• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Worst Keyboard I've ever had

    1) First off there are plenty of keyboards you can get that actually have a case to also protect the iPad. This keyboard sticks to the side with magnets and is constantly falling off with the least bit of pressure and doesn't protect anything.

    2) The keyboard when closed does have minimal protection for the screen although the seem does rub a line across the screen and since you're constantly having to touch the iPad you have potential of scratching the glass over time. Not a huge concern but worth mentioning.

    3) The keyboard was designed by someone that obviously either doesn't type or has zero attention to detail since the row of keys just under the number row are shifted to the left a slight bit. Not enough a novice would noticed but if you type a lot it will irritate you. Again, it doesn't prevent you from typing, just a small annoyance and something I'd have figured Apple would have caught.

    4) The keys on the keyboard don't have a good feel and are actually a bit difficult to type on. in comparison the Logitech keyboard and case has a much smoother keyboard and is much easier to deal with. This keyboard is like one of those first generation rubber keyboards we got years ago because there wasn't anything else available.

    5) You will constantly grab the wrong side of it to open or will be confused as to which side to grab to quickly open the keyboard as it looks the same on both sides and offers no guidance. It also has nothing to help you with managing your Apple Pencil so you end up having to carry that around in your hand separate.

    Again, very disappointing that one of the smartest tech companies in history can't figure out how to make something as simple as a keyboard. Jobs would never have allowed this to make it to market.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Keyboard but what were Apple thinking!

    The keyboard is extremely nice to use and the magnets, which hold the keyboard to the iPad a very strong so you can move the case without worrying about the the case snapping off like my old Smart Cover did! On the downside the case is shabby in the fit, it seems to move a lot and doesn't sit flush with the iPad when holding it. THE MAJOR DOWNSIDE THOUGH, is the fact that Apple and their infinite wisdom these days have decided to remove the auto-lock feature from the case. Unlike the SMART COVER the SMART KEYBOARD does not auto-lock and auto-unlock your iPad display. Who in their right mind decided to this at Apple needs their head checking! Little niggles like this seem to be appearing all over Apple new products and it's very annoying!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Should not be called Smart Keyboard, its the farthest thing from it

    Apple products and innovations are getting worse every year. I had an iPad Air 2 and had a great logitech key folio case for it, nice sturdy and simple to use. The keys had great depth and feedback, it was like you were typing on your laptop. Even though the Pro and Air 2 are the exact same dimension, the keyboard does not fit, leaving you with one stupid $230 option. I had to buy this odd, inconvenient , smart keyboard, with shallow keys, no feedback on typing and terrible spacing between the keys. It is extremely awkward to type on, makes you wonder what was the designer thinking,did they not have normal sized fingers?? On top of that, it also does not protect the iPad like the keyfolios sold for Air 2, the back of the iPad is now completely exposed for nice scratches and dents to happen. It is also not that secure on the front, as the magnetic snap can come off with very little pressure......#RIP Steve Jobs and #RIP Apple

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product when it works

    Purchased the iPad Pro 9.7 a few weeks ago. The biggest issue with this keyboard is after the iPad self locks, at times the keyboard will not be recognized. Simply detaching the keyboard and reattaching does not fix the issue. The only way to solve the problem is to do a reset with the power and home buttons. Makes a simple task very hard and time consuming.

    Until a fix comes around, I would not recommend this keyboard to any business professionals. For the casual user it is great, but if you plan on using your iPad Pro for anything reliable with the keyboard, I suggest you stay away from this accessory until it becomes more reliable or a FW patch is released.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Was in two minds but glad I bought this...

    I was waiting for Logitech to get their act together and release the create keyboard for the 9.7 pro - I wanted a backlit keyboard you see. Anyway, I gave up waiting and decided to go for this one and boy... am I glad I did. One feature of this keyboard that I wasn't that bothered about was the fact that it is water resistant. I can now confirm that it is red wine resistant also! Yes, I knocked a glass of red wine over the keyboard. However, fear not, it wiped off with a damp cloth and all is good. Now I am glad I didn't wait for the Logitech one because that would have been destroyed I'm sure.
    Anyway, back to the keyboard. I like it; it folds aways very neatly and is so slim it's not much thicker than a smart cover. Typing is a little strange at first but you soon get used to it and then it's fine. One thing I have noticed is that if you are typing with it on your knees (i.e. not on a flat surface) if the keyboard flexes away from the iPad it separates the smart connector and loses it's connection. Its not a deal breaker though because it rarely happens but worth mentioning.
    Would I buy it again? Yes. Although I did close my eyes when I clicked 'buy' due to the cost.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Keyboard, Cover and Stand

