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    My son dropped it down the vent

    This thing is so small and easy to lose. It works terribly. And it fits perfectly through the slots of the heating vents in my house, as we learned from my one-year old son.

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    Find my Apple remote

    If only there was a way to use the Find Phone app for this remote. Sure you can use the remote app on your phone to operate Apple TV when you misplace your remote but it does not always work. Sometimes I have to pair it again, it randomly doesn't show up as a device. It is annoying. Apple can make a better remote, it is impossible not to lose this remote, not only because of the small size and color, but it is also slippery. It is also annoyingly inefficient to use when you need to type in a search. Considering how often we need to replace it, $19 seems overpriced, it is 1/5th the price of our Apple TV, it doesn't even make sense. I wish there were more options for the remote because I love my Apple TV.

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    Was anyone who approved this infernal device fired?

    Over the years, I have learned to eliminate anger from my Life. People tell me I am the most 'Zen' person they know! I have met my nemesis!
    Using this remote to enter passwords or to search on youtube, netflix or the like, is an exercise in frustration that would have even Jesus or Buddha in a murderous rage. Press the button to go up? It doesn't move. Press it again, it moves twice. Press it to go back down, it moves twice. Up? it selects the wrong letter. Hit the back button to get back to the search, it goes back past the search and out of the application. This thing just does not function accurately. This has to be a post-Steve Jobs design! ..... Serenity Now!!!! .... Aaaaah, Oooommmm. ... better now.
    Yes, it is easy to lose in the cushions, but think of all the exercise you will get from lifting and moving the recliner sofa?
    Yes, it is inaccurate and slow in searches, but think of it as a thumb exercise, or a 'frustration tolerance' building exercise.
    Yes, it's few buttons make every task take many more button pushes than necessary- (another feature of the Apple thumb exerciser), but where else can you get the enjoyment of holding a cool, smooth, curved piece of metal when you are not buttering toast!
    Alas! Maybe this is the price Apple had to pay to achieve the exquisite functionality of the iphone. They had to bring balance back into the universe!

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    Apple remote... What do I say... May the force be with you for every click. -10 ⭐️

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    There's an app for that...

    Although nothing really functions the same way as the physical remote itself, there are many apps that exist to replace the Apple TV remote in case you inevitably misplace it. I find that those apps are cumbersome to use (since, most of the time, the play/pause button doesn't have the same functionality and just serves as another "select" button, or Apple TV doesn't pick up your swipes and/or taps), but the apps really help when the remote is lost and Netflix asks if you're still there. I personally love the remote because it's simple and easy to easy to use. You don't really have to fumble with finding the correct button and can just search for things without looking down at the remote. I also have been using the same remote that came with my Apple TV over six years ago, and I haven't had a single problem with the buttons not working.

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    Functional, but Easy to Lose

    I lose my remote AT LEAST once a day. However, I've never had a problem with functionality.

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    Apple TV 4 Remote Deficiencies

    I would give the Apple TV 4 remote a minus 5 if I could. There was no clue how to operate it and when we finally figured out you have to "swipe" the top half to navigate, I was ready to sent it back. Trying to use Siri to enter a password is a true lesson in frustration. Trying to swipe in a password is not much better. Apple needs to stop trying to be cool and create items that are truly useful and functional. A real disappointment. Give me Roku for Direct TV Now any day!

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    this is my fourth one..

    These remotes are so bad!! in less then a year, three of these have already failed and are acting out..I am glad I had warranty for 1 year so I had to buy only one out of the four. This is shameful for Apple. I rather use the app remote now although my wife is somewhat reluctant to keep using this annoying remote.

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    Apple TV remote is terrible

    I own two Apple TV's, obviously used in different rooms. I decided it was time to upgrade my 1st gen Apple TV when I decided I no longer wanted to put up with exhorbarant cable TV fees. So I signed up for both DirectTv and Sling on a trial basis which included free Apple TV's. The unit itself is WONDERFUL, the remote is a pain in the a**. If you don't pick it up carefully, its activates, which changes channels. The touch pad is either overly sensitive or not sensitive enough. The unit is all black with the exception of the control buttons which are centered. And 2 of the 6 are on the matte black or touch sensitive side. At quick glance its difficult to determine which end is up! And with approximately 1/3 of the remote touch sensitive, its rather important to be able to determine which end is the touch sensitive end! I CANT STAND THIS REMOTE! If there is a replacement remote somewhere please let me know!

