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    Apple Airpods, love them but needs volume control....

    Apple Airpods, love them but needs volume control and the ability to skip tracks.

    Still 5-stars because the quality is amazing... and truly wireless :)

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    Dear Apple,

    I've been using mine for a couple of months and I've finally mastered enough commands to control my airpods using only Siri while listening to music and podcasts. Super useful when I'm cooking and have the iPhone nearby but when I go climbing, double tapping to invoke Siri is unsafe but because my iPhone is in my back pocket, it is unable to pick up my Hey Siri commands.

    So, for future versions, please allow AirPods that, when worn, is able to listen for Hey Siri instead of going through the iPhone.

    Also, please consider having an external sound amplification feature so I don't have to get hearing aids when I get older.

    Thank you for making AirPods.

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    Had my doubts about the look of the Airpods but having read so many good reviews decided to go for it. They are really remarkable in every way. The design is very much Apple, the case/charger is beautifully made and very clever, paired with my iPhone 7 in seconds and sounds very good. The range is excellent, I've had no problem with drop outs and can leave my 'phone in one room and wander around the house without losing connection (it's not a big house!). Expensive - yes, but no regrets and in my opinion worth it. Had considered Earin earbuds priced around £200, but so glad I waited for these. As for the look - I really don't care any more as I'm not having to look at myself wearing them, I'm just enjoying the experience!

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    Worthy product

    Yes it is a bit expensive as we all know but its apple!! the charges are always worth the quality and services.. just select your own pair and have fun as it is most convenient while workouts and doesn't come off your ears at all. Worth a try

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    Not perfect, but better than anything else

    Are there things I'd like to see added or changed to the Airpods? Sure. I'd like it if they had tips for fit and sound isolation. I'd like it if there were more you could do with the touch controls. But I've been using wired and then wireless headphones for thirty years, and these are the first pair about which I have ever been able to say the following: They are a pleasure to use. And that places them head and shoulders above everything else.

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    Great until you try and move around.....

    The AirPods are beautifully designed, great to hold and clever...the sound is clear and having a phone call is mostly great.....big major downside is when I move around....after a brisk walk they are prone to fall out....running forget it..they need to focus on EARgonomics and not quite as much on ergonomics.....

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    Surprisingly delightful!

    With little expectations of these wireless headphones, I can't believe how they JUST work. Its reminiscence of Job's Apple products in that they JUST work. Unbelievably amazing!

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    Some limitations I did not know of - problem controlling

    There are tons of review positive and negative. I just have to let others know of a couple of possibly important limitation I did not realize.

    First - i can not control my AirPods when my iPhone or iPad is locked. My wife realized why right away, I turned off Siri when the phone is locked for security and privacy reasons. Not only you need internet connectivity, you have to enable Siri at all times.

    One alternative, If you don't use Siri or don't have Internet connection, you can have limit control if you enable Voice control instead. I don't think there is volume control but you have the other music controls. Also it does not recognize my audio commands as good as Siri.

    The other thing I did not realized deals with unsupported Bluetooth devices. I have two modified iPod classic and 5.5 gen iPod with a 256gb SSD for all my high data rate (Apple lossless compressed) music with 30 pin Sony Bluetooth adapter for my Sony Bluetooth headphones. I don't understand the various Bluetooth implementations, but there are apparently different ways to send out Bluetooth audio where the volume is controllable by the device, iPod in my case, or the headphones. It's like the audio can be line out or headphone jack output mode. Turns out for my Bluetooth adapter, the volume can't be commanded by the AirPod or controlled by the iPod, the music is stuck at full volume. It is useless, so be careful if using it with a non-supported device if this is important to you.

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    Great Headphones

    So I have had the AirPods for a little while now and though I have have to say they are worth every penny. So the pairing is fantastic and easy you have all heard that by now. But what amazes me is that even though I have better quality headphones, even with the W1 Chip the ones I reach for most are the Aipods. The sound quality is slightly better than that of the EarPods. But watch amazes me is the shear convenience of them. Call quality is fanstatic with them and it is convenient as heck that I can take a call with one in my ear while the other sits in the case. I recommend these to any iPhone user and especially iPhone 7 (Plus) users. For $160.00 it is a good buy.

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    Great so far, minor hiccups

    Tried it on the car ride in this morning - my wife said the sound was clearer than when I normally talk on speaker phone with her. It was super easy to connect the air pods to my phone, and it instantly recognized when I was just using the right air pod to talk on the phone. Using it with "Hey Siri" was pretty flawless - Siri itself needs a bit of work.

    The charging case for these needs work- very poor execution. The charging case does not stand on its own, it flops over, which causes the lid to flap shut. The charging is also on the bottom of the device, which would indicate you should be using a charging stand with it. I am very disappointed that it feels like they are trying to sell additional accessories by limiting the design of this device. (E.g. now they will sell an 'airpod dock' for your airpod dock - in short, ridiculous, hence removing 1 star.

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    The only thing I miss is physical controls as Siri isn't that good yet, especially for controlling music. But the sound quality is better than the default EarPods that come bundled and the pairing is great. Switching devices is easy.

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    Future of Wireless Earbuds

    Originally, I was unsure about AirPods but I have been converted into a believer that this is the future of wireless earbuds!