    I bought this keyboard thinking I'd only use it when traveling, because my former keyboards for other iPads added a bit too much bulk and weight for everyday use. I even thought about buying a Smart Cover for everyday use. But the salesperson at the Apple Store suggested to try the keyboard and not buy the latter first. I use this all the time now. The size and action of the keys works fantastic for me - didn't take any time to adjust to. With the keyboard being so close to the screen I even find that when typing long words I can reach up with a finger and tap proper replacement on screen to expedite typing. There is just one angle for typing, but conversely when the keyboard is tucked behind the iPad to use as a stand, it is more upright, providing a better angle for FaceTime calls than a Smart Cover. And in the same orientation, but laid flat it is a very nice angle for using the Pencil to draw on (or type on the software keyboard if you need to use it on your lap). The folded shape (some call it a bump) doesn't bother me at all. In fact the lightness and thinness of the this keyboard makes it a true winner. For me Apple nailed it on this one.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it

    I was kind of afraid to get this because of the mixed reviews, so I was just saving up credit card points so I wouldn't be out so much money if I didn't like it. However, my husband then surprised me with it, so now I have it early!

    It does seem very well made, and is very soft to the touch to hold. As a matter of fact I ordered a cheap plastic back to go with it, but now I'm going to use the credit card points I saved to buy an Apple back, so I can have the nice soft feel on the entire iPad.

    I love how it connects with the smart connector, and then doesn't really "turn on" until you set the iPad in the magnetic slot. Cool technology! I can already type pretty fast on it. I'm a fast typist to begin with, and while it's a little smaller than a regular keyboard, I still find it to be quite responsive.

    As far as keyboard shortcuts, there may not be a top row, but there are several Mac style shortcuts which you can look up online and start using to make things easier. I just started learning a few of them. Also, some apps have their own shortcuts...just hold down the command key in each app to find out what they are.

    The only thing I'm slightly worried about is the thin strip that holds it into the smart connector. I hope that piece doesn't tear, or wear out early by opening and closing the keyboard like a cover over and over again. Especially because I enjoy folding it back behind the iPad like a regular cover. Plus, sometimes it folds over slightly unevenly...not bad, but worried about putting stress on the edges of that thin edging at the bend.

    As far as people complaining about the uneven front....I think it's fine. It's a keyboard disguised as a Smart Cover...I think that is VERY cool, uneven or not! And it does add a little weight to the iPad, but since I previously had an iPad 4 with a thick leather cover, I'm not bothered by the weight of the keyboard on a thin iPad. I do kind of wish it came in matching colors with the silicone backs, but that would probably be a pain to make all those keyboards in different colors.

    Very pleased!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product but viewing angle limited

    Totally love the Smart Keyboard but it makes my neck sore. Have never been sucked into buying one for my old ipad because of the pairing and requirement to charge separately issues. Very happy that the Smart Keyboard didn't come with this baggage. The only issue I'd like to point out is the fact that I can use the Smart Keyboard with only one viewing angle. This is a pain especially when typing on low tables. It's not always easy to find adjustable seats and/or tables. I wish it came with more viewing angles while keyboard is in use.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Maybe for you but not for me.

    Personally, I am not liking my new keyboard. Previously, I was using an iPad Air w/Logitech Canvas keyboard and it was easy to type on and my typing speed was comparable to my typing on an Apple wired full-size keyboard with my iMac.

    I've had it almost a month and I have not acclimated to it at all; I have tried! For me, the spacing of the keys just don't feel right and it slows me down cause I constantly miss-hit keys. My fingers don't fall automatically on "home row". The keys have good travel and it appears well made though.

    The Logitech also had special function keys on the top row which this keyboard does not offer. You could easily call up the virtual keyboard with a keystroke. You can't do that on the Smart Keyboard. I'm waiting to see what Logitech is going to offer. So far, I haven't seen anything on their website. I'll hang on to this and keep it as a backup for when I find the right keyboard.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    IPad Pro 9.7 with Pencil and Smart Keyboard

    This is a good complement to my Macbook.
    I can truly be portable during my travels.
    During travels, my main needs are presentation, and Keynote with iPad Pro w Pencil w Smart Keyboard is more than enough.
    Full fledge work, I will go back home on my Macbook.