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    A way to improve the remote from being lost.

    MY remote has been lost several times also. BUT, if you attach a ribbon to it by tape it is easier to find. Unfortunately I have to replace mine now as it is not dog chewing proof!

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    Sometimes Just Being Pretty Isn't Good Enough

    Yes, it's sleek and lovely. No, it isn't a very good remote. Too many touches to get where you want to go. Entering usernames and passwords to connect with services is a nightmare. (God forbid I actually ever change a password!) We call one of ours the "Republican" remote because it won't go left. Love the Apple TV and own 4 of them in our house. Remote needs Redo.

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    The worst remote control I have ever used

    While the TV itself works great but this remote quality is worst in the market, the original one right button failed after few months of usage, and second one I bought from the store failed again same button after 2 months of usage, even xiaomi could make a more robust and better minimalist remote than Apple, disappointed.

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    The worse remote ever! Very disappointing!

    So frustrating and disappointing! 1st remote stopped working after we replaced the battery, then got it replaced and now the second remote stopped working after we replaced the battery again! What a seriously waste of money!

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    Simple, great, annoying inconvenient,

    Simple, great, annoying inconvenient, Wonderfullly small, such an evil small thing. 5 years later, the battery goes bad, and the "up" button stops working....but I would rate the next model, the "Siri" small back one with 2 stars...IT is a nightmare to use, and is way too sensitive.
    $6.50 for the battery, I will buy a second one to use, keep the problem up button and the Siri ones for backup when I lose the primary one, which is usually found within a few hours in or under the couch, or on the kitchen countertop or next to the TV.
    Can't wait to be able to change channels and volume, etc...with my iPhone....or laptop.
    I love it, I hate it.

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    Obviously not designed by SJ

    This thing is difficult to use and easy to lose. Apple should have installed the "finder" application so you could find this with your phone, because it is SO TINY it falls into cushions and other crevasses.

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    Worst remote

    Yes it looks sleek, but it is the worst remote and way over priced for the functionality (select, rewind, fast forward...that's it). Not only is it very limited, it is the tiniest remote that easily gets lost in a busy household. When it gets lost, Apple tv becomes a box that collects dust.

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    The up function on the Apple Remove never worked properly from the day the Apple TV unit arrived. It required significanly more pressure to move the cursor on the screen than all of the other functions. In desperation I took it apart to see if there was some quick fix. Turns out that the quick fix is to throw it in the recycle bin. I have been using the remote function on my cell phone as the Apple TV control. Reminds me of the pricey monitors they sold in the early 2000s that were great boat anchors.

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    Apple TV Remote

    I have four Apple remotes for my apple tv's and three of the four Apple remotes have failed when trying to use the up button on the remote. Three of my Apple TV remotes up button stopped working. I will be taking them back to the store this morning and hopefully Apple will provide me with three new Apple TV remotes. The fact that 3 of my 4 Apple TV remotes up button doesn't work tells me it is an Apple design flaw or the batch of Apple TV remotes I received shouldn't have passed quality control.

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    Absolutely the worst remote control

    Not sure how to put this in the worst terms I can but this is the worst remote control that anyone has designed. It is the absolute worst. Did anyone test this thing? I know there are people that will not say anything bad about any product that apple will make but come on. I wish I could give it negative stars.

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    I hate this remote

    Hate isn't a strong enough word for this silver devil stick. It constantly gets lost among covers, pillows, and cushions. Way too small for anyone to try and keep track of. If I could add up the hours of my life I've spent looking for it in the couch cushions, I could have solved several world problems. I can't wait til the next new technology makes my Apple TV and its devil child spawn remote obsolete. I'm going to destroy this stupid thing...if I can find it. For now I'll just buy a new one to replace the one that's currently AWOL. So annoyed.....

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