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    Yellow brings sunny days!!

    I'm an avid fan of Apple and the innovative products that never disappoints until now... The Apple watch is incredible and I love the sport fluoroelastomer bands. The bad is that there aren't too many vivid colors offered. I purchased the yellow sport band which is amazing and gives a robust pop of color but other than the red, it's the only two bands that speak louder than muted tones. It would be so awesome if Apple offered a customized sport band and perhaps host monthly challenges for their dedicated customers of the most popular custom band to be sold at stores & the website. A girl can wish!!

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    Not As Yellow as the Picture

    I've bought multiple ones and some of them show more vibrant in the pictures. The yellow one really shows vibrant in the picture, however, when it arrived, I was disappointed as it is actually more on the mustard yellow (dull).

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