    The Smart Keyboard is smaller than a standard keyboard size. Again, it is a trade offs that is well informed choice. As the iPad Pro is only 9.7, you cannot expect it to be same as 12 inches!!!
    Need some time to get use to the space. It works great!
    Great for portability! I don't need to lug with my Macbook anymore.
    Even tho. A Macbook is still light!
    Worth the money! Except it is slightly costlier....

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    I'm hoping I just got a bad one...

    I have both the full-size iPad Pro and the 9.7" model with Smart Keyboard. I never had any issues at all with the full-size one- it's worked flawlessly since I bought it. This one- keeps disconnecting at random. It just becomes non-functional, usually while I'm in the middle of something important. Sometimes I can just pop the iPad up off the magnetic stand and drop it back and it will reconnect. Sometimes I have to completely disconnect it from the Smart Connector and reconnect. A couple of times- I have had to disconnect it for several minutes before it will work again.

    I'm really disappointed to have problems with this, after such a great experience with it's larger sibling. I'm returning this one, and will update this areview if the replacement works better.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars


    I hesitated at first due to the price and the fact that it looked gimmicky but.. How wrong was I!

    This keyboard is the gamechanger for me. It changed the way I used my iPad. Contrary to popular believe, using the keyboard and 'reaching over' for the screen is not awkward at all. It almost feels natural. The keyboard makes my iPad more versatile, whether it is for quick typing for a web page when browing on Safari or for productivity uses.

    Typing is fluid, It took me 2 minutes to get adjusted to the smaller keyboard but typing now is just as normal as it is on a larger keyboard (I'm writing this review using the smart keyboard). I'm typing this on my lap and it doesn't feel bouncy at all. Very stable.

    Keep in mind though that I have slim fingers so that probably helps with the typing? But I don't think it makes much difference for those with fat fingers.

    Folding is not hard at all, you get used to it after a few tries.

    This is probably the best keyboard in the market available for iPad pro. The fact that the keyboard folds inside the cover means that it never touches the screen.. Unlike keyboards produced by other companies that leave marks on your screen.

    Also the keyboard feels very durable. Now the product is obviously pretty new so whether or not it will stand the test of time we'll find out in a year or two.

    At first I thought it would be handy to have a dedicated home button on the keyboard but on hindsight it's probably more troublesome than it's worth since you don't want to accidentally hit it while typing.

    Pros: all of the above

    Cons: somewhat expensive (though you get quality for what you spend), only available in one colour, adds some weight to the ipad though not so noticeable, there is no backlight and no light indicator for caps lock

    Would be a 5 star if it had backlight and caps lock indicator.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great keyboard, but avoid "watch mode".

    First point to note: US layout should not be an issue for British users - the only difference is that the € and £ symbols are not physically printed on the 2 and 3 keys respectively, and that has been the case for "British" keyboards for all Apple devices since forever. The only people who may find this a challenge are those crossing over from non Apple computers.

    So, let's get the bad points out of the way:

    1. "Watch mode" is downright dangerous - the iPad stands almost completely vertical and is way too easy to knock over, risking a smashed screen. Never use this mode on a train or airplane table (or any surface at risk of being knocked). It's annoying because the angle it stands at is not how it appears in the pictures on Apple's website.
    2. You lose the "long press for key options" that you get on the screen keyboard (and in OS X), for example for using accented characters. If you want to type é, you need to type option + e, then e. I still haven't worked out how to type a grave accent (the opposite of acute).
    3. No back light. The light of the screen illuminates the keys pretty well though, so it's not quite the deal breaker.

    Now the good points:

    1. No Bluetooth pairing!
    2. No battery! (although it's not clear what drain this keyboard puts on the iPad battery)
    3. Loads of OS X-like keyboard shortcuts to make your iPad Pro feel more like a Macbook
    4. Solves the onscreen keyboard's major flaw - accidentally selecting all text by typing too fast!
    5. It's a super slim cover that's barely thicker than the normal "folio" cover.
    6. The angle of the screen in typing mode is much more upright than the full sized iPad Pro with its Smart Keyboard, so that mitigates Bad Point #1 above.

    Unlike other reviewers, I have had no problems for lack of a mouse or trackpad... iOS was designed to make such devices redundant, and I see no reason why a touch screen device needs one at all.

