Quality Case

    The band looks amazing with my Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch. The one down side is that you have to pay a third more and get low quality packaging. I bought the original Stainless Steel Milanese Loop and that came with a vary nice hard plastic case with a nice felt interior. I always felt that is was a nice safe felt lined area to store the band when using a different band. The new Space Black band came in a low quality card board cut out almost like the sport bands come in. Sorry I expected the same pristine packaging/case as the original came in when spending more then the original which is expensive as it is. This product would have gotten 5 stars if not for the poor packaging.

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    Its toooooo nice.......

    I wasn't sure that I would be able to justify the £175 price tag... and was pretty sure I would turn it straight back to Apple for refund, I felt guilty spending the money on just a strap.... WRONG. It is lovely. My watch feels so much nicer on my arm than with the standard strap. I Just hope Apple Watch2 when it eventually arrives will not make this strap obsolete.... It looks great ...One last thing... I hope the finish is going to live up to normal use....

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