    First, the sound quality on these are superb. The merger with Beats by Dre has proven beneficial as the AirPods themselves sound as if they have a little more oomph of bass in them. In relative comparison to the EarPods, it's safe to say this is an advanced improvement aka EarPods 2.0

    Second, the W1 chip is revolutionary! The ability to pair between my MacBook, iPhone, and Apple Watch with relative ease has revolutionalized how I listen to music across multiple platforms. For reference, my previous headphones were the Beats Solo2 in which I had to pair and unpair in sometimes a time consuming manner. The AirPods with the new W1 chip automatically connects to my iPhone without having to shift through settings and when I want to switch to my other devices, I simply just click on the AirPods in settings in each of my other Apple devices.

    Lastly, these AirPods are very form fitting. I have weird shaped ears and EarPods would continually fall out of my ears when running so I was a little concerned about how these would fit. Rest assured, they rest nicely inside my ear without any falling out from heavy movement activities such as running and playing basketball. My biggest concern is dropping them in the toilet when I'm bending over to lay down seat protectors, haha. Since I go to the gym regularly and utilize high heat areas such as the sauna and steam room. I really appreciate that these don't overheat and turn off such as my Beats Solo2 and I don't have to hold my wire so that it doesn't heat up my skin like the EarPods.

    Now with every new product, there are some learning opportunities and room for improvements. The AirPods don't have any volume control or track controls directly on the hardware and for something so small, I wouldn't expect it to. Enabling Siri with a double tap allows you to control your music. But there is about a 2 second delay for Siri to repsond to your feedback so it may get tricky to know when your enabling her or not. The concern of losing my AirPods is high, and they are very small and slippery so just be extra careful removing from your ears as I've dropped mine a couple of times. I'm currently running the 10.3 iOS beta that has find my AirPods accessible through the find my iPhone app. This piece of technology relays information back to your iPhone of where your AirPods are located as long as the Bluetooth is connected and if it is not, it'll notify you of the last known location. It is well worth it to run the beta just for this feature to give you peace of mind with your new AirPods!

    Undoubtedly, people will look at you. Some wondering why you cut the wires off your EarPods or wondering where the wires are. But the curiosity is great because it's a great conversation starter! I know the lead times are six weeks out currently, but these AirPods are worth every every ounce of patience and every single penny.

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    The best all around earbuds on the market.

    I picked up a pair of AirPods as a replacement for a pair of Jaybird X2's. The X2's I could only wear for about 45 minutes at most, but the AirPods I can wear for hours and at the same time they are also fantastic for running. The sound quality is not as good as my jaybirds, but it is comparable and good enough to get the job done. However there is one issue that I had with them. I am currently on my second pair of AirPods since the first pair had to be swapped out for a new one due to connection issues which could not be resolved. I have not had any such issues with the new pair and the genius bar was amazing with getting the issue resolved quickly. Overall though my experience with the AirPods has been wonderful and I would most definitely recommend them to anyone who is willing to spend the $159 to pick a pair up.

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    These are, by far, the best earbuds/headphones/bluetooth device I've ever used! I purchased 3 different BT devices while waiting for these, just to see what they were like. I hated all three. I got my AirPods yesterday and I have to say, they are EXACTLY what I was hoping for! To talk on the phone, I use my left ear. Other BT Wireless headphones would only let you use one in the right ear. The AirPods use either the left, right, or both. They are seamless with the iPhone 7. The wait was definitely worth it. I honestly can't see myself without these. They are just that good!

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    Abso-tively BRILLIANT, another APPLE home run!

    Mine arrived today, EARLIER than projected.
    Astonishing in every way. If you own an iPhone or any Apple devise w/BLUETOOTH... treat yourself.
    Steve Jobs' spirit is alive and well.

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    First off I never write reviews, but I love my AirPods so much I had to rave over them! The sound is amazing. I love how you can just use one at a time. This really helps while I'm at work I can still listen to my music discreetly while continuing to work. The blue tooth reaches way father then I expected. I can walk all over my office and out the the warehouse and my AirPods never skip a beat! I have had no issues with them falling out and I have NEVER owned earbuds because they NEVER ever stay in. These fit perfectly! Charging is super fast which is awesome with my 9 hour work day! A quick charge during lunch and I'm good to finish the rest of the work day! I love how i can double tap to pause my music, no one even knows I have them in. I would love to see apple come out with a cleaning tool and get inside the earpod safely to get the excess earwax out. I give this product 5 stars!

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    I was hesitant to buy the AirPods, but glad I did! Truely a great product! Easy to use, set up is simple and effective, excellent sound. Can not fault at this stage.

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    Seriously AMAZING

    I was skeptical at first as most people seem to be. Once a few of my friends got them and I saw them using them and I tried them I immediately wanted them. I have multiple wireless beats headphones and they can't even compare on all levels. Connectivity is effortless, battery life blows any others away, sound quality and bass is unmatched, people can hear me easily on the phone, they are comfortable and they stay in extremely well. To put that to the test I snowboarded in them for 3 days, and work out with them every day, hanging upside down and during fast paced athlete type workouts. Have not fallen out. One thing most people say is "I feel like I would lose them"... well, the case is small, attractive and charges them.. so if they're not in your ears just out them in your case (which easily fit in all pockets).. if that's not good enough and you'll still lose them.. then that's your fault and maybe you're not mature enough to have such nice things. Best product Apple has made

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    Fantastic Product!

    True wireless headphones, the sound on these is very good, and the battery life is outstanding.

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    Purely magical.

    in love with it,well build n amazing sound.

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