    Additionally, I don't agree that the lack of back protection is a valid criticism - this accessory never claims to protect the back of the iPad. If you need full protection of the device, then there are other solutions that will help. I'm going for a super-slim, clear back protector, to use in conjunction with the Smart Keyboard.

    Logitech are soon to release a 9.7" version of their Create keyboard case, which protects the back of the iPad and has backlit keys. That comes at a cost though - the original Create is extremely heavy and doubles the overall weight of the device; the new version is likely to do the same.

    This is an expensive accessory, but there really is no cheaper alternative that is similarly lightweight and convenient.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Fantastic Keyboard

    I love my keyboard and the fact that it also has a smart cover. It works perfectly for me and I have found the cover easy to manipulate and turn it from smart cover to keyboard and stand. It is great to use on a counter or desk and on my lap. I was amazed that I could use it on my lap and it stayed perfectly in place, just like it does no matter where I use it. A great product. Thank you Apple for this great keyboard. I highly recommend it.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent, but at least one major shortcoming

    Great keyboard. The key size and placement required a small adjustment, but the overall quality and functionality are very good. Except for one thing: the inability to access the iOS keyboard through a shortcut key. Instead, the Apple website explains that I must PHYSICALLY remove iPad from the keyboard to access the iOS keyboard. I use alternative keys commonly for my writing--solid dashes, accents, and smart quotes, for example--so this cumbersome step is awkward and highly inconvenient. The globe key on the Apple Keyboard shortcuts to the emoji menu on the iOS keyboard, but not to the iOS keyboard itself. If Apple updated the globe key to provide full access to the iOS keyboard, I'd give 5 stars!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love this keyboard!

    I like this keyboard because it is ready to go as soon as I open it. No switch to turn it on. I don't see any difference between this and the Zagg Rugged Keyboard, except that it is light and thinner.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Flawed design

    The keyboard is quite good but there are two design flaws:

    1) The magnet holding the front keyboard cover is just too weak for the heavier weight of the keyboard and it's constantly falling off and several times has led to the iPad itself falling to the floor.

    2) Using the front cover as a stand is not intuitive and also doesn't maintain it's position...it's always sliding open, forcing me to hold it in place to read.

    Very surprised these tweaks weren't polished before release. It mades a great keyboard cover very frustrating.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Perfect Keyboard!

    I love my new keyboard for my new iPad Pro 9.7. It's flawless and no need to charge it or plug it in. It's ready to go the minute you connect the iPad to it. Amazing!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really great Keyboard

    I absolutely love this keyboard (I'm writing this review on it right now.) It took a little getting used to since it is so much smaller than a regular keyboard but thanks to the way the keys are spaced I can type full speed no problem once I used it for about 5 minutes. I've had this keyboard for several weeks now and I see absolutely no real downsides to using it. Some people complain about the bump it makes as a cover but I think that is such a petty thing. If you want a flat keyboard you can get a surface: i.e. Get a keyboard with absolutely no tactile feedback that's a pain to use. This keyboard makes a bump when it's shut because it is a real keyboard with keys that feel like keys, which makes it way more enjoyable to type. I actually like the bump because I added a clip to my Apple Pencil and it fits perfectly right on the bump so it's all held together and the pencil is easier to keep track of. I think tag if you buy an iPad Pro you really NEED a keyboard to make it all come together, and I can't eco end this one highly enough, It really feels like and apple keyboard; very similar to the keyboard on the new MacBook, but I'd argue it has better tactile feel than the MacBook. Summary: great keyboard, 5 stars, get one if you have the 9.7 inch pro.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive Smart Cover

    Although I've had the keyboard less than 24 hours, I've posted this review on the basis that I think the item is unlikely to spring any additional surprises!
    On the positive side, the item does what is described by Apple. Nice strong magnets hold the keyboard firmly to the iPad Pro and it connects without fuss. The keyboard action has a nice feel and as one would expect there is no delay during typing. When folded up it's extremely neat.
    Yes, it will support the iPad Pro so you can watch a video*
    *It is extremely awkward (unsteady) to use on one's lap. So it would not be practical to use anywhere that doesn't have a level surface.
    The keyboard shortcuts are EXTREMELY LIMITED. As there is no mouse or trackpad to help locate the cursor, the keyboard doesn't add any form of extra functionality.
    And although this will not effect the majority, it is NOT designed for the left-handed! I use my left fingers or thumb to unlock the iPad so that is on the wrong side when the keyboard is attached.

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